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Top Ten Modern Cities in the World

World is progressing day by day in field of science and technology and advancement to be made in these fields of life is necessary for every country and every city. There are so many cities which are considered as modern and advanced cities of the world. All of them are advanced and specialized in different fields of life. How much a city will provide its residents a luxurious life it totally depends on advancement and modernism of that city. Cultural diversity is another crucial fact of modernism. This article deals with ranking and information relevant to these top ranked modern cities of the world. Here top 10 modern cities in the world are enlisted.

Top 10 Most Modern Cities Of The World:

Sr. No Modern City Name Country Name
1 San Francisco Bay Area USA
2 Helsinki Finland
3 Yokohama Japan
4 London UK
5 Abu Dhabi UAE
6 Brasilia Brazil
7 Bangalore India
8 Tel Aviv Israel
9 Toronto Canada
10 Hong Kong Hong Kong (China)

10. Hong Kong:

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Hong Kong is first city which can be enlisted as modern city of the world because of advancement in every field of life. It is enlisted as 10th modern city in list of top 10 modern cities in the world. Modern technology has impacted this city a lot and lots of progress is made because of ever increasing technology. No doubt it can be called as advanced city of the world and it provides a luxurious life to the native people. It’s digital and highly technological roadside displays, shrewdness of natives and skyscrapers are giving a clear picture of modernism of this city. This city is so beautiful blend of Chinese impression on every step of life and western entrepreneurship.

9. Toronto, Canada:

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Next city which I enlisted as modern city of the world and going to discuss now is Toronto of Canada. It is ninth modern city of the world among modern cities of the world. It is believed that Toronto is most leading city which has such a huge diversity of culture among 50% of its population is not Canadian based. It has fusion of cultures and diversity in culture is a key to modernism. People of different nationalities have started migrating to this point or destiny most of them are Irish, French, British, Italian, Brazilian, Koreans and West Africans etc. In this single city more than 140 languages are spoken and it has in its heart people from every corner of the world.

8. Tel Aviv, Israel:

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Tel Aviv is next in my list of top 10 modern cities in the world and it is eighth modern city of the world. As modernism of any city revolve around technological advancement and diversities of any city and this city truly fulfills this aspect of modernism though it was found in couple of centuries ago but it has attained position in list of top ten. It was founded by Jews who migrated towards Palestine and they modernized city with introducing cafe culture, glossy beach with desirable and crafty outdoor along with its architecture. In Tel Aviv an airport has been built on the top of dump and full of garbage location, and its solar power firms which are fulfilling the energy demand of this city. No doubt this younger city of the world has attained all the guts of modernism and is providing luxurious life to its residents.

7. Bangalore, India:

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Bangalore is considered as modern city of the world. It has made lots of technological advancements and guarantee luxurious life to its people. It is enlisted as seventh modern city of the world among modern cities of the world. It is growing and expanding quickly as far as I.T sector is concerned and has credit of being multilingual Asian city. It has made innovation in field of Information Technology. It has in its heart Bagmane Tech Park, factories, complexity of offices and so many research institutions center of companies like Motorola, Dell, LinkedIn and Volvo and these are sources of boosting up its economy.

6. Brasilia, Brazil:

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Brasilia is next modern city under discussion and it is sixth most modern city of the world. It is a finest example of modernism and it has also made much advancement in everyday life. One of the most fascinating factors of its modernism is Piloti plan by Lucio Costa and its exquisite government buildings by Oscar Niemeyer. It is a beautiful illusion of modernism surrounded by grassy plain and humidity of Brazil.

5. Abu Dhabi, UAE:

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Next modern city which I would like to discuss here is Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates. It is enlisted as fifth modern city among top ten modern cities of the world. This city has advancement in different genres of life like technology, arts, green energy and culture and it was not attained without any investment. Yes, Abu Dhabi has invested a lot on these crucial factors of modernism and demand of today’s world and has not watched and shown thirst for tourists’ dollars. Very soon this city will be able to show its beautiful cultural platforms by renowned architects like Daniel Libeskind, Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Sir Norman Foster showing the brilliant architecture.

4. London, UK:

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London is next city under discussion and is in list of top 10 modern cities in the world. It is fourth advanced and modern city of the world. London has made lots of advancement in everyday life and is stepping with pace of modern world. As far as city is concerned it has made advancement in field of transportation like its Oyster Card, Bicycle Hire scheme and cashless payment system are no doubt innovations in transportation field. It is believed that London of United Kingdom is most leading and forward looking city among all other in transport. It has a very amazing and convenient network of terminals and it provides its residents with amazing transportation system and provides them a luxurious life in true words.

3. Yokohama, Japan:

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Yokohama was not what it is and it is considered as modern city of the world. Yokohama has tried to reinvent itself and is no doubt successful in this struggle and that’s why it is in list of top 10 modern cities of the world. It has popped itself up and it is ranked as third advanced and modern city of the world. After rebirth of Yokohama first thing that happened was renovation and that was of specifically harbor district, its amazing steel skyscrapers including Landmark Tower of about 972 foot height and Minato Mirai 21. And it owns a center known as Sony Research Center that is pushing its position in electronics field.

2. Helsinki, Finland:

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Now the city which I would like to discuss is Helsinki and it is considered as amazingly wonderful and modern city of the world. Helsinki city of Finland is second most advanced and modernized city of the world. It attained this position for lots of reason and most dominating one is its Wi-Fi service given to entire city, other reasons include headquarter of different cell phone companies e.g. Nokia and textile companies like Marimekko that are conquering this wonderful world with amazing and captivating textile and prints. It is a platform for so many advance approaches towards life.

1. San Francisco Bay Area, USA:

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Last but not the least city in list of modern cities of the world is San Francisco Bay Area, USA. It is enlisted as number one in list of top 10 modern cities of the world. As modernism is reciprocal of advancement which means how much a city is modern, it entirely depends on how much advancement is prevailing in the city. It is most modern and highly technological metropolis of the world as it is a central part for hi-tech and extremely innovative in digital. This vibrant and highly forward looking city has in his heart many leading and most innovating companies like Google, Apple, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Twitter and lots and lots of other companies. This city is providing a very luxurious life to its residents because it is most leading city in field of science and technology.

So, this was all about this topic top 10 modern cities in the world. I am sure whosoever wants to know about this topic will be definitely entertained via this article. All the necessary and relevant information is given in this article. You will get something interesting and knowledgeable while reading it.

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