Top Three Most Beautiful Countries in the World

The Top Ten Most Beautiful Countries in the World

The world is full of beauty. There are many countries in the world that are rich in beautiful natural scenes. These all countries are working hard to make their states more stunning and attractive like United States of America. Beauty attracts everyone is a famous saying. And all these lovely states have admitted this fact. So, by make their state beautiful they can win the hearts of many tourists. Tourism has become the industry in these kingdom. To cherish the beauty of these kingdom, every year millions of people come here. Some countries are God gifted, God has blessed these lovely countries with the natural beauty. Still these countries are working hard to make their countries more and attractive. So, these countries have enhanced their beauty. This article has the list of top ten most beautiful countries of the globe these countries also have the most beautiful capitals. If you are in search of visiting an amazing holiday spot then this article will help you in finding the state of your choice. These lovely countries have the power to relax your nerves and make you comfortable. Through tourism, these countries are earning millions of dollars every year and contributing a lot to their economy. The following are the list of top ten most beautiful countries in the world.

10. Argentina

List of Top Ten Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Argentina is a small state. Its city Buenos Aires has ranked has one of the most lovely cities in the globe. Argentina is famous for its beautiful waterfalls. Its most well known waterfall is Iguazu Falls that is one of the globe most beautiful waterfalls. Argentina and Brazil are famous for their waterfalls that have made the both countries attracted for rest of the globe. Argentina is surrounded by the lovely Glaciers and mountain. Argentina has the world 3rd biggest fresh water reserves in the state. Argentina is also known by many for producing world best football players like Maradona, Angel De Maria and most talented of all is Lionel Messi. It is really incredible that how this small beautiful country is producing the world most famous footballers.

9. Canada

Top Ten Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Canada is the world 9th most beautiful country on our list. Canada is located in North America. Canada has eye-catching views that are due to stunning Rockies and coastal areas. Canada has the world largest coastal line in the country. Along with this largest coastal line country presents awesome natural scenes. People love to spend time on its coastal areas and in the valleys of Baffin Island Mountains. Vancouver is the famous Canadian city that is well known for having the status of world loveliest city.

8. Iceland

Top Ten Beautiful Countries in the World

It is a very small country that has a total population of 3,21,857. It is situated between the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. It is also the smallest country in the Europe, according to population. Iceland is an adorable country that is worldwide famous for its beauty. Iceland is the 8th most beautiful country. The country is very peaceful, and people are hospitable so, they welcome warmly to the tourists who go there for spending time.

7. Australia

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Australia is famous for having the beautiful beaches. Its beaches are famous in all over the world. O, the people who want to enjoy the deep oceans beauty can visit the Australia as the country has world most beautiful beaches along with the 16000 miles long coastline. Its city Sydney is among loveliest countries of the world. The country is lucky to have Hamersley range that is the world oldest mountain range. Australia is ranked as the 7th most beautiful country. Its Island Tasmania is among top ten most beautiful islands in the world.

6. France

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

France is in Western Europe. France is famous as the world most fashionable country of the world. The country has the world most beautiful people in it. French people are famous for providing the world with a unique fashion. It’s most famous, and the capital city is Paris. Paris is the dream city of many people. It also has the world famous Eifel Tower that is the central point of attraction for the people of the whole world.

5. Italy

Top Five Most Beautiful Countries in the World

No one can deny with the beauty of Italy. It is in Southern Europe and has the beautiful countries like France and Switzerland in its neighbor. Italy is the earth most favorite tourist spot. Mostly tourists select Italy as their tourist destination. In Europe, no other country can be compared in beauty with Italy. Its two cities Venice and Florence are the most beautiful cities. Its Island Sicily is very much stunning and magnificent. The country is also famous for having the most beautiful flowers of the globe. So, Italy is naturally blessed the country and has the attraction for everyone in the world.

4. Greece

Top 5 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Greece is in southern Europe. The country is famous for the Ancient times. The country has the total population of about 11 million. The country is known as Hellenic Republic. In its northeast, there is Turkey that is also a very beautiful country. Its capital city Athens is very beautiful. You can find the ancient traditions in this country that attract many visitors every year.

3. New Zealand

Top Three Most Beautiful Countries in the World

New Zealand is the world most beautiful Island. The country has always been on the list of world most beautiful countries. It’s cities like Wellington have been ranked as the earth most beautiful city. New Zealand was awarded the world best tourist destination place in 2008. Tourism is the most prominent industry of the country that is helping in making strong its economy.

2. South Africa

Top 3 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Africa is famous for having the world most amazing wildlife. South Africa is an adventurous place that attracts millions of visitors every year. People love to come again and again in this region because it presents the beauty that you cannot find anywhere else. Its city Cape Town is also among most beautiful countries of the world. The country also has the world’s most of the marine life. Different and unique species could be found here. It has the world greatest mountains Table Mountains that add more beauty to the country.

1. United States of America

Most Beautiful Country in the World

Our list of most beautiful countries will be incomplete without mentioning the name of this super power country. USA has the most beautiful states of the world. The country has the example for many other countries. USA is advanced in technology and famous for influencing many underdeveloped countries. Even a kid in Middle East can tell you about this country. In South Asia, almost everyone has the desire to visit this country once in a life. A country has the world most famous and beautiful cities e.g. New York and Washington, etc. USA also has the stunning mountain ranges. Its city California is ranked as the best choice for the visitors to visit in a spring season. The city is filled with beautiful flowers during the spring season.

List of Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Sr.No. Names Capital
1 United States of America  Washington, D.C.
2 South Africa Pretoria/Cape Town/Bloemfontein
3 New Zealand Wellington
4 Greece Athens
5 Italy Rome
6 France Paris
7 Australia Canberra
8 Iceland Reykjavik
9 Canada Ottawa
10 Argentina Buenos Aires


This article has the list of most beautiful countries of the world. All these countries have the strong economies. Peace in the world can be find in these countries. So, people show their interest in visiting these countries. These countries are supported by their governments to make it more beautiful. These nations have strong belief in the fact that their beauty is the main source of earning for these beautiful countries. These countries are stunning and awesome. These countries have maintained the peace in their countries to encourage tourism.


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