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Top Ten Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges in the World

Cantilever bridges are those which are constructed by means of cantilevers, arrangements that project straight into space, sustained on merely one end. As far as small footbridges are concerned the cantilever possibly will be effortless beams. For large cantilever bridges which are planned for freeway or rail travel employ trusses assembled from structural steel constructed from pre-stressed existing. Couple of days before an article about famous longest truss bridges in general was written whereas this article is specifically about those truss bridges which are longest and design is cantilever. In this article top ten longest cantilever truss bridges of the world are discussed… Have a look!

10. Tappan Zee Bridge:

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

First cantilever truss bridge that I would like to discuss is Tappan Zee Bridge whose official name is The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge. It is ranked as tenth longest cantilever bridge worldwide. It is in United States; New York which crosses Hudson River at one of its widest points. Tappan Zee Bridge name is given to it after name of an “American Indian tribe” which resides in area called “Tappan” and “zee” is a Dutch word for “sea”. Tappan Zee Bridge connects South Nyack; Rockland with Tarrytown; Westchester in Lower Hudson Valley. It is one of the longest truss overpass in New York State and total length of it and approaches is 16,013 feet. Maximum Clearance over water which it provides is 138 feet (42 m) and cantilever span is 1212 feet.

9. Horace-Wilkinson Bridge:

Truss Bridges

Next overpass in my list of top ten longest cantilever truss bridges is Horace-Wilkinson Bridge and it is ranked as world’s ninth largest cantilever link. It carries Interstate 10; Louisiana which is across Mississippi River from Port Allen; West Baton Rouge Parish to Baton Rouge; East Baton Rouge Parish. In the region of this Metropolitan Area it is commonly referred as “New Bridge” because it is younger than two bridges which cross the river in Baton Rouge. This name is given to it after three split Horace Wilkinson who served in Louisiana legislature for about 54 years. Horace Wilkinson along with his sons and grandsons were privileged in 1968 with the designation of the I-10 overpass of Louisiana Legislature according to Act 206. Longest span of it is 1235 feet and total length is 4550 feet whereas width is 80 feet.

8. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge:

Longest Truss Bridges

Next in the list is San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge which is commonly referred as (Bay Bridge) and it is ranked as world’s eighth longest truss overpass. It is a very multifaceted of bridges across San Francisco Bay; California. Being a fraction of Interstate 80 and undeviating way it connects San Francisco and Oakland. About 240,000 vehicles per day are carried by it on its two decks and has one of the maximum span in United States. This charge overpass was envisaged as early as the gold rush days but its manufacturing was not started till 1933. This cantilever overpass was planned by Charles H. Purcell and was constructed by American Bridge Company. It was opened for traffic on 12th Nov, 1936 exactly 6 months before Golden Gate Bridge. Total span length of it in meters is 427 m which is 1400 feet.

7. Veterans Memorial Bridge:

top Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

Veterans Memorial Bridge is next truss overpass in list of top ten longest cantilever truss bridges in the world which I would like to discuss and it is ranked as world’s seventh longest overpass. It is with authorization identified as Veterans Memorial Bridge and is commonly referred as Gramercy Bridge. This cantilever overpass is above the Mississippi River which connects Gramercy, Louisiana; St. James Parish to St. John the Baptist Parish. Veterans Memorial cantilever truss overpass is the second most recent Mississippi River Bridge in Louisiana. The overpass and its approaches are Louisiana Highway 3213 that runs approximately 3.79 miles from Louisiana Highway on the west bank north over the overpass. Total length of Veterans Memorial Bridge is 3101 feet and longest span is 1460 feet.

6. Howrah Bridge:

top Truss Bridges

Next cantilever truss overpass which I am to discuss is Howrah Bridge and it is ranked as sixth longest in my list of top ten longest cantilever truss bridges in the world. It has a hovering span over the Hooghly River; West Bengal, India. It was specially made in 1943; the overpass was initially named “New Howrah Bridge”. Pontoon Bridge was replaced by it at the similar site connecting the two cities of Howrah and Kolkata.  It was renamed as Rabindra Setu on 14th June, 1965 after Bengali poet’s name Rabindranath Tagore (1st Indian + Asian Nobel laureate). Howrah Bridge is one of the two on the Hooghly River and is a well-known sign of Kolkata and West Bengal. It carries 100,000 vehicles & about 150,000 pedestrians on daily basis and is believed as one of the busiest cantilever truss overpass worldwide. Total span length of Howrah Bridge is 457 m.

