Most Beautiful Roundabout in the World

Top Ten Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

Roundabout is a circular intersection of roads around which traffic flows continuously. Roundabouts create an easy flow of traffic for drivers and pedestrians. Traffic comes from one direction rather than three directions and flows clockwise. France has the most roundabouts in the world almost 50% of the world’s roundabouts are in France.  These days modern roundabouts are made to make a safe flow of traffic in one direction around a central place. This central place is known as an island. At roundabouts, slow speed of traffic is required to give way to already waiting traffic. This article has ranked best roundabouts in the world. These roundabouts also have historical importance in their countries. According to research in United States of America roundabouts cause fewer accidents than traditional roads system. 39% fewer car accidents were recorded on roundabouts. Modern forms of roundabouts were standardized by the United Kingdom. Roundabouts also show fewer emission of carbon monoxide. Modern roundabouts also have pedestrians’ crossings to facilitate pedestrians. Here is the list of top ten roundabouts in the world. These roundabouts are very beautiful and give an amazing view.

10. Pearl Roundabout Manama

List of Top Ten Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

Pearl traffic circle Manama, Bahrain is on number 10th in this list of most beautiful roundabouts in the world. Pearl rotary has a white pear structure at its center. Pearl rotary was destroyed in the year 2011 by the Government of Bahrain. In 2011, Bahrain faced political crackdown as the result of this Pearl traffic circle was destroyed. But still Pearl traffic circle has ranked as the 10th most beautiful rotary in the world.

9. Sculpture Roundabout in Switzerland

Top Ten Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

Switzerland is a beautiful place and is lucky to have this beautiful Sculpture Rotary. Sculpture rotary is located among mountains and has twin sculptures on a grassy mound. It provides a safe way to the traffic among mountains

8. Dancing Dolphin Roundabout

Top Ten Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

Dancing Dolphin Rotary is famous traffic circle of Thailand. As its name describes, it has a fountain and a Dancing Dolphin at the top of this fountain. Beautiful red and green flowers are also increasing its beauty. Dancing Dolphin shows an eye catching view and people feel pleasure to watch this view. Dancing Dolphin looks so cute and presents a very fresh view.

7. Flowers and Fountain Roundabout in the USA

Top 10 Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

Flower and fountain rotary is located in Indiana USA. It is very beautiful and stunning traffic circle. It has amazing white flowers encircled around a fountain. This rotary presents a breathtaking view. It is situated in Carmel. Carmel is famous for building innovative roundabouts in the city. It has the USA most roundabouts in its city. More than 60 roundabouts are in Carmel. These roundabouts have reduced the injuries to 80%. This flower and fountain rotary is one of the most amazing pieces of architecture and design of Carmel.

6. Morbier Grand Cheese and Grandfather Clock Roundabout

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

This rotary is in France. This circle has a Morbier giant cheese image at its center, and a clock with a long pendulum is also there. This clock is famous for the name grandfather clock. Morbier cheese is French‘s invention and is given the name of Morbier after their village Morbier. Along with these two items, beautiful flowers are also planted to enhance the beauty of this rotary. This rotary is at the intersection point of three roads. French people are lucky to have the world most of the roundabouts. This traffic circle is the France’s most beautiful and stunning rotary.

5. Charminar Chowrangi Roundabout

Top Five Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

This rotary is situated in Karachi, Pakistan. Charminar Chowrangi rotary has a mosque at the center. This mosque was built in 2007. Charminar Chowrangi Rotary reminds the memory of Charminar Monument Hyderabad India. Charminar Karachi traffic circle is located at the center of a very busy area of Karachi. Charminar Karachi rotary will make your drive more enchanting. It is very beautiful and an amazing piece of architecture. Charminar Karachi Rotary catches the attraction of everyone who passes this way. This traffic circle has a long history but with the passage of time improved a lot. Now it represents the amazing replica of Charminar Monument Hyderabad India.

4. Angel of Independence Roundabout

Top 5 Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

Angel of Independence rotary is in Mexico City. Angel of Independence traffic circle has 118 ft long victory column. It was built in 1910 at the beginning of their War of Independence. In the memory of their great heroes of that Independence war this rotary has the mausoleum of these heroes. This Angel of Independence has very much importance in political and social conditions of Mexico. Many great celebrations and strikes have been done at this rotary. It is a focal point for the people of Mexico. For the breast cancer awareness, this traffic circle was given the pink colour to celebrate pink ribbon awareness campaign.

3. Chavez Roundabout in Managua

Top Three Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

Chavez Roundabout is situated in Venezuela. This traffic circle has emotional importance for the people of Venezuela because it has the image of their former president Hugo Rafael Chavez. He died in 2013. He remained president of Venezuela from 1999 to 2013 till his death. This rotary has the image of this legendary president. President Chavez is wearing a military uniform in this image. Along with the image of Hugo Chavez, it also has curly whirly trees.

2. Duck Pond Roundabout

Top 3 Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

This duck pond rotary is in U.K. It is located in Otford, Kent, U.K. This traffic circle has a pond at its center and a big tree. It is situated in Otford Village. According to inhabitants of Otford, more than 1000 years ago, duck pond was used as a drinking hole by the local livestock. With the passage of time, this drinking hole is started using as a rotary. Now it is ranked as the world’s 2nd most beautiful traffic circle in the world. This place is also known as the Buckingham Palace.

1. Railway Roundabout Hobart

Most Beautiful Roundabout in the World

This roundabout is in Tasmania, Australia. It is the world most beautiful roundabout in the world. There is also a fountain at the center of Railway Roundabout. This fountain was built in 1963. You will find this roundabout at the top of the Liverpool Street on Brooker Highway. This roundabout is built on traditional standard and is regarded as the worst accident spot in Tasmania. It has caused many accidents in Tasmania. Railway Roundabout is awarded as one-way gyratory accolade. This award is given in 2015 by the Roundabout Appreciation Society.  This roundabout was built in 1960.

List of Most Beautiful Roundabouts in the World

Sr.No. Names
1 Railway Roundabout Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
2 Duck Pond Roundabout, Otford, Kent, U.K
3 Chavez Roundabout in Managua, Venezuela
4 Angel of Independence Roundabout, Mexico
5 Charminar Chowrangi Roundabout
6 Morbier Grand Cheese and Grandfather clock Roundabout
7 Flowers and Fountain Roundabout in USA
8 Dancing Dolphin Roundabout, Thailand
9 Sculpture Roundabout in Switzerland
10 Pearl Roundabout Manama, Bahrain


This article has arranged the world most beautiful roundabouts in a list and ranking is taken from UK Roundabout Appreciation Society. This article is very much interesting as it will also tell you about the history of these roundabouts. These roundabouts are a reason of proud for their countries. Roundabouts are made to give a safe way to the traffic of an area but with the passage of time many countries are giving importance to make their roundabouts more and more beautiful. This ranking is issued by the Roundabout Appreciation Society. They have worked so hard to make this list of top ten best roundabouts of the world.


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