which is best food to Lose Weight

Top Ten Healthiest Foods to Lose Weight

Today’s main health problem is being overweight. Living being overweight causes a bad effect in our life’s usually person’s mood, sleep, and work greatly increasing cholesterol, heart attacks and diabetes including young generation as well. When a person eats more calories than they burn off, the body store extra fats which in turn make our body chubby. Our body needs fat but extra fats have a pessimistic impact in our body. Most of the people gained weight because of their genetic propensity. They didn’t eat more but gain weight very rapidly.
One of the main causes of gain weight is not eating properly; our inappropriate diet. We are far away from healthy foods now days. Teen ages involved in having more of junk food then to healthy food. People are more engaged in high calories, low nutrient snacks and excess use of beverages making their lifestyle motionless formulate our bodies unable to work. Most of us eat more when they are stressed or having environmental issues like not taking a food in time, or habit of taking food during activities instead of sitting around the table. We need healthiest food to lose weight or to create our body in shape and vigorous. Now every country becomes industrialized, now all food is available 24 hours. These days Healthy diet through Healthiest foods is not hard. Healthy eating is most important because your body has a greater need for most nutrients. Variety and balance is the key to a Healthy diet. Having carbohydrates, protein and fat at meals keeps you feeling full longer and supplies the nutrients your body requirements. Planning a diet meal is very important.
Now you don’t have to be anxious about diet plan for the healthiest food .Here is the healthy food list to lose fat. These foods help to lose weight. Top Ten healthiest foods to lose weight are:

List of Top 10 Healthiest Foods to Lose Weight:

Sr. No. Food Items Name Production Areas
1 Oats Russia, Canada, Poland
2 Leafy Greens California
3 Beans India, Brazil, Burma
4 Garlic China, India, South Korea
5 Cucumber China, Iran, Turkey
6 Cinnamon Sri Lanka, China, India
7 Almonds USA, Spain, Iran
8 Natural  yogurt whole world
9 Tomatoes China, India, United States
10 Green Tea China, Japan, Vietnam

10. Green Tea:

Lose Weight

Does Green tea loses the weight?? It is commonly used beverage that burn up you calories. Best herbal and healthy formula now days help to lose weight. Drink at least 3 to 4 cups daily. We often take heavy meals at parties, but you can balance your high calories meal by drinking green tea after every meal. It smells like the berries. It depends on how much you drink daily, increases metabolic rate, you can burn up to 500-1000 calories daily through green tea. It is a herb that highly contains antioxidant, anticancer, and antiviral properties so it is a disease fighter too. It is a liquid it flush out the toxic material through digestion.

9. Tomatoes:

Lose Weight with healthy food

Many of you keep on thinking that how tomatoes help to lose weight?? The answer is the Tomatoes are one of the food help to lose body fats. Most of the experts challenge to lose the weight in 20 days by eating tomatoes. It is delicious fruit that contain vitamins E, vitamins C, lycopene, and several antioxidants that help in strong immune system and decreasing heart attacks. It is the low calories food increases your energy, balance your sugar level. Tomatoes have only 17 calories per 100g containing no fat or cholesterol. Shun strict or dull and boring diet. Try to add them into your daily menu.

8. Natural Yogurt:

foods to Lose Weight

Natural yogurt is the next healthy food help to lose weight. Add yogurt everyday can consistently lose your weight and burn the fats in your body. It contains vitamin B12 which is helps to lock your calcium bring strength to your bones. It is the yummy low fat dessert available in flavors now. But always eat low fat yogurt. It is the dietary product, the calcium in the dietary product speed up in reducing the weight. Having calcium and protein wealthy foods together seems to be the best combination for weight loss increases the metabolic rate.

7. Almonds:

things to Lose Weight

People often think nuts help to increase weight and high in calories!! Well there are two types of fats polyunsaturated fats which are good fats contain in nuts like almond and peanuts. Other one is saturated fats which are unhealthy fats. Almond is one of the best supper healthy food help to lose weight. It contains proteins, fiber and monounsaturated fats that helps in low calories diet helps to lose weight. Take the Almonds with their skin, 7 or 8 daily you can see your weight balance. Daily provides 45% of vitamin E. Serve as a snacks or staters.