5. Crescent City Connection:

top 5 Truss Bridges

Next is Crescent City Connection overpass in my list of top ten longest cantilever truss bridges in the world and it is considered as fifth longest overpass worldwide. It is in earlier times known as Greater New Orleans overpass and refers to twin cantilever bridges which take U.S. Route 90 Business above the Mississippi River; New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Four general-use auto vehicles paths are carried by each span in addition westbound span has two reversible HOV tracks across the river. It is the uttermost downstream overpass on the Mississippi river and is also widest as well as extremely traveled overpass. Total length of Crescent City Connections is 13,428 ft and width of eastbound is 52 ft and westbound is 90 ft.

4. Commodore Barry Bridge:

Longest Truss Bridges

Commodore Barry Bridge is next in list of longest cantilever truss bridges and is listed as fourth longest truss bridges in the world. It crosses the Delaware River from Chester; Pennsylvania to Bridgeport; Logan Township, New Jersey, USA. Commodore Barry Bridge is named after John Barry who was American Revolutionary War idol and Philadelphia resident. The overall length of the overpass and its approaches is 4240.4m and total length of it is 501.09 m. Commodore Barry Bridge was unlocked for traffic in Feb 1974 swapping a ferryboat crossing between the two states. It has width of 24 m and takes five real paths of U.S. Route 322 & Country Route 536 and features two pedestrian pathways. Almost 44,452 t of steel was used in construction of Commodore Barry Bridge.

3. Minato Bridge:

top 3 Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

Minato Bridge comes next in list of top ten longest truss bridges in the world and it is considered as world’s third longest cantilever overpass. It is a double-deck overpass in Osaka; Japan whose upper deck is for Hanshin Expressway Route 16 Osaka Line whereas lower deck is Route 5 Bayshore Line. Minato Bridge was opened for traffic in 1974 and is longest overpass after Quebec Bridge and Forth Bridge. Plans together with arch and suspension fundamentals were eradicated from thought because of unfortunate subsoil situations of discontinuous coatings of clay & gravel. Total length of Minato Bridge is 510 m (1673 ft).

2. Forth Bridge:

top ten Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

Next is Forth Bridge and it is ranked as second in the list of top ten longest cantilever truss bridges in the world. It is a beam overpass beyond the Firth of Forth just in east of Scotland which is 9 miles (14 km) in west of Edinburgh City Centre. Forth overpass was opened for traffic on 4th March, 1890 and total span length of it is 8296 feet (2528.7 m). Occasionally this cantilever overpass is referred as Forth Rail overpass just to differentiate it from Forth Road overpass; however it is not its official name. Forth overpass leaves Edinburgh at South Queensferry and reaches in Fife at North Queensferry. Construction of this cantilever overpass was started in 1882 and was completed in almost 8 years.

1. Pont De Quebec:

Which is the Longest Truss Bridge in the World?

which is Longest Cantilever Truss Bridge

Which longest cantilever truss overpass in the world is considered top ranked? Pont De Quebec is considered world’s top longest cantilever bridge which is a road, rail & pedestrian overpass. It crosses the lower Saint Lawrence River to the west of Quebec City & Levis; Quebec, Canada. Approximately 30 years were spent in constructing this overpass and planned of it was failed twice. In 1955 the Quebec Bridge was elected a National Historic Site of Canada. Since 1933 Pont De Quebec has been owned by Canadian National Railway. Its width is 29 m (94 ft); length is 987 m (3239 ft) whereas its height is 104 m (340 ft).

Sr. No Name Country in which Situated Length
1 Pont de Québec Canada 987 m
2 Forth bridge Scotland 8,296 ft
3 Minato bridge Japan 510 m
4 Commodore Barry bridge United States 501.09 m
5 Crescent city connection United States 13,428 ft
6 Howrah bridge India 457 m
7 Veterans Memorial Bridge United States 3101 feet
8 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge United States 427 m
9 Horace-Wilkinson Bridge United States 1235 feet
10 Tappan Zee Bridge United States 1212 feet


So this was all about top ten longest cantilever truss bridges in the world. All the necessary information which includes location, span length, and width and when it was opened is given in this article. All the information given in it is correct and I am pretty sure you will agree with a list of top ten longest cantilever bridges.

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