best laptop brands 2013

Top 10 Best Laptops Brands of 2013

First, let me explain how to choose a best laptop. To buy a laptop it’s not an easy job especially when you don’t know anything about laptops. Purchaser need to compromise on many things while buying a laptop. During choosing of a laptop from best brand, you should keep following things in your mind.

  • See laptop screen is either washed out or colorful.
  • What do you want to use your laptop for which purpose?
  • Touchpad of laptop is reliable or not?
  • See laptop keyboard is comfortable or not?
  • Most important laptop price must be affordable to you.
  • Choose a best laptop model.
  • Laptop must be reliable and its performance must be best.

best laptop brands 2013

Top 10 best laptop brands of 2013:

Now there are several types of brand are available in market that compete with each others. Each brand is trying to fulfill the demands of their customers and trying to produce best product as compare to their competitors. Many features and specifications like battery timing, graphics, screen, performance and speed, etc separate each brand from the others. Here we will tell you about top ten best laptop brands of 2013.

Ranking of laptops brands:

In market number of laptops brands are available which gives their best products in the market. Here I’m going to tell you about the ranking of these laptops that are now best in market. These laptops brands ranking is given below:

  1. Apple
  2. Lenovo
  3. Asus
  4. Alien ware
  5. Gateway
  6. Sony
  7. H.P
  8. Toshiba
  9. Acer
  10. Dell

Now here i will give you the short description of these brands, why these brands are famous.

Apple Mac Book


Apple Mac Book is most popular laptop brand in the market no other laptop brand can even come to close this brand. Apple Mac Book is very reliable in performance but they are very costly. In market Apple Mac Book 7 to 8 models of laptops are available right now.



Lenovo brand is at 2nd position in the field of laptops production. Lenovo is a Chinese brand but it operates through USA.  Prices of lenovo brand are little bit high as compare to regular laptops but its performance and specification is best.



Asus is at 3rd position in laptop production brands. Asus laptops are available at low cost of $200. The designs of Asus laptops are very appealing and the performances of Asus laptops are very good. These laptops are famous for their high quality software’s, hardware’s, multimedia options and better gaming etc.

Alien ware


Alien ware is at 4th position in the ranking of laptops brands. Alien ware laptops are best known laptops for their affordable prices. These laptops are best for those customers which just want to use the laptop for gaming and multimedia purposes.



Gateway brand is new brand in market but now it is now at 5th position in laptops brands. Gateway is getting popularity in market due to its best high quality laptops.



Sony is an older brand and it’s producing plenty of electronics products in market. Sony brand is famous just because of its high quality display and this quality distinguishes it from other laptops.



Hewlett Packard is normally known as HP. It is one of the most popular brands in market because of its better products. HP is a name of innovation and reliance. Hewlett Packard laptops are famous all over the world.



Toshiba is an affordable laptop for anyone use. Toshiba offer numbers of laptops in market that are good in quality.



Acer brand hold the 9th position in laptops brands. Acer brand is very popular all over the word but its price is not affordable to every individual.



Dell is one of the best laptop brands. It serves its customer from many years. Dell laptops are very user friendly, reliable and available at very affordable prices. The quality of Dell laptops is very good which attracts the customers.

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