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Top Ten Newspapers List in the UK by Circulation

There are varieties of newspapers that are published and circulated on day to day basis throughout the world. This article is an effort to let you know about best selling and most circulated newspapers specifically in United Kingdom. Among all the newspapers which are published on regular basis in UK top ten are found and discussed in this article. Have a look…

 List of Top 10 Selling Newspapers in the UK:

All data regarding circulation is taken from (ABC) Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Sr. No. Name Circulation in 2014
1 The Sun 2,213,659
2 Daily Mail 1,780,565
3 Daily Mirror 992,256
4 Daily Telegraph 544,546
5 Daily Express 500,473
6 Daily Star 489,067
7 The Times 384,304
8 Financial Times 234,193
9 Daily Record 227,639
10 The Guardian 207,958

10. The Guardian:

top newspaper in uk

The Guardian is first newspaper that I would like to discuss and on the basis of ratio of circulation it is ranked as tenth most circulated newspaper in United Kingdom. The Guardian is national British broadsheet which was founded in 1821. Since its foundation till 1959 it was known as “The Manchester Guardian”. The Guardian was just a local paper At the initial time then it has developed into a nationwide paper linked with multifaceted organizational structure, web presence and an intercontinental multimedia. The Guardian newspaper is currently edited by Alan Rusbridger and it has two online outlets that are headquartered outside from United Kingdom which are named as Guardian Australia and Guardian US. According to information’s which were collected in Aug, 2013 about circulation of The Guardian it was found that 189,000 copies in paper form were circulated.

9. Daily Record:

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Daily Record comes next in list of top ten newspapers in United Kingdom and it is ranked as ninth most circulated newspaper. This newspaper is a Scotland’s national tabloid newspaper whose foundation is in Glasgow and it was started in 1895. Its paid day to day basis circulation in November, 2012 was found 253,500. Nowadays it s sold more than its opponent which is Scottish Sun which previously had circulation in Scotland of 286,000. Present circulation of it is far less than all time high circulation which was achieved in 1984 and that was 766,000 and at that time it enjoyed second highest market diffusion worldwide.

8. Financial Times:

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Next United Kingdom’s newspaper that I am going to discuss is Financial Times and it is English language British intercontinental newspaper whose main stress is on business and economic news globally. This newspaper was founded by James Sheridan and Horatio Bottomley in 1888 and is published by Pearson PLC in London. Financial Times is merged with its nearby competitor which is Financial News which was founded in 1884 and this merging happened in 1945. According to an estimate average readership of Financial Times is about 2.2 million people across the world. Number of financial Times’ registered users and digital subscribers are 4.5 million and 285,000 respectively whereas figure of paying users found was 600,000.

7. The Times:

famous newspaper in uk

The Times is next in my list of top ten Newspaper in United Kingdom and it is ranked as seventh most circulated paper. The Time is one of the most desirous British newspapers which were for the first time published in 1785 in London and at that time it was given a name “The Daily Universal Register”. In 1788 its name was altered since then till today it is known as The Times. The Times and The Sunday Times (which was founded in 1821) they have common ownership both are published by none other than ‘Times Newspapers”. And both have nothing in common as far as editorial staff etc is concerned. They both were established separately and only had common ownership since 1967. The Times paper had average per day circulation of about 394,448 in March 2014.

6. Daily Star:

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In my list of top ten newspapers in United Kingdom Daily Star is ranked as sixth most circulating and demanding newspaper. It is UK’s most admired every day tabloid newspaper. It was for the first time published on Nov 2nd, 1978 and it was first newly launched national newspaper since 1930 when it was published.  Publishing credit of this paper goes to Express Newspaper which also has ownership of publishing Daily Express and Sunday Express.  The group is currently headed by Richard Desmond’s Northern & Shell Company. It’s primarily focuses on stories that revolve around celebrities, sports, news & gossips about various famous TV programs like soap operas and various veracity TV shows. Its average per day circulation found in 2014 is 489,067.

5. Daily Express:

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Now newspaper which I would like to discuss is Daily Express and it is ranked as fifth most popular and a paper with huge readership. It is United Kingdom’s daily middle market national tabloid paper. It is most important or we can say commanding ship of Express Newspaper and a contributory of Northern & Shell. According to reports an average per day circulation of this paper in March 2014 488,246. Express Newspaper which owns Daily Express also publishes Sunday Express which was founded in 1918.

4. Daily Telegraph:

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Here comes Daily Telegraph which is considered as fourth most passing and desirous newspaper of United Kingdom among all other. It is basically a morning broadsheet paper whose publishing is done in London and is circulated throughout the UK and to the other countries as well. In June 1855 it was launched by Arthur B. Sleigh by the name of “The Daily Telegraph and Courier.  Then its ownership was shifted since 2004 it has been owned by David & Frederick Barclay. Daily Telegraph’s in March 2014 per day circulation average found was 523,048 and it was less than 2013’s circulation at that time figure found was 552,065. This newspaper is a sister paper of the Sunday Telegraph although they share some stories and few other things but they are having completely separate editorial staff.

3. Daily Mirror:

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Daily Mirror is another British national paper which was launched in 1903. From 1985-1987 and from 1997-2002 the title of the newspaper was simply “The Mirror”. It is third most circulated newspaper among top ten. In March 2014 it had average per day circulation of 962670 and it also has sister paper which is named as Sunday Mirror. It is one of those newspapers which have wide range of ownership. It was basically launched by Alfred Harmsworth then it was sold by him and he handed over it to his brother whose name was Harold Harmsworth in about 1913. Then in 1963 Daily Mirror became a part of International Publishing Corporation because of reforming of Harmsworth family’s media interests. Then in between of 1984-1991 it was owned by another person whose name was Robert Maxwell. Then after death of this owner it went through prolonged duration of calamity just till its merging with another regional newspaper which is Trinity. It was merged in 1999 with it to become Trinity Mirror.

2. Daily Mail:

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So, here we reach to discuss second most circulated newspaper in United Kingdom and it is Daily Mail in the list of top and best selling newspapers. It is yet another UK’s daily middle market and tabloid newspaper which is owned by Daily Mail and General Trust. It was for the first time published by Lord Northcliffe in 1896.  It also has sister paper just like every other best newspaper and name of Daily Mail’s sister paper is The Mail on Sunday and it was founded in 1982. It also has Scottish & Irish editions which were launched in 1947 & 2006 respectively. In March 2014 it had average per day circulation of 1780,565.

1. The Sun:

which is best newspaper in uk

What is the name of United Kingdom top most and best selling newspaper?

The Sun is considered as one of the best selling newspapers throughout UK and internationally as well. It is a newspaper which is published in UK and Ireland and its publishing is done by News Group Newspaper which is a dissection of News UK. The Sun without any exaggeration had largest circulation as compare to any other paper throughout the UK. According to information which was collected in March 2014 “The Sun” had largest number of selling and it was 2,069,809 numbers of copies.


So, here comes an end of this article which is all about best selling and most circulated newspapers that are in United Kingdom. All of them are enlisted on the basis of daily circulation in a chart form then all the necessary information which was worth shareable is discussed. I hope it will be an interesting and conversant article.

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