Top 10 Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Top Ten Ways to Reduce the Global Warming

This article has discussed the world most alarming issue that is global warming. Global warming has affected the whole world. Everyone in the world is now worried about this issue. People are now finding the ways to solve this issue. It is increasing day by day and affecting the world adversely. People are now focused on finding the reasons of the universal warming and then to solve these reasons they are working hard. Global reheat can be defined as the rise in overall temperature of the world. Due to universal warming ocean are also affecting and sea life is in danger. Global melt has created many heath issues. Now people are more sick and unhealthy. Kids are no more energetic and feeling resistance fight against the changing climatic conditions. This article has discussed the top ten ways to reduce the global warming. We all should take it as a social responsibility to find the ways to stop global warming from the world. You can observe by yourself that a temperature of the world has increased a lot. Now, you face more severe warm seasons than ever. Countries like Siberia that once had -50 degrees of temperature now have -30-degree temperature. United Nations and European Unions are more worried about this issue and finding the ways that how to fight global warming. To stop the global warming, all countries of the world have to take following steps.

10. Encourage Others

Ways to Reduce the Global Warming

We should make it our moral and ethical obligation to reduce universal warming. Have healthy and useful conversations with your friends and family to stop the global melt. Also conduct seminars at colleges, schools and universities to encourage the students for reducing global reheat. Global warming must be addressed as the most important issue to be solved immediately.

9. International Climate Treaty Negotiations

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Global Warming

It is the issue of the whole world. All over the world people are facing this issue. Each and every country of the world has suffered from this issue. So, there is a need to make international climate treaties to make this world a peaceful place to live in. United Nations with the help of America is trying hard to solve this issue. United Nations has formed a convention named UNFCC solutions for global warming from the world. So, there is a need to join the hands globally to solve the issue of universal warming.

8. Clean Power Plants

Ways to Reduce the Global Warming

Carbon emissions from the factories are very dangerous for the human life. These Carbon emissions are also a major cause of global melt. Clean air act must be made to stop air pollution this will also stop the universal warming. New Power Plant Carbon Standards are being made to limit the amount of carbon that power plants are allowed to use. These steps will give the radical changes to the world for reducing the global melt. Environmental Protection Agency is playing an important role in this regard. This agency is responsible to clean the environment.

7. Plantation

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Global Warming

The plantation is the best thing that we can do to clean our environment. Plantation is very important in solving the issue of global reheat. It is caused by the concentration of Co2. Carbon dioxide is making a layer that is causing universal warming and increasing the temperature of the world. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide and give oxygen to the environment. It will remove the extra carbon dioxide from the environment. Every year World plantation days are celebrated to grow more and more trees. Every year 5th June is celebrated as world environmental day. Plantation also causes rains and makes the environment pleasant.

6. Use of Energy Efficient Products

List of Top 10 Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Always use energy efficient products like smart cars and energy saver bulbs. Now all home appliances are made as energy efficient products. Refrigerators, Ovens all are made energy efficient. Don’t use those products that are excessively packaged like plastic material packaging. Use of solar energy is also a good source of reducing universal warming. Solar energy products are also counted as energy efficient products.

5. Less use of Air Conditioners

Top Five Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Air conditioners must be used economically. Air conditioners are a source of extracting dangerous gasses like Carbon Monoxide, etc. Air conditioners keep the environment of your room very pleasant and cool. But outside the room your environment suffers a lot. Instead of using air conditioners you should get insulation on your walls that will save your cost to 25%. It is also a way to decrease the global reheat from the world.

4. Recycling

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Recycling is very important to clean your environment. Recycling means the materials like paper & plastic etc. Now many countries like America, Canada, etc. have made rule and regulations to recycle the waste materials. Manufacturers have made responsible to use the mark of recycling on their products. Solar energy is also a reuse of an energy of the sun. It is an important source of absorbing the heat of the sun. Now products are made an environmental friendly. Green marketing is very famous these days so, we all should support these efforts of governments.

3. Use of Smarter Cars

Top Three Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Smart cars like hybrid cars should be used to save cost as well as energy. These smart cars use less gasoline and petrol. Along with the use of smart cars we should also drive less. Make it habit to walk more because it will keep you healthy and fit. It will also reduce the emission of dangerous gases from the cars. So, cars and other means of transportation should be used carefully to make your earth a healthy place.

2. Turn off Everything

Top 3 Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Turn off your lights when are going out of the room. Make it your habit to turn off all useless lights and Blubs. Televisions and computers should also be turned off when you are not using these items. It will save your cost of using these energy sources. Along this, it will save you from the global warming. We should encourage everyone to adopt a turn-off policy. This policy is very helpful at the individual level to reduce the global warming. Even turn off the water when you are washing your face or brushing your teeth. It will save you water resources.

1. Control Population

Top Way to Reduce Global Warming

The population of the world is increasing at high speed. You can also see that the countries that are more populated are more affected by the global warming like Bangladesh. With the increase in a population of the world, many other reasons of global warming also take birth. When there is an increase in world population, there is also an increase in an amount of carbon dioxide. Increasing population will also need more use of resources like more energy consumption. We will also need space for the increasing population. For managing space hence we had to cut the trees and make space for the people. So, the most important thing in this regard is to control the world population. It will benefit a lot to the world.

Top Ten Ways to Reduce the Global Warming:

Sr.No. Names
1 Control Population
2 Turn off Everything
3 Use of Smarter Cars
4 Recycling
5 Less use of Air conditioners
6 Use of Energy Efficient Products
7 Plantation
8 Clean Power Plants
9 International Climate Treaty Negotiations
10 Encourage Others


This article has told you the ten ways to reduce the global warming from the world. The issue of global warming needs the attention of whole world. It also needs the efforts of everyone. So, by taking it our social responsibility we should work to clean our world from the curse of global warming. Global warming has been affecting a lot to our world in the shape of dangerous droughts, floods and hurricanes. So, we should solve this issue before we face another destruction caused by the global warming.


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