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Best Engagement Rings Designs – Top Ten Most Expensive Wedding Rings

It is considered that the engagement ring which is offered by a husband or fiance reveals his love to the women who receives it. For this cause, every man tries to offer the finest and most gorgeous engagement band for his lover to be able to have her heart and reflect his right love. Engagement rings fluctuate in their prices, colors and shapes to make everyone chooses what suits his finances. Those men who are known to be very rich care about just one thing when they buy an engagement ring and it is the price of the ring as the more luxurious the ring is, the more remarkable it will be. It does not matter whether the wedding band that is selected as an expensive one is the most attractive or not. It is only about its worth comparing to other engagement rings that are traded or even were sold before. Here is a speedy look at the top 10 world’s most expensive Celebrity rings and their owners.

10. Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring – $137,200:

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It is a Garrard 18-carat blue sapphire engagement ring that is coated with white diamonds and was offered to Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton by her husband Prince William who is the Duke of Cambridge. This ring is the similar one that was offered by Charles, Prince of Wales, to his wife Diana who was the Princess of Wales in 1981. This ring which is one of the most well-known and priceless rings now costs about $137,200 to be the 10th most expensive ring on our list.

9. Anna Kournikova’s engagement ring – $2.5 million:

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After being in a friend zoned relation with her for eight years, Enrique Iglesias offered Anna Kournikova the engagement band in 2010. And its value came to expectations. The wedding band is an Argyle Jewelers pink pear-cut engagement band that charges $2.5 million. This stylish 11 carat natural pink pear-cut diamond came with two Trillion stones on the side, making it even more extraordinary. Unluckily, after three more years, the pair broke up, after 12 years of connection.

8. Catherine Zeta Jones’s engagement ring – $2.5 million:

Most Expensive wedding rings

Catherine Zeta Jones received a Fred Leighton era diamond engagement band from her real husband, Michael Douglas, on 31st December 1999. The ring has a 10 carat diamond set paralleled and other 28 smaller stones places about it. This stunning era ring has a 1920s vibe. The duo got married in November 2000, after only one year of engagement, but today, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas became one of the strongest couples from Hollywood. The ring now worth $2.5 millions and is now in the list of most expensive engagement rings in the world.

7. Jacqueline Onassis’s engagement ring – $2.6 million:

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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the wife of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, got this Lesotho III 40.42 carat uneven diamond ring from her next husband, Aristotle Onassis. The diamond was one of only 16 cuts from a 601 carat uneven diamond that was brought from South Africa. Jackie O. married the Greek Argentine transport tycoon Aristotle Onassis after Kennedy’s murder in 1963. They lived married until Aristotle’s death in 1975. Unluckily, Jackie worn the ring only twice; it is protected in a bank vault in New York.

6. Melania Knauss’s engagement ring – $3 million:

Most Expensive engagement rings

Melania Knauss got this ring from Donald Trump, a 15 carat emerald-cut diamond engagement band. Trump took the ring from the luxurious House of Graff in London, the Slovenian past model married the American real land tycoon in January 22, 2005, after one year of engagement. In 2006, Melania gave birth to a baby boy, Barron William Trump, the first child of the duo, but the fifth one of Trump. The questioning truth about this ring is that was bought at a 50% discount, in swap for free promotion. The Graff Company got a lot of promotion during the engagement and the wedding.

Top 5 Most Expensive engagement rings:

5. Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring – $4 million:

Most Expensive engagement rings list

After years of being in a friend zone, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had an engagement in 2004, when Anthony gave her an astounding 8.5 carat diamond ring, shaped by the famed jeweler Neil Lane. The $4 million blue diamond ring became one of J.Lo’s favorites. But Jennifer Lopez was engaged many times, and she got another imperative ring, from Ben Affleck. In 2002, Ben gave her a 6.1 carat pink diamond ring, which had a value of $1.2 million. Unhappily, the couple broke up in 2004.

4. Grace Kelly’s engagement ring – $4.06 million:

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Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1955, when she was visiting Cannes during the film carnival and they wedded in 1956, after Prince Rainier gave her a Cartier 10.47 carat emerald-cut diamond ring. The center diamond is edged by other two fashionable diamond baguettes. The engagement was an impression, yet if Kelly was believed to end her film profession. Their wedding was air all across Europe and it was watched by more than 30 million people on television.

Top 3 Most Expensive engagement rings:

3. Paris Hilton’s engagement ring – $4.7 million:

top ten Most Expensive engagement rings

Paris Latsis, Paris Hilton’s ex-fiance, gave her a huge 24 carat white gold ring to rejoice their engagement. The ring has a rectangular diamond in the center and two triangle-cut baguettes on all side. The ring is so large and weighty that Paris says it hurts her finger. And if this wasn’t sufficient, Paris got another ring from her fiance, a 21 carat canary-diamond “I love you” ring, to symbolize their love. Afterwards, when the duo broke up, Paris sold in a public sale her $4.7 million engagement band for Katrina storm wounded.

2. Beyonce’s engagement ring – $5 million:

top ten Most Expensive engagement rings

After years of connection, Jay-Z gave Beyonce a $5 million engagement ring. The ring which is now becomes one of the luxurious rings around the globe. The 20 carat engagement band intended by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz was qualified as an excellent, finest stone. The duo got married in April 2008 and now they have a daughter, Blue Ivy. Beyonce and Jay-Z are one of the famous couple from Hollywood.

1. Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring – $8.8 million:

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  • Which is the most expensive engagement ring in the world?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton married two times, in 1964 and 1975. When they got engaged for the first time, Richard gave her a vast 33.19 carat Asscher-cut Krupp diamond. This diamond was qualified as an ILA diamond, one of the most chemically clean kind diamond in the world, which an outstanding ocular lucidity. Elizabeth wore the band every day, for the rest of her life. The wedding band was auctioned in December 2011 and an anonymous Asian collector purchased it. This band is supposed to be the most expensive wedding band in the world now.

Most Expensive Engagement Rings List:

Sr. No. Celebrity Names Value
1  Elizabeth Taylor $8.8 million
2  Beyonce $5 million
3 Paris Hilton $4.7 million
4 Grace Kelly $4.06 million
5 Jennifer Lopez $4 million
6 Melania Knauss $3 million
7 Jacqueline Onassis $2.6 million
8 Catherine Zeta Jones $2.5 million
9 Anna Kournikova $2.5 million
10 Duchess of Cambridge $137,200


Nowadays, every rich person tries to buy not a beautiful ring but the most expensive band for his fiance to show his love for her and is now becoming a trend among rich people and the worth of such rings goes from few to many millions.

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