which is best hair salon in Toronto

Top Ten Hair Salons in Toronto

This article is about leading and best hair salons of Toronto. There are lots and lots of hair salons just like any other thing but few of them are extremely good from services point of view. Here you can find information about top ten hair salons in Toronto. Have a look….

List of Top 10 hair salons in Toronto Ranking:

Sr. No Name Address & Phone Number
1 Evoke Salon 2245 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2B1, Canada
+1 416-482-4247
2 Civello Salon & SPA 887 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2H2, Canada
+1 416-924-9244
3 bob + Paige salon 239 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, Canada
+1 416-850-9719
4 Maya hair salon 635 Bloor W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K8, Canada
+1 416-588-1480
5 Kamiya Hairdressing 211 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1M4, Canada
+1 416-916-1868
6 Salon Escape 132 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R 1A6, Canada
+1 416-324-8080
7 Barberella 891 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1V9, Canada
+1 416-703-4398
8 Flaunt Boutique 260 Carlaw Ave #101b, Toronto, ON M4M, Canada
+1 416-469-4826
9 John Steinberg and Associates 585 King W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1, Canada
+1 416-506-0268
10 Parlour Salon 6 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Y7, Canada
+1 647-345-6663

10. Parlour Salon:

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Parlour Salon is first hair salon of Toronto that I would like to discuss and is tenth largest hair salon among all others of Toronto; Canada. It is no doubt one and entirely different of its own type, and gives its customers very friendly and warm environment and caters with full services. Parlour Salon is situated along the Vibrant U Street Corridor and is confidently said about this hair salon that it always makes your visit special by providing you with influential customer services and it provides ever best products to you. It gives you so many services ranging from normal hair cut of man and woman to beautifully coloring them and offers so many treatments as well. Some of the best and very well known products of this salon are Bumble & Bumble, Deva Curl, Oribe and Mixed Chicks.

9. John Steinberg and Associates:

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So next one enlisted in Toronto hair salons ranking is John Steinberg and Associates salon and in list it is ninth largest hair salon of Toronto; Canada. It was founded by John Steinberg in year 1991 and this salon promises very warm and comfortable atmosphere to its visitors. John Steinberg and Associates Salon’s primary mission is to treat every customer like a friend and tries to give you extremely friendly settings. And services that are offered by John Steinberg and Associates include different styles of haircuts, blow dry, coloring service and along with all this up-do service is also given. A complete address of this hair salon (John Steinberg and Associates) is 585 King Street West, Toronto; Ontario M5V 1M1.

8. Flaunt Boutique Hair Salon:

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Here comes another exciting hair parlor which is known as Flaunt Boutique Hair Salon and in ranking it is on eighth number which means it is eighth largest parlor of Toronto among all others.  This hair salon is situated in East Toronto and exact location is 260 Carlaw Avenue in heart of Leslieville, Toronto; Canada and was established in about 2007. Flaunt boutique is considered as one of the most chilled out and amazing salon and atmosphere or environment that is provided here is no doubt wonderful and absolutely great. And services that are given they are of high quality coloring, cutting and styling given in this part of Toronto is amazing. In Flaunt Boutique Hair Salon Range of women’s cutting varies from $37 to $100.

7. Barberella Hair Salon:

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Barberella Hair Parlor is next which I would like to discuss and is considered as seventh largest hairdresser in Toronto city; Canada. Barberella hair parlor’s exact location is 3277, Main street Dundas West, Toronto. Regular customers of this hair salon considered it as one of the good salon in Toronto and it is said that it is one of the most affordable hair salon. In Barberella charges on different services vary for example for women’s cut charges range from $39 to $75 according to cutting, for men’s cutting charges range from $29 to $60, for Root Touch up charge is more than $60 and for color all over charges that customer has to pay are more than $85, then for Foil Hi-lites these are above than $90, then for Balayage charge is approximately more than $120 and for other few treatments that are given in this salon charges are $30 then comes Blow-dry and styling for that charge is $40+.

