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Top Ten Most Intelligent Birds

Birds are always believed as most intelligent animals and are much diversified in nature. Birds are always best choice as far as pet animals are concerned because people always look forward for smartest animals to have them at their place to play and to have fun with them. And birds with captivating and highly impressive abilities are first choice. Although there are about more than 10,000 species of the birds worldwide but few of them are extremely amazing, smartest and incredibly intelligent. It is quite difficult to categorize them because of their diversity. But this article is a little effort to figure out top ten intelligent birds in the entire world. First of all they are enlisted in the form of chart and then all the necessary information relevant to these top ten intelligent birds is given.

List of Most Intelligent Birds in the World:

Sr. No Name Of Birds Native Country/Region Of Birds
1 Kea New Zealand
2 Emperor Penguin Antarctica
3 Sooty Tern Equatorial zone
4 Superb Lyrebird Australia
5 Palm Cockatoo Australia
6 Southern Cassowary Australia
7 Black Heron Sahara Desert
8 Shoebill East Africa
9 Crested Auklet Bering Sea
10 Fischer’s  Turaco Somalia, Kenya & Tanzania

10. Fischer’s Turaco:

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Fischer’s Turaco is first bird which I would like to discuss and it is considered as 10th most amazing and most intelligent bird in the world. Fischer is believed as most beautiful bird in its family Turaco. Turaco is basically a group of birds that has twenty three different bird species. Fischer’s Turaco is found in mostly sub-Saharan Africa region. Birds of this Turaco group have a special two pigments which are usually not found in any other bird and both these pigments are copper-based. Fischer’s Turaco has stunning and beautiful red and green colors.

9. Crested Auklet:

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Next in list of top ten intelligent birds is Crested Auklet and it is ranked as ninth best bird among all the birds that are present in world. One thing unpleasant about Crested Auklet is that this is most weird looking bird and despite of this fact it is very much known as smelliest bird. It is always found on Bering Sea’s islands and always in the form of colonies and one can easily smell Crested Auklet about 6 miles away. Its smell is always related to citrus fruit’s smell and is not considered as pleasant smell. Scientists are yet very confuse and not able to solve this riddle that why crested auklet has smell, although it’s just a possibility that use of smell is returning to their colonies where they were born once.

8. Shoebill:

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Shoebill is considered as another very amazing and exciting bird. It is ranked as eighth most intelligent bird among top ten intelligent birds. It is present in Central Africa and its exclusive food is lungfish. Shoebill seemed as very tricky and intelligent through the way it traps its prey. As lungfish is extremely slippery and it’s quite difficult to catch it, for that sake shoebill’s very differently designed bill helps a lot to hold lungfish. Shoebill’s patience is also very much popular it can stands dead in wait of prey and never gives up its struggle, always keeps on waiting for right moment to hit on prey.

7. Black Heron:

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Next intelligent bird which I really want to discuss is Black Heron and it is seventh in the list of top ten intelligent birds. This bird is found in region of Sub-Saharan Africa and specialty of it is; inventive technique’s use which is called “canopy feeding”. Black Heron wraps up its wings very amazingly around its head just like umbrella shape then paddles its fish; stir it up and then drawing its paddles to the shade which was formed by its dome. While comparing it with other species of Heron, the black heron is one which moves nervously in the water and keeps on folding and unfolding its wings.

6. Southern Cassowary:

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Next bird which is enlisted as intelligent bird is named as Southern Cassowary and it is sixth in the list of top ten intelligent birds. It is found in regions of New Guinea and in Australia as well. Southern Cassowary bird is always labeled as most dangerous bird in the entire world which can cause death as well. Although usually it seems as very peaceful but whenever it is provoked its 5 inches long claws can cut out someone’s internal organs very easily. Some of Southern Cassowary’s haunting scenes are in record. It is said that in 1926 there was a group of teenagers which was busy in chasing it suddenly one of them fell down and eventually he was led to death by Southern Cassowary.

5. Palm Cockatoo:

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Palm Cockatoo is next in my list of intelligent birds and it is fifth most intelligent bird in the list of top ten intelligent birds. It is always found in Australia and New Guinea and is one and only bird which uses musical instrument. Palm Cockatoo looks like as it is a part of rocker because of damn wild hairstyle. Male members of this specie adopt very amazing technique to attract female members. They break off stick from somewhere then free it from all the leaves and bark and then drum it against nearest most trees to its nest. Then if female has shown attention to drumming then stick will be broken into so many splinters which will be used to line the nest. If approval by female is shown on the nest then new couple will fly off to chill and enjoy some snacks.

4. Superb Lyrebird:

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Superb Lyrebird is another very amazing and best bird in the world. It is labeled as fourth most intelligent bird among top ten intelligent birds. It is found in Southeastern Australia. There are lots of birds in the world which have ability of mimicry but super Lyrebird is master of this field. It is superb in mimicry and all the rest bird species are zero in front of its variety. One of the analyses of bird’s song has clearly shown that 70% of the all was mimicry. Superb Lyrebird imitates tree limbs, a smoker’s cough, 20 other species of birds, a violin, ambulance sirens, foxes, click of camera, child’s cry and tremendous other sounds.

3. Sooty Tern:

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Next best bird in the world is known as Sooty Tern and it is third most intelligent bird in the list of top ten intelligent birds. It is present in tropical oceans worldwide and always seems as seabird but has a lifestyle just beyond our expectations. One nominating and amazing fact about this specie is that young Sooty Terns never touch ground from the moment when they leaves till their return;  it’s about a journey of four to five years. It is just an amazing fact and scientists and researchers are still not able to know the reason that how they can stay in air for such a long time span.

2. Emperor Penguin:

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Second most amazing and best bird in the world is named as Emperor Penguin. It is enlisted as second in list of top ten intelligent birds and this bird group is famous for its diving ability. And how much this ability of Emperor Penguin is impressive one just can’t think of it. Human can dive unaided up to 284 feet. And Emperor Penguin can dive up to 600 feet on regular basis and amazingly recorded 1740 feet down dive is enough to amuse someone. And that’s why they can tackle with Antarctica’s cold water. Emperor Penguins are very beautifully and perfectly designed for swimming, diving and all that stuff having streamlined body, layers of very dense feathering, full of power flippers.

1. Kea:

top Intelligent Birds name

So, last but not the least and amazingly smartest bird of all is Kea. It is enlisted as world most intelligent bird among top ten intelligent birds. It is found in New Zealand and it is basically a parrot. Kea such an intelligent bird lives in very harsh and difficult environment which makes it very strong and becomes expert in finding out food for itself. Another very impressive and exciting ability of Kea bird is sliding ability. Kea bird is usually seemed as sliding down through roofs and different slopes just for fun making.

It was quite difficult to make decision about top ten smartest and intelligent birds among all other. But I am sure you will agree this list of top ten intelligent birds and it will definitely be able to add something to your previous knowledge. Just enjoy reading this article because it’s worth readable.

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