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Top Ten Oil Refineries In India

Refinery is such sort of industrial unit where raw form of things like oil or sugar etc is processed and purified. So oil refinery is industrial site where crude oil is transformed into so many useful products such as diesel, heating Oils, petrol and gasoline etc. The process of refining is like first of all breaking of crude oil into various components takes place then selection and transformation of these components into various useful products takes place accordingly. This whole process takes place in a very controlled manner inside the vessels. Oil refineries are present in so many countries worldwide and are in a very large number. They are present in China, Japan, Africa, Caribbean, Middle East, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, North America and Latin America.
This article is dealing with Indian oil refineries basically. Oil refineries in India are in a larger number approximately there are 22 oil refineries in India which are in working condition. This article wholly and solely deals with top ten oil refineries in India among all other oil refineries in a world. Here we go with list of top ten oil refineries in India then description of all these top ten Indian oil refineries will be given…Have a look!

Sr. No. Top Ten Oil Refineries in India
1 Jamnagar
2 Essar
3 Mangalore
4 Kochi
5 Chennai
6 Guru Gobind Singh
7 Mathura
8 Paradip
9 Visakhapatnam
10 Mumbai Refinery Mahul

Apart from all these top ten oil refineries there are other oil refineries in India which are named as Digboi, Panipat, Guwahati, Barauni, Bongaigaon, Bina, Bharat Oman, Mumbai, Haldia, Tatipaka, and Numaligarh Refinery.

10. Mumbai Refinery Mahul:

oil Refineries in india

Mumbai Refinery Mahul is Indian oil refinery that was initiated in beginning of 1955.This  is enlisted in top ten oil refineries in India it belongs to Burmah Shell Oil Refineries Ltd. And when Burmah Shell Oil Refineries went into Government possession its name was changed in 1976 as Bharat Refineries Ltd. Finally in about August 1977 everlasting name to company was given that is Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. The initial and starting capacity of this refinery which was 5.25 MMTPA was enhanced in 1985 to 6 MMTPA. And current capacity of Mumbai Refinery Mahaul is 6.9 MMTPA. And when company initiated another project that is Refinery Modernization Project then it was increased to 12 MMTPA. Daily processing capability of this Indian oil refinery is 135,000 barrels per day.

9. Visakhapatnam Refinery:

indian Oil Refineries

Visakhapatnam Refinery is another Indian oil refinery which is considered as one of the best one. HPCL has ownership of two oil industries in India and this is one of that. In about 1957 Visakhapatnam Refinery came into stream and this is in ownership of M/s Caltex India Ltd. M/s Caltex Oil Refinery combined with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd in May, 1978.  Its installed capacity increased in 1985 from 1.5 MMTPA to 4.5 MMTPA. And then kept on increasing till1999 and reached up to 7.5 MMTPA via expansion program. Its daily processing capability is 150,000 barrels per day.

8. Paradip Refinery:

best indian Oil Refineries

Paradip Refinery is next one which is in list of top ten oil refineries in India. It is tenth one which was set up by IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) in a town named as Jagatsinghpur. The installed and initial processing capability was about 9 MMTPA which was expanded afterward up to 15 MMTPA. In March, 2006 plan of this was announced by Indian Oil Corporation. Its foundation stone was laid by Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2000. 150,000 barrels per day is actually its daily processing capacity.

7. Mathura Refinery:

Oil Refineries of india

Mathura Refinery is another largest Indian oil refinery. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) owned it and it is present in Mathura Uttar Pradesh, India. Indira Gandhi laid the foundation of Mathura Refinery. It imported low sulphur crude from Bombay, low sulphur crude from Nigeria and high sulphur crude from Middle East.  The construction process of it was initiated in October1972. In January 1983 two units FCCU and Sulphur Recovery Units were commissioned. The current processing capacity of Mathura Refinery is 8.00 MMTPA. Daily processing capability of it is 156,000 barrels per day.

6. Guru Gobind Singh Refinery:

Oil Refineries in india

Guru Gobind Singh Refinery is another good one which is in list of top ten Indian Oil Refineries. GGSR belongs to Hindustan Mittal energy Limited. Hindustan Mittal Energy Limited is a collaborated effort of HPCL and Mittal Energy Limited. This industrial site is in village Phulokhari, Bhatinda, Punjab; India.EIL (Engineers India Limited) is responsible for designing, construction and installation of pipelines etc. The total cost on construction of it is $4 billion. The program of construction started in 2008 and became in a working condition in March 2012. Daily processing capability of it in India is 180,000 barrels per day.

5. Chennai Refinery:

top Oil Refineries in india

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited is a public sector another Indian oil refinery. This industrial plant was started in 1965 by collaborative effort of Government of India, AMOCO and National Iranian Company. Share of every company in it is likewise: (GOI) has 74%, AMOCO has 13 % and NIOC has 13%. The installed capacity of Chennai Refinery was 2.5 MMTPA. In 1985 change was occur in share holding policy. AMOCO stopped investing then ratio of GOI became 84.62% and NIOC has 15.38%.  Daily refining capacity of Chennai oil refinery is about 185,000 barrels per day. There are two refineries Manali Refinery and Nagapattinam Refinery which are owned by Chennai Refinery and combined processing capability of these two oil refineries is 11.5 MMTPA.

4. Kochi Refinery:

top indian Oil Refineries

Kochi Refinery in next oil refinery in my list of top ten oil refineries in India. It is located in Kochi, state of Kerala; India. In August 2010 its measured refining capacity was about 9.5 MMTPA. It is another public sector Indian oil refinery which was owned in 1963 by Government of India (GOI).And then its ownership was changed and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited owned it and still its ownership belongs to same company. Daily refining capacity of it is 190,000 barrels per day.

3. Mangalore Oil Refinery:

best Oil Refineries in india

Mangalore Oil Refinery is next in list of top ten oil refineries in India. This state owned enterprise was initiated in 1993 and is a part of Oil and Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC). It is in Katipalla north from central position of Mangalore, India. The establishment of Mangalore Oil Refinery was taken place after displacement of villages named as Bala, Kuthetoor, Adyapadi, Bala and Katipalla. It was established with special design which has ability to refine crudes of varying API gravity and with such a high automation. Its installed refining capacity is 9.69 MMTPA. And one specific thing in favor of this Indian oil refinery is that it’s one and only oil refinery among all Indian oil refineries which owes two hydrocrackers which produces high cetane. Its daily processing capacity is 199,000 barrels per day.

2. Essar Refinery:

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Essar Refinery is second largest Indian oil refinery on the basis of its daily refining capacity. Construction process of it was initiated in 1996. And the construction project of this industrial unit was delayed for so many times because of different consequences like environmental conditions or sometime because of financial crisis. 60% of this project was complete in 1998 but damage was caused in it because of cyclone. In 2005 again its construction was started. And almost after journey of 10 years its construction came to an end in 2006. It is located in Vadinar, Gujrat; India. Essar Oil has its ownership and is operated by Essar Oil. Daily refining capacity of it is 406,000 barrels per day.

1. Jamnagar Refinery:

best indian Oil Refinery

Jamnagar Oil Refinery is not only largest Indian oil refinery in fact it is considered as world’s largest oil refinery.  It is a private sector oil refinery and is located in Jamnagar, Gujarat; India. Jamnagar Oil Refinery came into stream in 14th of July, 1999. The installed refining capacity of it was 668,000 barrels per day. It is owned by Reliance Industries. Daily processing capacity of it is 1240,000 barrels per day and this is largest ever refining capacity of any oil refinery. Because of this distinct feature it has a credit of being India’s largest oil refinery.

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