6. Salon Escape:

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In the list of top ten hair salons in Toronto next parlor that comes is Salon Escape and is enlisted as sixth largest hairdresser in Toronto; Canada. Salon Escape’s complete address is 132 Cumberland St, Toronto; Canada. Salon Escape’s main vision and primary focus is well being of its customers all the time. Stylists working here focus on providing best look that suits customer and compliment him/her magically. And best, superior and very good services are provided here to clients and in a very good atmosphere. And all the employs of Salon Escape tries to keep update knowledge about their field and are extremely innovative, progressive and very committed. They evolve themselves with evolution and change in this ever changing world. Environment of this parlor is very influential as all the workers respect each other; they have very good communication with each other and above all are very honest and loyal to their job.

5. Kamiya Hairdressing:

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Next comes Kamiya Hairdressing in my list of top ten hair salons in Toronto and it is enlisted as fifth largest hair parlor in Toronto; Canada. Kamiya hairdressing is extremely Japanese style parlor and is present in downtown Toronto and its complete address is 211 Yonge Street Unit # 1G, Toronto, ON M5B 1M4. All the stylists of Hairdressing are Japanese experienced artist and uniqueness of this salon is maintained by updating everything like stylists update themselves, payment system is updated with change different updated techniques are always welcomed here. So client can enjoy latest techniques and trends in Kamiya Hairdressing no doubt. And parking is a big issue for any location and the best parking lot for Kamiya Hairdressing is Eaton Centre Mall Parking. Client can get internet access while taking haircut or any other service because free Wi-Fi service is available in the salon. And it remains open for seven days of the week and working hours here are 10am-8pm.

4. Maya Hair Salon:

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Maya Hair Salon is next in ranking of top ten hair salons in Toronto and is ranked as fourth largest hair salon. Maya parlor’s complete address is 635 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K8 Canada. Generally it is observed that being a trendsetter is quite difficult and daring as compare to being a trend follower. So in this Maya Hair Salon can be confidently declared as daring one reason is that Maya Salon is unique in its own way it never follows trends actually it set trends for others yes haircuts are created here according to client’s personality and such cut is given that compliments client’s personality. And in this way features and total lifestyle of client is enhanced by uniqueness. Primary motive of this salon is to be in list of top salons and for that sake beautiful and magical blend of education + talent is found here in this parlor.

3. Bob + Paige Salon:

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Next comes bob + Paige hair salon that is among top hair salons in Toronto and it is enlisted as third largest salon according to ranking. A complete address for bob + Paige salon is 239 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON M4K 1N2 Greek town Riverdale and it is owned by Frank Calandrino and Violet Volovyk. And when we talk about specialties of any salon then bob + Paige salon is popular and is great in all the things related to hairs like cutting that is the first and foremost thing I guess, then hair coloring, in blow-dry, highlights and in extensions. Perfection in all these things is enough to make it a great and top salon of Toronto.

2. Civello Salon & SPA:

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Civello Salon and SPA is next under discussion hairdresser and it is enlisted as second largest among top ten hair salons in Toronto and complete address or we can say exact location of this salon is 145 Lakeshore Rd. E. Oakville, ON L6 J 1H3. Civello Salon and SPA was established in 1996. When comes discussion about specialties’ or special services that are given to clients in salons then this salon is special in cutting & styling, coloring, blow-dry, extensions, botanical hair & scalp therapy, up style and in Aveda sensory rituals and bridal.  Aveda is basically much more than products and experience it is actually a “lifestyle”.  It was formed in 1978 it is no doubt environmental leader and is expert in forming products via organic and natural derivatives and artificiality is avoided. This is without any exaggeration Canada’s best and leading salon that is full services. Here you can find urban regeneration from chaos.

1. Evoke Salon:

which is best hair salon in Toronto

Which one is the top leading hair salon in Toronto?

Evoke salon is of course number one among all the other salons in Toronto and it is present in two most trendiest locations of the city and is bench mark in creating new revolutions in hair industry by its highly experienced, innovative stylists and by wonderful hair care products that are used here. Stylists and experts of Evoke Salon always keep themselves update and they strive for better education and try to keep themselves aware of ever changing demands of clients and surroundings. Evoke Salon basic motive was to generate salon environment and to avoid class distinctions and all that stuff. And now it is proved that Evoke Salon is on top position just because t has attained its basic goals and never steps back from its motive. Price range in this salon also varies according to services.


This was all about top ten hair salons in Toronto and I am sure you will get something interesting and knowledgeable in this article. Enjoy reading it….

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