top ten Unanswered Science Questions

Top Ten Unanswered Science Questions

In this 21st century we believe that any mystery can be easily solved by advancement in field of science. We believe that nothing can be remained covered and beyond the access of science. But we are wrong this universe is full of riddles and mysteries few of them are solved by science but few of them are still unexplained and unanswered by science. In this article you will come to know about those top ten questions that are still puzzle for people and science is yet not able to answer them.

top ten Unanswered Science Questions

List of Top 10 unanswered science questions:

Sr. No. Questions List
1 What’s at the bottom of a black hole?
2 What’s at the bottom of the ocean?
3 What’s so weird about prime numbers?
4 Where do we put all the carbon?
5 Are there other universes?
6 Why do we dream?
7 What is consciousness?
8 Are we alone in the universe?
9 How did life begin?
10 What is the universe made of?

10. What is the Universe made of?

First question which is still unanswerable and I am going to discuss here is; what are those things by which this universe in which we live, breath and enjoy every bit of life is made of? It is quite sad but true fact that until now 95% of this is a mystery just 5 % is known of what this is made of and these knowing 5% are atoms. In the last about 80 years scientists became able to know that other 95% is composed of some dark matter and dark energy. So far as dark matter is concerned it isn’t shiny and is present around galaxies and bunch of galaxies as an undetectable shroud. Whereas dark energy on the other hand is quite mystifying a sort of ether like medium which fills up the space with peculiar property of pushing it apart and forms galaxies. But nothing much is known about these particles (dark matter & dark energy) by which it is said that universe is made of.

9. How did life begin?

Next question in the list of unrequited science questions is how this life took its start or how did it begin? In fact no one can dare to claim that he knows how all this started this is a true anonymity. There are number of theories about this question but despite of large number of them still there is ambiguity about the truth. It has been said that life started on earth some billions of years ago approximately 3.5 billion years earlier by some chemicals which arranged themselves and molecule was formed which ultimately became first ever breathing body on earth. But question here is from where those chemical came on earth? So the truth and actual facts about the life on earth are yet unexplainable and people are curious to know about this. Theory of soup by Stanley Miller is quite convincing but it isn’t enough to solve the complete mystery of beginning of existence on earth.

8. Are we alone in the universe?


So here comes another unanswered question of science that; are we alone in this entire universe? It is again quite confusing and unsolved statement may be yes may be not. Astronomers have been working on this issue for such a long time. There are then two queries about this thing first is does there any life exists elsewhere if yes then question arises whether this unfamiliar existence is intelligent and complex or not? Scientists claim that there are so many planets in this universe where chances for evolution of living entity are quite mature. Despite of this fact we may never build up the hi-tech means to reach out millions of light-years for contact formation.

7. What is consciousness?

Seventh question in the list of top ten unanswered question of science is what this consciousness is all about. Probably science is not able to answer this puzzling question of consciousness. Scientists can not figure out the issue that whether it has to do with the single or individual part of the brain or it is suppose to contact with different regions in the brain. Science related persons claim that if they become able to solve this riddle then they will definitely be able to know that how consciousness emerges. But one of the toughest questions in this whole state of affairs is why anything must be conscious? It can be probably to make us aware of what real is and what not. There comes bundle of questions in one’s mind that how it is fashioned, what are its functions and many more.

6. Why do we dream?


Sixth question in this list is why do we dream and still no one has given a clear and concrete answer for this question. Although we spend about one-third of our lives on sleeping still we aren’t able to answer this extremely curious question what are facts and reasons behind this “Dreaming”. We don’t know whether these dreams are playing important functions in our lives as far as physiological or psychological aspects of human being are concerned. There are so many queries about this question that are yet t be explore. Whether they are of vital importance or they are just hit and miss images of brain in incomplete respite? Here comes another question whether Freud theory is correct that dreams are kind of expressions of introverted wishes or it’s all mock?

5. Are there other universes?

So here comes another unanswered science question that; are there other universes along with this universe in which we live? Or it can be rephrased as is our universe one and only universe? It seems quite unbelievable but new theories of practical physics and cosmology predicts reality of other universes as well but with varying properties to our hold. So, question arises here whether they exists actually or not? How would we know, if we are interested? If this hypothesis isn’t confirm by us then it can be considered as a part of science still? These are certain queries about existence of other universes.

4. Where do we put all the carbon?

carbon photos

This comes as a fourth unanswered science question that where we put all the carbons. With globalization and with ever increasing industrialization we are putting much more carbon in the environment that is a cause of global warming. What step we must take to stop this and to revolutionize our impact on environment? And if we do not adopt those steps what will happen in result? This is known to us that this industrialization is leading us towards worse situation but this is yet unknown that what are going to be its effects, what are those preventive measures which we should adopt to save our upcoming generations?

3. What’s so weird about prime numbers?

Here comes top 3rd question whose answer is beyond science knowledge till today. Prime numbers are those which can be divided by themselves or just by one. Everyone knows that they are highly influential and are of great importance in E-Commerce. Online transaction is just possible because of these prime numbers because internet is too much secured by them. Prime numbers without any exaggeration serves s a heartbeat of internet security by which E-Commerce has gained much popularity. Apart from such a huge demand and importance in online security system they are yet a riddle to be solved.  Their tempting prototype has caught the attention of brightest intellect for over centuries but no one is able in refining its strangeness. And when one becomes able to solve this mystery it will be a miracle and will smash the internet.

2. What’s at the bottom of the ocean?


Second largest unanswered and unexplainable question is about the oceans. It is just like composition of universe 95% is still a puzzle about ocean and only 5% is known. They are 95% unexplored and not much is known that what lies there etc. In 1960 Don Walsh and Jacques went deep into ocean about 7 miles down just to solve this puzzle but what they provided and came to know about was just the glimpse of sea floor life. It is extremely difficult or we can say it sounds impossible to reach at the end of the ocean. So, by this we can conclude that neither science nor any other source can finish our curiosity about the bottom of the oceans that what lies there.

1. What’s at the bottom of the black hole?

black hole facts

What is top one unanswered science question among so many other queries?

The top leading unexplainable issue by science is somehow related to black hole. But to answer this question is still out of access of science. Einstein’s theory of relativity has explained and explored much more about black hole but what is at the bottom of it is still unanswered. And we are still waiting for this riddle to be solved and it is not in hand of science but in hand of time who will reveal that what exists at the bottom. So wait and watch…


So here comes an end of this article which is all about top ten those questions which are still unanswered by science. There are so many other queries that are beyond the access of science and are not explained by it but in present time these ten questions are top ranked unanswered issues. It is one of the most interesting and knowledgeable article which will be able to add something new in your previous knowledge.

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