6. Cinnamon:

foods item list to Lose Weight

Do you believe one spoon daily intake of cinnamon can lose the weight?? The answer is yes it does. Cinnamon, the best healthy food helps to lose the weight. Daily at morning one half hour before the breakfast on an empty stomach, at night before sleeping, take a cup of boiled water and add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with honey to avoid fat to accumulate in the body. Cinnamon contains Calcium, Iron and Fiber it lowers down the sugar level and removes the bad cholesterol. As the high sugar in blood leads to the increase in body fats, cinnamon helps to prevent the extra fats in our body. It satisfies us for longer period of time feel free from hunger. It effects more on abdominal than the other parts of body.

5. Cucumber:

list of foods to Lose Weight

From the food list to lose fats, Cucumber is the next food. Cucumber contains 95% of water that keeps our body hydrated. It richly contains dietary fiber that is essential for slim the body as you dreamed of. Cucumber mixed with olive oil, black pepper and salt healthy salad served as lunch that cut down the fats in your body. It is highly nutrient healthy food diet that keeps feeling full for 2 3 hours this is the reason why is essential to lose weight?? .It is beneficial for body’s exterior as it flush out all the toxin and waste materials from our body because it is just like water. It promotes better digestion, glow our skin, clear the visibility. Juicy and crunchy cucumber makes the summer meal refreshing.

4. Garlic:

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I recommend Garlic as fourth best Healthiest food to lose weight. It is Natural and medicinal herb for maintain our health. The enhancing smell of crushed and chopped garlic adds the flavor to all type of dishes. It belongs to onion family. Garlic is one of the most prominent and versatile food on earth. People taking benefits over the years and today cloves of garlic are distinguished as health improving supplement. It has an ability to enhance body immune cell’s activity. It reduces heart problems because it has properties of antioxidant that help in the circulation of blood. Clove of garlic contains a chemical called “Allicin”. Allicin is an antibiotic that reacts with blood and kills the harmful bacteria. Garlic widely used to flatter the tummy lessens the cholesterol level.

3. Beans:

foods to Lose Weight list

The third one among the food list to lose fats is Beans. Beans are rich source of soluble fiber, low in sugar that helps to lower insulin levels so you can store a smaller amount of fat and also feel fuller for hours. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, beans may helps to diminish the cholesterol level specially LDL. A little bean is packet of Protein-rich. It has a range of low calories nutrients containing just 31 calories per cup. It can serve as side dishes, as a salad, stuffing and topping on pizza. You can use beans in the place of lunch while losing a weight instead of highly calories bread. Its rich protein and calcium stronger the body muscles and makes your body strengthens.

2. Leafy Greens:

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The second healthiest food to lose weight I suggest is Leafy Greens. Leafy Greens includes Kale, herbs, spinach and romaine lettuce are highly low calories among the food list to lose fats. Whenever there is a word Green in food it means that the food is enclosed with extremely high vitamins, minerals and fiber. As a regular rule you should plan to add leafy greens to your every meal as a salad. They are called “Disease fighter”. It is anti cancer food and keeps your skin beautifies. They are rich in fiber that helps to lose weight, helps to control your hunger. They contain a lot of water that keep your body hydrated. Spinach and kales are extremely calcium food that makes your body strong too.

1. Oats:

which is best food to Lose Weight

Which is the best food to lose weight?

Oats is one of the most top foods help to lose weight among all the healthiest foods. It is called “The World’s Healthiest Foods”. Oats is the well balanced diet, highly nutrient that is beneficial for your body that can help to lose weight. Oat is a dietary fiber that helps to lessen the blood cholesterol and lower the risk of heart attack. Some people think that not eating a breakfast can reduce the weight but it is the mistaken concept among all. Healthy breakfast is really very important to lose weight. Oats is the better way to expand strength and energy, one bowl of freshly cooked Oats at morning breakfast provide your body a slow process of weight lose. One can have a feeling of fuller with fewer calories for longer and so it may help in weight management. Latest research shows it can also help to remove Breast cancer.


You can make your lifestyle healthy, body shape slimmer, protect from diseases by using all above healthy foods help to lose weight. One have to plan everyday life to make your body fit. This article is written by Ayesha Batool.

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