Top Five Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

Top Ten Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

Sometimes a question comes in mind that who run the world? Did you say, girls? Men can never survive without women. There is a common phrase that behind every successful man there is a woman. When Allah created Adam, he was very lonely in the gardens of Eden. To kill his loneliness God created Eve. A female has filled the world with beauty. They have remarkable abilities to show love and care for every relationship. That is invaluable.  A man has the responsibility to provide necessities to its dependents. If we look towards the responsibilities of female, they almost contribute equally with men. 50% of prosperity in the world is just because of females participation in all fields. In the previous days, all the good jobs belong only to the men. But with the advancement of society the job opportunities for the girls are also increased. They proved that they could excel in all the fields of the world. They are considered to be stronger than men. Their ability to care, love and to think straight and positive in all matters make them superior. Now we are going to discuss the jobs that women can do better than the men.
List of top ten jobs women does better than men:

10. Marketing and advertising:

List of Top Ten Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

Marketing plays an important role in every business.  It creates awareness among people. Female can get better knowledge about the demands of the people.  The sense of humor in female is stronger than that of the man. They help to popularize the product. She can identify the needs of the people and to cope with the increasing demands and needs.  A female can advertise a product easier than a man and create better goodwill among the people.

9. Manager and supervisor:

Top Ten Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

Female can act a better manager and supervisor. A female when came into the field of supervision they performed better work as compared to man. She put more energy on the work being done then to think about the project. A female when works on the relationship with the workers and subordinate. She encourages them to become the better worker and also the better people. Female managers are much more engaged in their work as compared to the men.

8. Waiting tables/ Dining room attendants:

Top Ten Best Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

The waiter can keep you visiting the restaurant repeatedly because of their good dealing with the people. We consider waitresses to be better than waiters. Female can attract male customers better by giving them smiles and their good behavior. 100% of times more tips in money are received by the females as compared to a man. Therefore, men will never match up the female in his profession.

7. Yoga /fitness instructor:

Top 10 Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

Females can act as a better fitness instructor. Yoga is discipline originated from India. It involves different postures of body and control over breath. The benefit of yoga is not specified for any gender. We observe that most of the yoga instructor and people participating in it are women.  The body of female is more flexible than that of men.  They are not embraced to produce the sounds that are required for yoga. On the other hand, men fell embraced, confused and not comfortable to perform Yoga.

6. Personal appearance specialist, Dietician, and nutritionist:

List of Top 10 Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

Females are more conscious than men in applying makeup, taking care of their hair and skin. They use more skin products to improve their appearance. If we observe females are more conscious about their diet as compared to the men. 80% of appearance specialists are working for females. 83% dieticians and nutritionists are also working for the benefit of the females. Girls are involved in this field more than men because they are more conscious about their looks.

5. Information clerk and customer care professional:

Top Five Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

When you enter into any office, you go to the desk of information. Women can deal the customers better as compared to the men because they can make a client feel comfortable. They also provide all necessary information required by them. The quality of work done by the women in the office is invaluable. The work done by the women is always accurate. She put a lot of energy on the work as compared to the men. Information clerks are the first people to whom the customer will meet. The natural beauty of women will attract the customers more.

4. Gynecologist and Obstetrician:

Top 5 Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

A gynecologist is a person who deals with the productive organs of female. An obstetrician is a specialist who deals with the pregnancy and birth issues of females. They prefer go to a female doctor for such personal issues. Obstetricians have the knowledge about the problems of girls, and they also know how the parts of female work. Although men are also becoming gynecologist and obstetrician, they can’t beat female in this field.

3. Nurse and professional caregiver:

Top Three Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

As the women have remarkable abilities to give care and love towards other. People prefer nurse as women. Many of the males become a nurse and professional caregivers, but they can’t beat women in this field. They do their best in taking care of the patients. Women act as the best nurse because their mothering behavior is not limited to the extent of their children. They are natural caregiver as God has created them like this.

2. Kindergarten and preschool teacher:

Top 3 Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

No doubt that the women can give better care to the children as compared to the men. This ability is graced by Allah in the DNA of women. The teacher can mold the child’s thinking and help the child to develop basic skills. Women can love children unconditionally. Women are having super power and ability to love and to change the diaper of the child hundred times a day. Women are the best preschool teachers. Almost 98% of the teachers of preschool are female. Males are not having the ability to love and care unconditionally.

1. Secretary:

Top Job That Women Does Better Than Men

Women are always hard working. They have the ability to manage the things in an accurate and a perfect way. Women are considered to be great at this job because they have strong abilities to manage the things in the perfect way. They can organize the files, documents, and points in the best possible way. That is the reason 90% of secretaries are women. Men can never as good as women are on this post. Women have owned this profession so much that it is very difficult to find a male, secretary. Women are best at this job because they can listen effectively and can type the same thing. They do their work with care and attention.

List of Jobs That Women Does Better Than Men

Sr.No. Names
1 Secretary
2 Kindergarten and preschool teacher
3 Nurse and professional caregiver
4  Gynecologist and obstetrician
5  Information clerk and customer care professional
6  Personal appearance specialist/ dietician and nutritionist
7  Yoga/fitness instructor
8 Waiting tables/dining room attendants
9 Manager and supervisor
10 Marketing and advertising


We have discussed above the top ten professions that women can perform better than the men. Allah has blessed women with the remarkable qualities of love and care. They are hardworking and can perform the work in a more accurate way. With the advancement of society, the job opportunities for the women enhance and increased. Women became more confident and indulged in all the professions. We conclude that by providing job opportunities for women the world is becoming more prosperous. The countries where the contribution of women is less are considered to be in developed countries.


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