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Top Ten Jeans Brand Ranking in India, Find out Your favorite Brand

This article is all about jeans brand which are leading ones specifically in India. In this age of competition in every field of life large numbers of competitors are always there and everyone tries to reach on the highness of fame. Same is the case in this field every brand works to give best and remarkable to their customers. There are large numbers of clothing companies which are serving Indian audience but in this article you will come to know about best and most likable jeans brand in India. This article highlights top ten jeans brand and there importance can be judged by ranking given in it.

Best Jeans Brands Name List in India:

Sr. No.  Names Country of Origin
1 Levi’s America
2 Lee America
3 Spykar India
4 Pepe Jeans London United Kingdom
5 Wrangler USA
6 Denizen USA
7 Flying Machine India
8 Diesel Italy
9 K Lounge India
10 Numero Uno India

10. Numero Uno:

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Numero Uno comes first that is of worth discussing and because it is considered as one of highly demanding brand and in ranking it is ranked as tenth best and demanding brand of India. It is believed as India’s first I guess home-grown feigned label and it was brought into stream line in 1987 and its initiative was taken by HI Fashion Clothing Co which is most prestigious brand of Numero Uno Clothing Ltd. Numero Uno dared to transform brands for youth into very vibrant and reactive brands. Numero Uno is serving the country from so many years and now it has honored of being one of the influential brands that has the credit of fusing international tendency, treatments, washes, pioneering fabrics and reachable prices. Numero started manufacturing manly jeans and then moved towards manufacturing female jeans and ultimately reaches to design complete men and women wardrobes.

9. K Lounge:

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Next which is I am going to discuss is K Lounge it is considered as trendsetter fashion selling sequence and it is ranked as ninth best and largest one in India. K Lounge is endorsed by none other than Kewal kiran Clothing Limited which is believed as India’s debut style home. K Lounge Company brags of modernizing Fashion India Inc by its four brands: Killer, Lawman, integrity and Easies. All of these four brands have gained an offbeat rank and all are absolutely accessible in K Lounge fashion chain. This selling brand of the company is sated with an all-embracing range of pants, T-shirts, Trousers, Jackets and Shirts.

8. Diesel:

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Diesel comes next in this list of top ten jeans brand of India and it is ranked as eighth most demanding brand. Diesel Company was started in 1978 and was established by Renzo Rosso and his ex-boss Adriano Goldschmied of AG Jeans Company. Diesel landmark years comprise 1985 in which company was completely acquire by Renzo, 1988 the hiring of Wilbert Das’s (who is current head designer & creative director) fashion college, 1991 is a year in which international marketing policy was initiated and 1996 in which first flagship store of Diesel Company was opened in New York City; Lexington Avenue. Then in Feb, 2007 Diesel instigates a chief cherished and beachwear division for both genders that is then put up for sale and was brought to unit stores. In November, 2007 Diesel Black gold was publicized.

7. Flying Machine:

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Among top ten companies of India which comes next and is believed as seventh largest jeans brand is Flying Machine, clothing variety of this company truly echoes the upcoming time of Indian Youth style that deems in fetching genuine worldwide style to audience of India. The brand along with its up to date styling pays attention on trends and cults of the seasons. Flying Machine is that clothing manufacturing company which has made technological advancements by introducing Nanotechnology like Temperature Regulation in cold and hot regions. Pants manufactured by Flying Machine are totally stains free neither coffee nor wine can spoil them.

6. Denizen:

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Denizen is next that I would like to discuss and it is sixth largest specifically when we talk about India. In 2011, Summer Denizen brand was launched in the United States to give elegant and smart look to peoples while providing them with extremely well made jeans specifically to Target purchasers in stores and on Denizen launched credit goes to  Levi Strauss & Co which was initiated in 1873. By providing customers with finest fabric and extremely good finishing and diversity of fits for whole family, Denizen brand made Levi Strauss & Co worldwide famous for generations. Denizen word basically means “inhabitant:” belonging to community of own peoples. Denizen promises a perfect style, quality and variety of its product.

5. Wrangler:

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Wrangler comes next in ranking of top ten jeans brand of India and it is fifth largest in the list. Wrangler is headquartered in Downtown Greensboro; North Carolina but it has its production plants at various places worldwide. Wrangler jeans manufacturing was started by Blue Bell for the first time that got hold of brand when Casey Jones was took over by them in the middle of 1940’s. A polish tailor Bernard Lichtenstein was hired by Blue Bell who worked with cowboys to design suitable products and this was the birth of this company. The style which was launched in 1947 is still obtainable in the world and that was 13MWZ style.

4. Pepe Jeans London:

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Pepe Jeans London is next that I am going to discuss and it is believed as fourth largest brand among all others in India. Pepe Jeans London was started in 1973 at Portobello Road: London and it is a denim and casual wear brand. At the time of its start it was just a small market stall and now it is US billion dollar company and it has its stores in all over the Europe. Pepe Jeans London has its jeans stores in more than 80 countries across the world which is indeed a big achievement of any company in this field.

3. Spykar:

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Spykar is third largest and likable brand in the list of best jeans brand of India. Spykar was established in about 1992 by Mr. Prasad Pabrekar who was determined to make use of his huge technical knowledge in manufacturing of denim garments. When this company was started its founder had strong faith that best investment for it is Human Capital and it was started with very low budget then gradually it was built up as a  company with about 300 acquaintances. Spykar focus is on production of such products that have strong worldwide plea. Spykar company tries to give very inventive and entirely new designs and strives to bring new sorts of cuts and fabrics to the market. For this it is blessed with team of very energetic and dedicated designers and merchandisers who keep themselves up to date about newest styles of International market.

2. Lee:

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Lee comes next and it is ranked as second largest brand among top ten jeans brand of India. Lee Company was brought into streamlined by Henry David Lee in about 1889 as Lee Mercantile Company at Salina; Kansas manufacturing dungarees and jackets. Then Lee was encouraged by introduction of Union-All work jumpsuit in year 1913. Lee sustained to enlarge and in later 1920’s zipper fly was launched by it. Then after the death of 1st founder in about 1930’s and 1940’s Lee attained a position of one of the chief producer of work clothes specifically in US. Then later on in about 1954 Lee was expanded into informal wears. Lee Company was prolonged to about 81 countries of the world during 1960’s. Nowadays Lee is considered as one of the most excellent Denim Brands in India for men because it has gained much popularity amongst youth.

1. Levi’s:

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What is name of the India’s top jeans brand?

Levi Strauss & Company is a private sector clothing company which is renowned throughout the world for its Levi’s brand which is of denim jeans. 1853 was the year when it was started by Levi Strauss who came from Buttenheim; Franconia to San Francisco; California just to open west coast subdivision of New York’s dry goods business of his brother. Levi’s is no doubt one of the best and most likable jeans brand among Indian Youth because of its highly reasonable prices and its designs. That’s why it is considered as number one jeans brand of India.


So, this was all about top ten jeans brand of India and they are ranked according to evidences about their likeness and by their popularity. They all are best in one way or the other because each of the company is striving to give best of it to its customers. Hope you will enjoy while reading it and will get something interesting and knowledgeable from it.

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