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Top Ten Longest Rivers in the World

There are so many rivers in the world but all of them are not longest rivers. There are many factors which are involved in measuring length of the river. There exists contradiction on the ranking of longest rivers because it is quite difficult to decide from where river starts and where it ends. In this article few rivers are enlisted and which are considered as biggest or longest rivers in the entire world. Top ten longest rivers in the world are enlisted in chart form then elaboration of every single river along with approximate length is given.

Sr. No Top 10 longest rivers in the world Kilometers
1 Nile 6,650
2 Amazon 6,400
3 Yangtze 6,300
4 Mississippi 6,275
5 Yenisei 5,539
6 Yellow (Huanghe) 5,464
7 Ob Irtysh 5,410
8 Parana 4,880
9 Congo 4,700
10 Amur 4,444

10. Amur:

Amur River pic

First watercourse from the list of top ten longest rivers in the world which I would like to discuss is Amur River and it is enlisted as tenth longest river in the world. Its length is about 4,444 kilometer and it is situated in eastern Asia and border between two countries named as China and Russia is formed by a part of this watercourse.  And one thing which is of much importance is that in past few centuries It had played a vital role in strengthening relationship between two superpowers of the world.

9. Congo:

Congo River pic

Second watercourse which I am going to discuss is Congo River and it is ninth longest one in the world on the basis of length factor. It has approximately length of 4700 kilometer and this watercourse is of very much importance because it is an important shipping route as far as Central Africa is concerned. In spite of the obvious fact that shipping is quite impossible on the Congo River it has splendid waterfalls and swifts. It is credited as one of the deepest watercourse of the world and it is believed that it is Africa’s water rich watercourse.

8. Parana:

Parana River map

Now I would like to discuss another longest one on the basis of length of the water. Parana River is considered as eighth longest one in the world with approximately length of 4,880 kilometer. It is known as South America’s second longest that flows through areas of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. It is present between countries; Brazil and Paraguay and border between Paraguay and Argentina is Parana River.

7. Ob Irtysh:

Ob Irtysh River map

Next under discussion is named as Ob Irtysh River It is enlisted as seventh longest river with approximate length of 5410 kilometer. It is basically located in Russia and is first longest river in Russia that flows only on Russian territory. And it is said that Asia and Europe are separated from each other via Ob’s one of the largest city Novosibirsk.

6. Yellow River (Huanghe):

Yellow River map

So now come to sixth longest river in the world. Yellow river (Huanghe) is enlisted as sixth longest watercourse around the globe and its length is about 5464 kilometer. But as far as China is concerned it is second longest one that flows there. Yellow river is credited as “cradle of Chinese civilization” or in other words it is said about it as “blessing from heaven”. But along with positive aspect bad terms are also attached with Yellow river like “China’s sorrow” or it is also said about it “devil”.

5. Yenisei:

Yenisei River map

So, next one in list of longest is Yenisei River and it is claimed as fifth longest one in the world with approximately length of about 5539 kilometer. It is located in Russia and is known as most water enriched watercourse of this country. It has lots of ramifications and because of them It covers largest part of Siberia. One of the largest city named as Krasnoyarsk is present on Yenisei River.

4. Mississippi:

Mississippi River map

Next watercourse which is enlisted as longest river is Mississippi River. It is considered as fourth longest river in the world among top ten longest rivers in the world and its length is approximately 6275 kilometers. It is believed as longest river of North America and it is very well known because of very complicated spelling. Mississippi flows basically through a greater number of United States and along with them through New Orleans and Memphis.

3. Yangtze:

Yangtze River pic

Now I would like to discuss third longest watercourse in the world and that is Yangtze River and it has approximately length of 6300 kilometer. It is also known as The Blue River and it is located in China. It is considered as first longest watercourse in Asia. It serves as a border between South China and North China. And one other thing in credit of Blue River or Yangtze is; that it is very important as far as transportation is concerned because it provides transportation linkage between central China and the coastal side.

2. Amazon:

Amazon River map

Next watercourse under discussion is known as Amazon River. It is considered as second longest watercourse in the world. Amazon River has approximately length of about 6400 kilometer and it is present in South America. It is believed that Amazon River is most water enriched river in the entire world. And through some other definitions of longest watercourse it is also labeled as longest watercourse. It flows through many countries like Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. It is credited as for carrying one- fifth of the entire natural and fresh water of the entire world. It is believed that Amazon River is about 40 kilometers wider in rainy season.


river nile map

Finally, last but not the least watercourse which I would like to discuss is Nile. It is one of the longest watercourse in the world and it is ranked as first longest in the entire world. Nile River has approximately length of 6650 kilometer. River Nile has its flowing path in countries: Egypt, Uganda, southern parts of Sudan and Ethiopia. And as far as these countries are specifically concerned River Nile is of vital importance. River Nile is energy supplier for Uganda and also provides fertility for Egyptian lands.


So, here I would like to conclude my article by saying that it is worth knowledgeable. All the necessary information relevant to this topic which is about top ten longest rivers in the world is given and all the information is concrete and based on facts. And I am sure that this ranking is correct and approximate length of each watercourse is mentioned in the article.

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