What is the Most Common Reason for Divorce

Top Ten Main Reasons Why Couples get Divorced

Whatever happens in life has very solid and genuine reasons behind it and divorce is one of those life events which never ensue accidently. No matter how much time a couple has spent together they get divorced if they have problems and conflicts with each other. There are limitless reasons of why couples get separated because every couple has different setup. Among all those reasons few of them are found very common like communication gap, financial issues, lack of mutual understanding, feeling of insecurity etc. All of them cannot be discussed here but top ten which are most common and are very general are discussed in it. I tried to amass a list of top ten reasons that lead a couple to ultimate end which we call as “Divorce” and then each of these reason is discussed in brief and concise way.

10. Abuse:

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There are limitless reasons behind this act of divorce but abusive behavior is one of those which I believe can cause complexity in marital life and sets pathway for breakup. In list of top ten reasons why couples get divorced it is tenth most common cause. It is quite natural that no one can put up with maltreatment or abusive behavior. In every relationship this sort of attitude is unacceptable and in particular when we talk about life partners they want much love and respect from one another. However familial as well as spousal violence remains persistent veracity of weakening matrimony. There can be various causes for this behavior like insecurity, financial problems, any psychological problem and so many others. And in this type of marital life where one of the members is treated as punching bag relationship can never withstand and end up on divorce.

9. Religious and Cultural differences:

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Religious and cultural differences is next reason for break up which I think is worth noticeable and in my list of top reasons for divorce it is ninth most common cause for end of nuptials. When there is conflict in vision and in approaches toward life then you cannot live under single crown. Your religion is what you are and your cultural is what your beliefs and practices related to life are. If a linked couple has differences in their beliefs and practices then how they can live together?

8. Quick Change in Lifestyle:

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Another reason for couples fight is of course quick and rapid change in lifestyle and this reason is ranked as eighth most common in list of top ten reasons why couples get divorced. With ever changing lifestyle every person wants to lead an up to date and modernized life and want to enjoy all the luxuries which present time is offering you.  If in a couple captain of the ship is not able to give such a life to his/her spouse then their marriage cannot proceed because such differences create extreme complexities in a relationship and put forth basis for separation and eventually divorce.

7. Insecurity:

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Next reason which I would like to discuss is insecurity and it is ranked as seventh most common cause of divorce.  Trust and feeling of security are very essential factors in making any relationship strong and long lasting. If in a married life there is absence of these factors then this relation can never prolong and eventually state of break up comes. Insecurity in committed couple can be because of various reasons like being a single parent child, any infancy disturbance, and lack of parental love or any other previous broken relation. So state of being secure in any couple can serve as a foundation stone for their relationship.

6. Spouse doesn’t fulfill needs/desires:

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Next reason for fight and then eventually divorce in any couple is I think when one member is not able to fulfill demands, needs and wants of other member in the couple. This is one of the most common reasons and in my list it is ranked as sixth most wide-ranging reason for this fact. It is quite natural that we all have limitless desires and wishes and we want them to be fulfilled immediately and everyone’s wants differ from one another. So here comes a point of conflict that when you ask your spouse for the fulfillment of your wishes and he/she denies then it sets ground for separation.

5. Expectations from one another:

Top 5 Leading Causes of Divorce

Top 5 Leading Causes of Divorce:

Expecting a lot in any relationship can creates a trouble later on and this is next reason for divorce which I would like to mention here and it is ranked as fifth most common explanation for it. We as a human being are born with innate feelings, sensations and traits which are common to all and this is one of that. Knowingly or knowingly we start expecting from other if we love someone, or care for anyone we want in return love and care from that particular person. So in a married life this fact is cruelest as it is always said “Expectations always hurt” and both partner starts expecting from one another and if the spouse is not able to fulfill these expectations then their relation comes to an end.

4. Addictions:

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Next reason for failure of marriages is addiction and it is ranked as fourth most common cause for separation. Whatever a person feels or thinks is always reflected through habits and acts.   There are various psychological problems that can be reason for bad addictions just as if one of the spouses is broken family child or any other early day’s memory and these factors play crucial role in shaping one’s married life. Addiction of any substance stops your thinking ability and you cannot differentiate between wrong and right. And because of substance addiction you abuse your spouse and your spouse want to get rid of you in such circumstances so it is one the leading factor in divorce.

3. Feeling Constrained:

Top 3 Reasons Couples Divorce

Top 3 Reasons Couples Divorce:

We all have certain goals in our lives and always want to achieve them and to avail every opportunity that is provided to us. My next factor that can be a cause of divorce is feeling guarded. Yes when a relationship is not allowing you to follow your dreams and to achieve your goals then obviously you cannot continue such relationship. Marriage is actually a strong bond between two individuals by which they can share everything like sorrows, happiness, dreams, wishes each and everything. But when your marriage constrained your feeling and holds you back from achieving your goals and your spouse do not support you, then you simply give up and prefer to be separated.

2. Financial issues:

Top Ten Main Reasons Why Couples get Divorced

Issues related to finance or money is without any doubt main reason for fight and then separation of course, so this cause is ranked as second most common why couples get divorced. Money is a big deal of present time and somehow is considered as a sole source of leading a happy and comfortable life. If in a couple there is constant fight on money and both of them are not supporting each other in this particular issue then they can never live together and they get divorced sooner or later.

1. Lack of communication:

What is the Most Common Reason for Divorce

What is the Most Common Reason for Divorce?

Which reason is most common and top rated for divorce? For me communication gap is one of the most common bases for separation. When you are in a relationship and you behave introvert and never shares anything with your spouse then this attitude can be a main cause for divorce. Distance is created rapidly when you stop sharing your thoughts and feelings with your spouse and that distance serve as a road to split-up.  There can be two chief reasons for communication gap one is that you have introvert sort of personality other is you become so much busy and indulged in yourself and starts giving priority to your work instead of your partner.

Divorce Reasons List:

Sr. No. Main Reasons of Couple Divorce
1 Lack of Communication
2 Financial Issues
3 Feeling Constrained
4 Addictions
5 Expectations from one another
6 Spouse doesn’t fulfill needs
7 Insecurity
8 Quick change in lifestyle
9 Religious & Cultural differences
10 Abuse


Although there is various numbers of reasons why couples get divorced but main and most common of them are discussed in it. In this article top ten reasons that generally set road to split-up are discussed and what are those reasons, what are those circumstances by which all this happen are briefly discussed in it.

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  1. I did note that the illustrations tended to blame the men, and that 75 to 85% of marriages are ended by women so what why imply men are the root cause?

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