Which is the Most Expensive Bridge in the World

Top Ten Most Expensive Bridges in the World

A bridge is a structure built to span physical complications such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the tenacity of providing passage over the hindrance. There are many altered schemes that all serve unique purposes and apply to different situations. Proposals of bridges vary depending on the function of the bridge, the nature of the topography where the overpass is fabricated and moored, the factual used to make it, and the funds accessible to build it. The bridges are measured by their length above land or water in terms of meters and feet. But above all of them, these are expensive too. Here is the list of top ten expensive bridges in the world:

10. Chesapeake Bay Bridge ($778.3 Million):

Most Expensive Bridges

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (commonly known as the Bay Bridge) is a major dual-span bridge in the U.S. state of Maryland. Across the Chesapeake Bay, it links the state’s rural Eastern Shore area with the more metropolitan Western coast. The inventive length unbolted in 1952 and, at the time, with a length of 4.3 miles (6.9 km), it was the world’s longest nonstop over-water steel construction. The equivalent span was added in 1973. With the exclusion of the number of lanes on each where two on the unique span and three on the newer span and differences owing to the strategy criterions for the periods in which they were built, the spans are structurally comparable. Both were premeditated by J. E. Greiner Co. now a fragment of URS Conglomerate. The financial plan of the construction at that time was $778.3 million and took a time span of four years and six months.

9. Tacoma Narrows Bridge ($827.7 Million):

Most Expensive Bridges list

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a pair of twin suspension bridges that span the Tacoma Narrows strait of Puget Sound in Pierce County, Washington. It has been placed 9th in the list world’s most expensive bridges. Historically, the name “Tacoma Narrows Bridge” has applied to the original overpass pet named “Galloping Gertie”, which released in July 1940 but buckled because of aeroelastic flutter four months later. The original span has 1 mile length, released in 2007 and a construction cost of approximately $827.7 million has made on this project at that time. It has taken a time of five years.

8. Cooper River Bridge ($836.9 Million):

Most Expensive Bridges ranking

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, also documented as the New Cooper River Bridge, is a cable-stayed bridge over the Cooper River in South Carolina, connecting downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. The major span of the double cantilever tether bridge was the fifth longest in the world at 1,050 feet and soared 150 feet above the river. The major span of the second cantilever was the twelfth-longest in the world. The overpass superstructure was intended to withstand transport accidents and the natural catastrophes that have overwhelmed Charleston’s history. The total length of the original span was about 2.7 miles, unfastened in 2005 and a cost of approximately $836.9 million made on this project way back in 2005. It has taken a construction time span of four years and six months.

7. The George Washington Bridge ($1.1 Billion):

Top Suspension Bridges

In the list of most expensive, there goes another one “The George Washington Bridge” is a double-decked suspension bridge spanning the Hudson River, linking the Washington Heights region in the metropolis of Manhattan in New York City to castle Lee, Bergen province, New Jersey, in the United States. The total length of the overpass is 4,760 feet, including a main span of 3,500 feet. At the time, this was the longest main overpass span in the world, nearly double the 1,850 feet of the previous record holder. The length of the construction span is 0.9 miles long, untied in 1931 and a cost of $1.1 billion which puts it into the 7th rank. It has taken a time of four years.

6. Bay Bridge (Original) Oakland-San Francisco ($1.3 Billion):

longest bridges in the world

The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge (known locally as the Bay Bridge) is a complex of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay California. As part of Interstate 80 and the direct road between San Francisco and Oakland, it bears about 240,000 vehicles a day on its two decks. According to a report, it has one of the longest spans in the United States. The overpass consists of two crossings, east and west of Yerba Buena Island, a natural mid-bay ledge inside San Francisco city limits. The Western crossing between Yerba Buena and downtown San Francisco has two complete suspension spans allied at a center waterfront. It is 8.25 miles long, opened in 1936 and a construction cost of approximately $1.3 billion. It has taken a time of three years and seven months.

