World Top 5 Most Affected Places by Global Warming

World Top Ten Most Affected Places by Global Warming

Global warming is a very common issue these days so here we discussed World Top Ten Most Affected Places by Global Warming. You can also find this issue in the 4th and 5th grades student’s course books. Now every country is trying to make its people well aware about the effects of global warming. So that its people could fight against with this issue and could make their country a healthy place to live in. It means a continuous increase in the temperature of both earth and ocean. According to an estimate earth temperature, has been raised to 4 degrees and oceans level has increased 0.5 meters. It has many adverse effects on the habitats of the countries. Like many skin and respiratory diseases are common in such places in the world. Droughts and floods are also common due to global warming facts. Every year about 150000 people is losing their lives due to global environmental change. It is increasing due to deforestation. With the increase in population, people are in need of more and more energy sources. To full fill their energy needs people are cutting trees and extracting minerals like coals, etc. All these are causing global warming in the world. In this world, there is no place that is safe from the effects of global warming. But there are some countries that are more affected by global warming. This article has the list of world top ten countries that are most affected by the global warming.

10. Alps

World Top Ten Most Affected Places by Global Warming

Alps is the European country. This country is known for its chilled winter season. Its winter season attracts many visitors every year. But now due to the global climate change country is facing quite warmer weather conditions. Its ice is melting and causing the floods in the country. This country is very beautiful, and scientists are paying serious attentions to save this country from the universal warming. Convention for the Protection of Alps was arranged to point out the causes & impact of global warming and measures to solve this issue in the Alps. According to scientists, Alps is going to be divided into two parts that will have different weather conditions.

9. Great Barrier Reef

Top Ten Most Affected Places by Global Warming in the World

This state is situated in the Australian continent. This state is facing severe effects of global melt.  The climate has reached the level where its sea life is affecting most. The living organisms in the ocean are dying due to the increased temperature of the ocean. Climatic changes that are caused by the global reheat are decreasing the animals both inside and outside the outside the ocean. It is the 9th state that is most affected by the universal warming in the world.

8. Tuvalu

World Top Ten Most Affected Places by Global Warming

It is beautiful Island with the Pacific Ocean. It is facing serious risk from universal melt that is dangerous for its survival on the planet. The day will come with because of universal reheat this island will lose its existence. Its major areas are under the threat of a rise in the level of Pacific Ocean.

7. Caribbean

World Top 10 Most Affected Places by Global Warming

You all will be familiar with the Hurricane Katrina. Katrina was caused by the Caribbean climatic changes. Universal warming is also a reason of frequent hurricanes and floods in the countries. Now these hurricanes are more frequent and stronger. According to scientists, 1000 times more frequent and stronger hurricanes will occur in future. Katrina has showed the world with the destruction. It killed almost 2000 people and caused a damage of 40 billion dollars to the countries.

6. Britain

List of World Top 10 Most Affected Places by Global Warming

Great Britain couldn’t survive itself from the effects of Universal warming. Although effects of global melt are not much severe as other countries but still, its government have serious concerns towards the global reheat. Perhaps it’s due to the efforts of the government that global warming couldn’t much affect the state. This state is still facing floods and storms in the region. Great Britain is a 6th state that is most affected by the global melt.

5. Australia

World Top Five Most Affected Places by Global Warming

Australia is famous visiting place in the world. Many people also come here for the jobs. This state is well known among tourists. Tourism is contributing a lot to the economy of the state. This state is facing high temperatures due to the universal warming. The increase in temperature has also affected the agriculture system of the state. In severe and prolong summer season crops are unable to grow. So, people are also dying because of droughts. This rise in temperature has also affected the economy by decreasing the number of tourists in the state.

4. Myanmar

World Top 5 Most Affected Places by Global Warming

Myanmar has faced effects of universal warming in the shape of warmer seasons. These warm seasons are dangerous for the life under the water. The country is facing a considerable decrease in number if fishes because of universal warming. Oceans are warmer and not suitable for many types of fishes. Oxygen is also decreasing in the country because of increasing concentration of CO2 that is also caused by global reheat.

3. Sudan

World Top Three Most Affected Places by Global Warming

Sudan has come across to the dangerous droughts and feminine in the country. Global reheat has raised the temperature due to which greenery on the country is destroying and animals are compiled to face starvation. Droughts have eaten many people of the country. Sudan has faced many small and big droughts. The most unexpected and severe drought was faced by the country during 1980 to 1984. In these five years country faced adverse economic conditions in country. These droughts are mainly due to the universal warming. Climatic conditions in the country are not only affecting human beings but also animals. Country is surrounded by the world biggest desert Sahara Desert. This desert is increasing its boundaries due to the global reheat.

2. Siberia

World Top 3 Most Affected Places by Global Warming

This country is under the adverse effects of global warming. Temperature of the country is increasing every year. This country was famous for having -50 degree of temperature in winter season. But now its temperature has fallen to -30 degree. It is causing the snow to melt and raise the level of oceans in the country. It’s mostly people are migrating to other safe areas of the country. Water and carbon cycles are very common in the country. Universal warming has changed the climatic conditions of the country. Now Siberian people are facing unusual floods and snowfalls in the country.

1. Bangladesh

World Most Affected Place by Global Warming

Bangladesh is situated in eastern Asia. This country was once the part of Pakistan. Later in 1971 it faced war and got separation from the Pakistan. Bangladesh is populated country. Its people are also not much literate. Country is facing floods in summer season. Floods are caused by the monsoon season. Along with floods it is also facing serious droughts in its some areas. These conditions are due to the huge effects of universal warming. According to scientists the level of the sea from the South is increasing, and when it will increase to 1 cm then a big area of the country will be affected. Almost 21% of its area will go under salt water due to the global melt.

List of Most Affected Places by Global Warming:

Sr.No. Names Population
1 Bangladesh 156.6 million
2 Siberia 38.7 Million
3 Sudan 37.96 million
4 Myanmar 53.26 million
5 Australia 23.13 million
6 Britain 64.1 million
7 Caribbean 39.17 million
8 Tuvalu 9,876
9 Great Barrier Reef 2300 km ecosystem
10 Alps 14 Million


This article has ranked the world’s most affected countries by the global warming. Global warming must be reduced and checked by taking different measures. Along with all another measure of global warming, controlling the world population is the major measure that the countries in the world should take to reduce global warming. With the increase in the population, many other causes of global warming can be solved like concentration of Co2, etc. We all should take it our social and moral responsibility to control global warming. We have on earth as a place to live on. So, we should save our earth from global warming.


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