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Top Ten Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

Everyone desires to decor their homes in a luxurious manner. For this purpose we spend our money in buying things that can enhance the beauty of our home and can also comfort us. Our choices for these stuffs are different. Some people will go for comfortable and expensive couch while others will prefer to buy gears for their bathrooms. Bathtub is one of that bath equipment that comfy us. Bathing is a relaxing experience for us and we can release our stress by lying down in a bathtub for some time. Bathtubs were used by wealthy Greeks in ancient times and now a day’s expensive bathtubs are affordable only by elite class of the society. Below are some of the most expensive bathtubs ever created?

10. Le Cob Glass Bathtub:

best bathtubs list

The very first bathtub I am going to discuss here is Le Cob Glass Bathtub. It is ranked as tenth most luxurious bathtub in the world. The price of this tub is $34000. It is a plain tub with infinity – pool like feature. When the water flows from the tub to the tub’s rear and onto the bed of pebbles underneath, it gives a Zen effect. This bathtub does not hold that much water and this fact makes bathing more comfortable. Le Cob Glass Bathtub is composed of acrylic, glass and metal and it is believed as one of very atypical tub. And an amazing fact about it is that it is not big enough and that’s why does not hold enough water which makes bathing just a purpose to relax rather than cleaning of body.

9. The Diamond Bathtub:

Most Expensive Bathtubs

The Diamond Bathtub is the next, expensive bathtub that is going to be discussed here and it is ranked as ninth most expensive tub worldwide. Lori Garner created this bathtub in 3 years. The price of this tub is $39000. It is an expensive and astute creation. Nearly about 45000 Swarovski crystals are traditionally set in this tub. This astute creation is having cast-iron claw feet. Each was attached carefully by artisan’s hands in hours and hours of dreary work.

8. Red Diamond:

Most Expensive Bathtubs list

Red Diamond comes next in most expensive bathtub’s list. It is ranked as eighth expensive one throughout the world. This deluxe tub was designed by Aldo Puglielli for Water games technologies. The price of this tub is $47,200. The list of features of this tub is very surprising. 18 karat silver gold nuggets having a mass of 42 grams are used in its creation. Among the other tub’s features are two waterproofs HDTVs of 42 inches that remain hidden when not in use, massage function, a handheld shower element, multicolor lightening and Swarovski coated champagne holders.

7. Kallista Archeo Copper Bathtub:

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Kallista Archeo Copper Bathtub comes next that is of worth importance and comes in the list of most expensive bathtubs. It is ranked as seventh expensive bathtub. The price of this tub is $67,557. It is handcrafted by the same people who were involved in reinstating the State of Liberty’s torch. This tub is over 5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, made of solid copper, spacious enough to accommodate anyone. It is accentuated with a fluted faucet and a hand held shower, featuring with a star fish engraved on the seashell knob.

6.Serenity Bathtub:

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Serenity Bathtub is next in my list of top ten most expensive, classy and amazingly featured bathtubs. It is ranked as sixth expensive tub among all other in the world. The price of this tub is $76,658.40. When we talk about its shape then it is about 2 feet tall and has depth of approximately 8 inches. It is crafted from solid bronze with gold and silver accents. They were made not in a very great number but only a dozen of serenity bathtubs were made.

5. Baldi Amethyst Bathtub:

Top 5 Luxury Bathtubs in the World:

top 5 Most Expensive Bathtubs

Baldi Amethyst Bathtub is the next one that I would like to discuss and it is ranked as fifth most expensive bathtub in the world. The price of this tub is $121,200. No doubt it is world’s one of very expensive bathroom equipment because this amethyst beauty has 24 karat of gold legs which shows its uniqueness. The matching accessories i.e. lotion dispenser, tumbler and a soap dish comes with this tub. Amethyst was considered a rare gemstone.

4.Baldi Malachite Bathtub:

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The next expensive one which is worth discussable over here is Baldi Malachite Bathtub. It is ranked as forth most classy as well as expensive tub which has gained worldwide popularity and fame. The price of this tub is $222,000. This tub is made from turquoise malachite by an Italian designer named Luca Bojola. It is also very amazingly featured tub as it is also set on 24 karat gold plated claw feet.

3. Golden Bathtub:

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Golden Bathtub is also one of those bathtubs which are considered to be most expensive and are liked and appreciated by large number of people throughout the world. It is ranked as second most classy tub in the world. The price of this tub is $987,000. It is made of gold. This tub was main attraction for visitors in Japan’s Kominato Hotel. This tub was opened for guest’s use only few hours each day for security purpose. Its weight is about 176 pounds. This sparkling beauty was stolen back in 2007.

2. Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub:

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The next one which is going to be discussed here is Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub. It is ranked as third most expensive bathtub in the world. The price of this tub is $790,310. Only 3 pieces of this kind of ultra- high end bathtubs were designed by Luca Bojoli. He designed these creations for an Italian interior firm, badli. Ten ton Amazonian crystal is used to crave these pieces. Tubs are fashioned with diamond cuts. The rough exteriors of these tubs enhance the natural beauty of rock which is used in their production. A Russian tycoon purchased one of the pieces for about $858,763 in 2008.  The second tub was created for Harrods. The remaining piece was sold recently to a British socialite named Tamara Ecclestone for about $1,000,000 in 2011.

1.  Le Grand Queen:

Which is the Most Expensive Bathtub?

which is Most Expensive Bathtubs

Among all the expensive bathtubs which one is the most expensive tub? Le Grand Queen is top ranked expensive and luxurious tub. It was designed by Simon Krapf. The price of this classy tub is $1,700,000. Ten Ton of a rare gemstone “Caijou” is used to craft the tub in the shape of a “Bangka” or Indonesian canoe. The designer with his team of master stonemasons spent endless hours to complete this luxurious product. This top ranked bathtub was purchased by an anonymous buyer at Dubai International Jewelry Festival.

Sr. No. Most Expensive Bathtub Names Value
1 Le Grand Queen $1,700,000
2 Baldi Rock Crystal $1,000,000
3 Golden $987,000
4 Baldi Malachite $222,000
5 Baldi Amethyst $121,200
6 Serenity $76,658.40
7 Kallista Archeo Copper $67,557
8 Red Diamond $47,200
9 The Diamond $39000
10 Le Cob Glass $34000


This was all about top ten classy and best bathtubs in the world and they all are discussed here in a brief and concise manner. Although there is a huge number of this kind of luxurious tubs and it is very difficult to find top ten out of them still I believe that you will agree with this list. This article will really help out those who have no idea about this kind of equipment that can increase the beauty of their palace.

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