5. The Tsing Ma Bridge ($1.35 Billion):

Top 5 Most Expensive Bridges:

Top 5 Most Expensive Bridges

The Tsing Ma Bridge is a bridge in Hong Kong. It is the ninth in the list of longest span suspension bridges in the world, and was the second longest at time of its completion. It has two decks and bears both rail and road traffic, which also makes it the largest suspension bridge of this kind. The overpass has a major span of 1,377 meters and a height of 206 meters. Along with the Ting Kau Bridge and Kap Shui Mun Bridge, the overpass is closely scrutinized by the Wind and Structural Health Monitoring System (WASHMS). Reconnaissance cameras are also mounted on the overpass to record traffic surroundings. The video is accessible at the government website. It is updated every two minutes. The span is the largest of all bridges in the world carrying rail traffic. It is 1.34 miles long, opened in 1997 and a construction cost of approximately $1.35 billion that puts it into 5th place. It has taken a time span of five years.

4. The Yeongjong Grand Bridge ($1.9 Billion):

largest suspension bridge

The most expensive suspension bridges include another one “The Yeongjong Grand Bridge” is a self-anchored suspension bridge positioned in Incheon, South Korea, connecting Yeongjong Island to the Korean mainland. The overpass is the component of the Incheon International Airport Expressway and was kaput in 2000. The total length of the bridge is 4,420 meters or 2.7 miles at that time, unfastened in 2000 and a construction cost of $1.9 billion which is quite a big cost tag and is the reason to put this bridge into 4th rank. It has taken time duration of five years.

3. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge ($2.4 Billion):

Top 3 Most Expensive Bridges:

Top 3 Most Expensive Bridges

The Verrazano–Narrows Bridge is one of the most expensive and costly bridges ever made in human history and is a double-decked suspension overpass in the U.S. state of New York that links the New York City constituencies of Staten Island and Brooklyn. It crosses the Narrows, the reach linking the relatively dwindled upper bay with the larger lower bay. It has a central span of 4,260 feet and was the longest suspension overpass in the world at the time of its accomplishment in 1964. The span has a length of 2.6 miles long unbolted in 1964 and a construction cost of $2.4 billion which is way more expensive. It has taken a time span of five years and seven months.

2. Great Belt Bridge ($4.4 Billion):

Top Ten Most Expensive Bridges in the World

The Great Belt Fixed Link is one of the largest bridges in the world; the edifice incorporates the Eastern Bridge (a suspension bridge), Western Bridge (a low-level overpass) and the Eastern Tunnel for the railway (an undersea bored tunnel.) The complete connection between Zealand and Funen is 18 km long and was fabricated between 1988 and 1998. On customary, more than 27,000 cars a day pass through the overpass; on busy summer days in the pinnacle spell, the traffic may include up to 40,000 cars a day. It is 4.2 miles long opened in 1998 and a construction cost approximately $4.4 billion. It has taken a long construction time of 10 years.

1. Bay Bridge ($6.4 Billion):

Which is the Most Expensive Bridge in the World?

Which is the Most Expensive Bridge in the World

The eastern span substitute of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge is a construction scheme replacing an insecure cantilever portion of the Bay Bridge with a new self-anchored suspension bridge (SAS) and a pair of viaducts. The new span is situated in the U.S. state of California, and crosses the San Francisco Bay between Yerba Buena Island and Emeryville. It was constructed between 2002 and 2013, and does not have an authorized name other than that of the overpass as a whole. Bay Bridge Oakland a 2.2 miles long overpass opened late in 2013 and a construction cost of approximately $6.4 billion. It has taken a construction time of 11 years.

Sr. No Name of The Bridge Location Total cost (in USD)
1 Bay Bridge San Francisco, California $6.4 Billion
2 Great Belt Bridge Storebælt, Denmark $4.4 Billion
3 Verrazano-Narrows Bridge  New York, United States $2.4 Billion
4 The Yeongjong Grand Bridge Incheon, South Korea $1.9 Billion
5 The Tsing Ma Bridge Tsing Yi, Ma Wan, Hong Kong $1.35 Billion
6 Bay Bridge (original) Oakland-San Francisco Oakland-San Francisco $1.3 Billion
7 The George Washington Bridge New Jersey, United States $1.1 Billion
8 Cooper River Bridge South Carolina, United States $836.9 Million
9 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Kitsap Peninsula, Washington state, United States $827.7 Million
10 Chesapeake Bay Bridge Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States $778.3 Million


It has been seen that the beauty of a city is enhanced by the bridges and with ongoing beauty competition it is expected that many expensive bridges will be made and this competition would never end.

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  1. What If I told you in germany there is a Bridge only 20 meters long (about 65 feet long) and it had building costs about exactly 1.520.940.901.926.024 Marks 😉 (well it was build in 1923 during the inflation but it’s a really high price isn’t it?^^

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