Top Islamic Fact Proven by Science

Top Ten Islamic Facts Proven By Science

Islam provides a complete way of living. In this world believers of Islam are increasing day by day. Quran Pak is the holy book of Islam. Anyone who wants to take guidance can read the Holy Quran. Holy Quran covers all aspects of a person’s life. You can get each and every type of information from the Holy Quran. Islam not only covers all the aspects of everyday life of people, but it also has proved many scientific facts. There are many scientists who have spent their whole lives to prove one or more scientific facts. The same facts you can find in Holy Quran that was completed many years ago. It is also a reason that believers of Islam are increasing in large numbers. This article has ranked the top ten Islamic facts in Quran proven by the science. You can find many miracles of Quran from your life. Now western educated people are more interested to read Quran in English. Quran was revealed to Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Hazrat Muhammad was the last prophet of Allah, who spread the teachings of Islam in all over the world. It is due to his teachings that even today we can learn and understand Islamic facts proven by science.
The following are the top ten Islamic facts proven by science,

10. Facts about Honey:

List of Top Ten Islamic Facts Proven by Science

In Holy Quran, Surah Nahal is all about the honey bee and benefits of Honey. Quran says that honey has the shift for everyone. Today the scientists have proved that by taking one spoon of honey daily you can get rid of many diseases. It is the 10th Islamic fact that is proved by the science.

9. Facts about the Solar System Orbits

Top Ten Islamic Facts Proven by Science

This fact is described in many Surahs in Holy Quran. Surah Yaseen, Surah Anbiya has explained the solar system of the universe. These verses further say that the sun runs in its circular place with the orders of Allah. Moreover, Surah Anbiya says that Allah has created the days and nights, the sun and the moon, and these all are circulating in their orbits. This thing was proved by scientists after many years of Holy Quran. Now everyone in the world believes that the sun and the moon are travelling in their orbits and universe is consisted of the moon, stars and sun.

8. Facts about breastfeeding of kids for 2 years

Islamic Facts Proven By Science

Breastfeeding is the best food for the kids till 2 years. It provides all healthy and necessary nutrition to the kids. Breastfeeding also increases the kids’ ability to fight with the diseases in their whole life. Now doctors also put stress on a mother to feed their kids at least till 2 years. This fact is also described in the Surah Luqman, some verses of this Surah state that a person should behave well with his/her parents, his/her mother has been in a weakened state that increased steadily and weaned in 2 years. So, this Surah is explaining the services of a mother for the 2 years kids.

7. Facts about the sex of a baby

Top 10 Islamic Facts Proven by Science

It was assumed that the sex of a baby is determined by the women. Due to this fact many women have faced physical abuse by the men for giving birth to the girls. Now it is proved by the doctors that men body consists of X & Y chromosomes in these X contains the feminine characteristics and Y contains masculine characteristics. So, sex of a baby is only determined by the males. In Holy Quran, Surah an-Najm has explained “He who created the pairs of men and women, from semen when emitted.”

6. Facts about the dark ocean floor

List of Top 10 Islamic Facts Proven by Science

Many divers have gone under the oceans. They have proved the fact that for going more than 40 meters in the ocean you need latest equipment. When you will go further deep and deep, you will encounter very less light or no light. This fact about the oceans has been proved in Surah Al Noor verse 40. It says that like the darkness in a vast deep ocean, that has waves over waves…….so, it is describing the darkness of the oceans.

5. Facts about the relativity of Islam

Top Five Islamic Facts Proven by Science

Albert Einstein is very much famous in the world for his discovery of relativity theory. According to him time is always described as the relation between mass and velocity. You can find the reference of these scientific facts in the Surah Al-Hajj, Al Maarij and as-Sajda. These surahs are explaining the importance and involvement of time.
He directs all the affairs of the heaven to earth and then it’s up to him in a day whose levels a thousand years of reckoning” Surah al-Sajda:5

4. Facts About the Creation of Man in three Stages

Top Ten Islamic Facts Proven By Science

In Surah Az Zumar, it is explained that man is developed in a mother’s womb in three stages this thing is also now admitted by all the scientists.
“He created you from a single self, then He made because of that; He dropped to his wife and eight tails you that pairs of animals. He made you in your mother’s belly three events have in the dark.”

3. Facts about Iron

Top Three Islamic Facts Proven by Science

No one can deny the benefits of irons. Iron is the metal that has given the strength to give benefits to human beings. In Islam, there are almost 9 verses in Holy Quran that have the name of iron.  Surah Al-Hadid verse 25 has explained that Allah has blessed the people with iron that has many benefits for the human beings.

2. The Facts of Creation in Pairs

Top 3 Islamic Facts Proven by Science

In Hoy Quran you can clearly find the fact that Allah has created everything in the world in pairs, you can see this in Surah Yaseen verse 36. This verse is enough to get the understanding that everything in this world consists of pairs. It not only human beings that live in pairs for their survival and growth but other matters also have pairs. This Islamic fact was first proved by a scientist Paul Dirac, who later got the Nobel Prize for his this invention. He was awarded Nobel Prize for proving that matter is found in form of pairs.

1. Facts about Human Fingerprints

Top Islamic Fact Proven by Science

You all are familiar with the uniqueness of fingerprints of human beings. Everyone has its structure of fingerprints that cannot be matched with other even not with his/her parents. Use of fingerprints is common since ancient times, but the uniqueness was discovered in 1900 century. In 1900 century, scientists described that everyone has different types of fingerprints. In Islam, there are verses about fingerprints in Surah Al Qiyamah. These verses say that Allah has a power to reunite a dead person’s remains and can also reconstitute the fingertips again.

List of Islamic Facts Proven By Science:

Sr.No. Names Qur’an
1 Facts about human fingerprints Surah Al Qiyamah
2 The Facts of Creation in Pairs Surah Yaseen
3 Facts about Iron Surah Al-Hadid
4 Facts about the creation of man in three stages Surah Az Zumar
5 Facts about the relativity of Islam Surah Al-Hajj/Al Maarij/as-Sajda
6 Facts about the dark ocean floor Surah Al Noor
7 Facts about the sex of a baby Surah an-Najm
8 Facts about breast feeding of kids for 2 years Surah Luqman
9 Facts about the Solar System Orbits Surah Yaseen/Anbiya
10 Facts about Honey Surah Nahl


This article has very valuable information about Quran and science not only for believers of Islam but others also. This article has the list of ten Islamic facts that are later proved by the scientists by using latest technologies. Holy Quran itself says that Quran has indications and clues but only for those who have wisdom. So, by taking guidance from the Holy Quran, you can make your life more easy and peaceful. Along with this, you can also make more innovations in the world by reading Holy Quran.


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