List of Top Ten Mpst Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

List of Top Ten Most Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

We all know that Europe is full of beauty. There are many fascinating things that attract the attention of people. People from all over the world admired the beauty of Europe. There are seven continents in the world. All are presenting the beauty of nature. God has made the entire universe so much beautiful and attractive. But especially Europe has the world most beautiful countries. European countries have made their capital cities stunning and enchanting their beauty. Most of the countries always try their best to make their capital city most beautiful. This article has ranked the most beautiful top cities to visit in Europe. This ranking has been given by studying the all European capital cities. Many other continents like Asia, Australia and America are also building their cities like European cities. European countries have all the necessary facilities in their cities. Most of the facilities are given to the capital cities because capital cities always remain the centre of attraction for the rest of the world. All the important buildings are also built in the capital cities to make it more beautiful. Capital cities also got importance economically and politically.  All the important matters regarding the state are settled in these capital cities. It is the reason that capital cities are always made beautiful. Here is the list of Top ten most beautiful capital cities in Europe.

10. Edinburg

List of Top Ten Mpst Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

Edinburg is the capital city of Scotland. Scotland is also the part of U.K. But has its capital city. Last year in 2014 referendum was also conducted in Scotland to make a free country from the U.K. But again its most of the public said that they still want to live within the U.K. Edinburg is a 7th city in U.K according to population. It has important places in it like National Museum of Scotland and an ancient place Edinburg Castle. Its temperature is usually temperate and occasionally fell below freezing point in winter day timings. The city has many famous theaters in it like King’s Theater and Edinburg playground, etc.

9. Prague

Top Ten Most Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

Prague is a beautiful capital city of Czech Republic. It is a small city yet very beautiful. Its population is about 2 million. Prague has political and economical importance in central Europe. Along with this, it also provides a lot of entertainment to its visitors. There are more than 10 large museums. According to a survey in the list of most visited cities of Europe Prague, stood on the fifth number. In an estimate in one the year 2011, 4.4 million tourists visited Prague. Vltava River and Prague Castle are two important places in Prague.

8. Amsterdam

Top Ten Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

It is a capital city of Netherland. Netherland is also known as Holland. You will be aware of this name because of its famous football team. The country is famous for having great footballers of the time. Amsterdam is also one of the most visited places in the Europe. Its population is about 7 million. The country is politically prominent in Europe. It has given the title of Alpha World City. Globalization and world cities (GaWC) study group has awarded this title to the Amsterdam. Along with this 5 of the world top, 500 companies are also from the Amsterdam. Important, beautiful places are Vondelpark, The Church of Nicholas and red light district.

7. Athens

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

Athens is the capital city of modern Greece. Greece has historical importance in the world. Greece is also among top ten most beautiful countries of the world. Athens is the biggest city in Greece. Athens is culturally rich and known as one of the world oldest cities. Athens has globally recognized for media, education, culture, entertainment, commerce and economics. Due to this it is also called Global City. Athens is also historically known for arranging the first Olympics. Parthenon, Zappeion Hall, Athens Tower Complex and National Library of Greece are most visited places.

6. Madrid

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Capital Cities in  Europe

Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Madrid is the 3rd biggest city in European Union with the population of 3.3 million. Madrid is important for media, football lovers, education, fashion and culture. Madrid is also ranked as the 17th most livable city in the world. Its people are very lively and jolly. They are full of life and love to play football. Madrid has the world top football club in the world, Real Madrid. This club is also the most expensive football club in the world. The club has won many titles in the world of football. Prado Museum, Cibeles Palace and Fountain can be visited.

5. Istanbul

Top Five Most Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

Everyone knows about this beautiful capital of Turkey. Turkey is an Islamic state and well administered. Mustafa Kamal brought the revolution in Turkey and after that the country became so much fashionable. He emphasized on the freedom of women and made his women independent. Turkey was once controlled by the Great Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is a very clean and modern city. You will love this city even after watching its pictures on the web. Its Grand Bazar is a place that worth to be visited and has the status of largest covered markets of the Europe.  Its seafood restaurant cannot be beaten by any other restaurants of the world. Important places are Taksim Square, Yeni cemi and Pera Museum.

4. Berlin

Top 5 Most Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

Germany is an important country in the world. Berlin is its capital. Germany is also famous for Hitler. Germany was hit by the nuclear bombs in 1945. Germany has also won the FIFA World Cup 2014. Berlin is also neighbouring city of Turkey. It has most of the culture like Turkish. Its people are very beautiful. City captures the hearts of its visitors in seconds. Berlin is surrounded by many beautiful lakes. Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Plaze and Jewish Museum are beautiful places for visits.

3. Venice

Top Three Most Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

Venice is Italy’s capital. Venice is so much beautiful that it has placed its country among most beautiful countries of the world. In Venice, there are also floating areas where you have to use boats to reach your homes. Venice is also rich in culture and historically important city. New York Times has ranked Venice as the most beautiful city built by the human beings. Its most captivating feature is is having the status of The Floating City.

2. Paris

Top 3 Most Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe

Paris is a very modern city. Paris is the capital of France. French people are also very beautiful like their country. It’s most beautiful and famous building is Eifel Tower. Paris Opera is also an important building. Its total population consists of above 10 million. Louver is the most visited museum in the world. It is liked by all tourists who come to Paris. Paris is famous and favorite tourist destination in the world.

1. London

Most Beautiful Capital City in Europe

Our list of most beautiful capital cities of Europe is of course incomplete without mentioning the name of London the capital city of United Kingdom. A night view of London is so much captivating that impresses everyone. London is famous as politically and economically. Every year along with millions of visitors millions of people come here for jobs. London also provides many rights to other communities living in the city. River Thames is its famous river.  Most important and beautiful places in London are Victoria Memorial, The Shard, and Natural History Museum, etc.

List of Most Beautiful Capital Cities in Europe:

Sr.No. Names Population
1 London 8.308 million (2013)
2 Paris 2.244 million (2010)
3 Venice 260060 (2012)
4 Berlin 3.375 million (2013)
5 Istanbul 14.38 million (2014)
6 Madrid 3.234 million (2012)
7 Athens 664046 (2011)
8 Amsterdam 779808 (2011)
9 Prague 1.247 million (2013)
10 Edinburg 80836 (2013)


This article has beautifully arranged the Europe most beautiful capitals. These capital cities are also the places to visit in Europe. European Union knows the fact that tourism is the main industry of their cities. So, they are mainly focused on making their cities beautiful. These all capital cities are also ranked as most beautiful cities not only in Europe but also in the whole world. So, this article is helpful for you if you want to have a tour of the European beautiful cities.


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