Top Three Puzzle Games for Android

List of Top Ten Puzzle Games for Android

In this article you will know about the List of Top Ten Puzzle Games for Android with their names and Google Ratings. Spending a leisure time is not a big deal now a days. It is because, there are number of ways in which one can spend its time, whether he is in office or at home. The most common way in which most of us spend the leisure time is captured by the information technology. It has changed the ways of our lives, as well as the way we spend our free time. Many of us spend our time in socializing, playing games, watching videos and other ways. That all is done by almost every Android cell phone. One thing favorable about Android Cell Phone is that, Android Operating system allows its user to install a wide range of applications in the phone. In Android phones, there are many gaming applications on which one can spent his hours. Most of the surveys conducted in this regard reveal the fact that the Android user spend most of their spare time in playing Puzzle games. There are two reasons for this thing. One is that, these games keep on catching the interest of its player. As well as, these games are sort of mantle exercise for the playing champions. Let us have a look at the most played puzzle games on Android phone. This Ranking is given on the basis of ratings given to the games by public. Followings are the best Top Ten Puzzle Games for Android these games are a good source of entertainment.

10.Flow Free:

List of Top ten Puzzle Games for Android Flow Free is at number ten in the list of Top Ten Puzzle Games for Android. That is a simple puzzle playdown that can be played on all Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Besides it simplicity, the features of this playdown can gain a strong addiction of its players. The size of this game is very small. It covers on 1MB space memory. In this playdown, you are to connect the matching colors with a pipe to create a flow. However, to solve the puzzle, you are to pair all the colors and then cover entire board. You are also to take care that the bridge does not overlap. With some very attractive sound effect, it is love for many to play this game.

9.Paint it Back:

Top Ten Puzzle Games for Android Paint it Back at number nine in our list of Top Ten Puzzle Games for Android. That is one of the simplest puzzle playdown, but yet very intertie g to play. It was released by Casual Labs LLC in a polished, shining version. There is a ghost which a taken away paintings from the museum, and you are to paint them back properly. You would have a number of clues for repainting the picture. A can also give a unique caption to the picture. In the free version of this playdown, you can get 30 paintings. However, you can purchase more 100 maps from the by paying for it.


Ten Top Puzzle Games for AndroidThis playdown is offered by offered By Ninja Crime. The size of this playdown is 17M. It can be played on both Android and iOS. You can purchase this game in $3. It is an interesting playdown in which the fusion of lane defense is held. There is a deck by which you are to play your term. Most important thing about this playdown is the use of mathematical and arithmetical skills. You should have a good practice add, subtract and multiply if you want to play your cards perfectly. So, it is a fantastic comedy space playdown, played by terms of cards.


Android Top Ten Puzzle Games for AndroidThat is a heavy playdown of memory of 42M. It is developed by Jekyll. It a one of the latest Android playdown, published in January 2015. This playdown is supported by Android and IOS cell phones. It is very popular playdown among thousands of Android users all around the world. In this playdown, the player has to guide a mob to little people to safety by your staff. You are to save those citizens of crystal citizens. You are to through mountains and precipices. There is a price you have to pay while downloading the game i.e. $.99 only.

6.Monument Valley:

Top 10 Puzzle Games for AndroidThere is another fantastic puzzle playdown known as Monument Valley. It has been developed indie studio Ustwo. This playdown came in a market in early 2014. It is a costly playdown, which can be downloaded for ($3.99. It is a single player playdown, in which the player has to guide a princess certain patches. The patches are comprised of optical illusions, monuments, and structures. Screen touch plays are used to rotate the screen and manipulate the patches to good the princess to the safe path. You can download this playdown from google app store.


Top Five Puzzle Games for Android

This playdown was released in August, 2013 by Douglas Cowley. This is a wonderful playdown which can be exceed for both Android and iOS operating system. It is a turn-based strategy playdown. This playdown is mystical, blind of tactical puzzle and Rouge, which can keep interest of player captured for a long time. Thus, you are to think well before you make any act. The playdown focuses on the tactical movement of the player around maps. Most of the maps would be locked. However, these would unlock if you purchase the full version of playdown.

4.Hitman GO:

Android Top Five Puzzle GamesAnother puzzle game being played on Android mobiles is Hitman GO. Square Enix Montreal is the developer of this game. It is a heavy application which can be downloaded by the Google app store in $4.9. This game is an expansion of Hitman stealth game. Android operating is the platform on which this game runs very elegantly. When you start playing the game, it looks very simple. But as soon as you move further, the complexity level of game increases.

3.Candy Crush Saga:

Top Three Puzzle Games for AndroidThat is one of the most played playdown on all Windows, Android, and iOS phones. People mostly play this playdown online. However, it can also be downloaded in the mobile. It is a heart favorite playdown for people of all generations. Children, as well as elders, are almost addicted to this game now days. There are many candies of seven colors on the screen of a game. You are to crush the candies on a match-three concept to complete the stage. However, this is not easy as many things of it. There are numberless stages of this game. The stages become difficult as the game moves on.

2.The Room Two:

Android Top Three Puzzle Games for AndroidThis game is really a Sequel to puzzle games. This game can be played both on android and iOS phones. And you will not find this playdown on window phone. This game is extended to the game known as The Room. It gives more challenging puzzles. However, the atmosphere is kept same creepy like, as it was in the original game. In this game, you are to manipulate mechanisms with swipe, tap and pinch controls. You can download this game in $2.99 from google app store.

1.Cut the Rope 2:

Top Puzzle Game for AndroidIt is an animated puzzle game, which is very popular among the people of lesser age. In this game, there is a creature On Nom. It is a sweet-toothed object which is to collect the candies throughout the game. These candies come out by cutting the ropes. And along with that some solving Rube Goldberg-like puzzles are to be solved at every new level. In the process of game, there come a friend to help Om Nom. These friends would be known as Nommies. Each friend would have special ability to assist Om Nom in the course of a game. This game can be downloaded free on the Android.

Names of Top Ten Puzzle Games for Android

Sr.No. Names Google Play Rating
1 Cut the Rope 2 4
2 The Room Two 5
3 Candy Crush Saga 4.5
4 Hitman GO 4.5
5 Hoplite 4.5
6 Monument Valley 4.5
7 Kiwanuka 5
8 Calculords 4.5
9 Paint it back 4.5
10 Flow Free 4.5


People play above mentioned games for their entertainment. Playing games on phones add a lot to the positive flavor of smartphone technology. It is one of the best way to spend your leisure time or you can say that these are time pass games to play at home. Fascination games, especially the puzzle games, may add much good to your intellect level. However, speed too much time on these gears may have negative effects on you. Addiction to these games may affect your daily routes. So, one should be very careful before getting obsession for these games.


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