number one Gold Mining Companies in the world

Top Ten Gold Mining Companies in the world

Mining is a procedure of removal of minerals from grounds. Gold mining is such a process in which mining of gold from ground is taken place. There are lots of techniques or processes of extraction from ground. It is not exactly known about the history of mining but it is believed that Varna Necropolis; Bulgaria is the first place from where oldest most gold artifacts were present.

If someone is looking for top ten gold mining companies then this article is an effort to overcome their curiosity of knowing best gold mines. In this article explanation of top ten mining companies is given. I hope it will be fruitful enough for you.

Sr. No. Name Countries
1 Goldcorp Canada
2 Barrick Canada
3 Newmont Mining United States Of America
4 Polyus Russia
5 Newcrest Mining Australia
6 Yamana Canada
7 Kinross Canada
8 AngloGold Ashanti Johannesburg, Australia, Accra, New York and London
9 Gold Fields South Africa
10 Eldorado Canada

10. Eldorado Gold:

Gold Mining Companies in the world

Eldorado Gold is a mining company which is in stream of world largest gold mines companies. Eldorado is actually Canadian based mine which is intermediate gold mine company with assets in Greece, China, Romania, Turkey and Brazil. This mining company has seven mines under its ownership and has lots of developing projects. It owns an experience of 20 years in operating and handling mines internationally. Its headquarters are in Vancouver, It employs about 7,000 people and 18 offices are managed worldwide. It believes in decentralization it means it is decentralized unit because it has a policy of employing residents of that country where its offices are present. It trades on two stock exchanges; Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.

9. Gold Fields:

best Gold Mining Companies

Gold Fields is next in my list of top ten gold mining companies. It is a public sector; South African based Company and is considered as one of best mine worldwide. It is enlisted in both stock exchanges; Johannesburg Stock Exchange as well as New York Stock Exchange. This firm was initiated in 1998 as a result of business merger of Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd and Gencor Ltd. Its headquarter is in Johannesburg; South Africa. Its range is widespread starts from South Africa to Australia and believes in a policy of extraction of gold from any country.

8. AngloGold Ashanti:

top Gold Mining Companies

AngloGold Ashanti is a worldwide known gold mining company and next in my list of top 10 gold mining companies in the world. This company came into stream in about 2004 by the collaboration of AngloGold and Ashanti Goldfields Corporation and that’s why it is named as AngloGold Ashanti. AngloGold Ashanti is a worldwide gold producing firm with about 21 operations and on about four continents. This mining company is enlisted in Johannesburg, Australia, Accra, New York and London stock exchanges along with Brussels and Paris bourses. 4.98 million ounces of gold was produced in 2008 from AngloGold Ashanti’s operations and this is almost 7% of the globally produced gold in that time period. Unfortunately, in 2009 company production dropped from 4.98 to 4.6 million ounces.

7. Kinross Gold:

Gold Mining Companies of the world

Kinross Gold is another best and leading gold mining company around the globe. It is a public sector, Canadian based gold mining firm which owns so many projects and mines which are spread in different areas of the world like Canada, Chile, United States, Russia, Mauritania, Brazil and Ghana. This Corporation came into existence after merging of three different companies in 1993.  In the beginning it owned mines in Nevada and British Columbia. Then it keeps on owning so many other mines, in current situation it has a credit of owning nine working gold mines on four continents.

6. Yamana Gold:

top Gold Mining Companies in the world

Yamana Gold Corporation is another public sector, Canadian based gold mining company. It was initiated in 2003 and it produces gold, it also focuses on developing properties and exploration properties of gold.  It owes a land in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. It has added so many mining properties in 2005, 2006 and 2007 with purchasing of other gold mining firms like Desert Sun, Northern Orion, Viceroy, Meridian Gold and RNC. The portfolio of this mining company is all about seven active mines named as Jacobina, Chapada, Minera, EI Penon, Florida, Gualcamayo, Fazenda along with 12.5 % indirect share in Alumbrera mine and so many projects near developing stages along with discovering properties in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina etc.

5. Newcrest Mining:

Gold Mining Companies

Newcrest Mining Ltd is next in list of top ten Gold mining companies in the world. It is public sector firm which is headquartered in Australia and is involve in mining, discovering, developing, production and selling of gold as well as copper concentrates. Newcrest Mining Company is worldwide known and one of the most leading firms of Australia. It has its operation worldwide expanded like Indonesia. It was initiated in 1980 in Victoria. Its gold and copper production operations within Australia are at Telfer, Cracow and Cadia whereas in Indonesia it is at Gosowong. Areas which were considered for exploration in past by Newcrest Mining are Asia, Europe and America.

4. Polyus Gold:

top rated Gold Mining Companies

Next mining company is my list of top ten is Polyus Gold Corporation. It is public sector Russian based, internationally renowned producing firm. It is in list of top ten because of ounces it produced.  The company’s leading operations are allocated in Russia’s most fruitful and abundant gold mining areas in Eastern Siberia and Far East. Its portfolio includes 5 operating mines, so many developmental projects and alluvial operations as well. It is enlisted in London Stock Exchange and is one of the largest producing firms probably listed in London stock exchange. Apart from this, this Company GDRs are traded in United States.

3. Newmont Mining Corporation:

top three Gold Mining Companies in the world

Newmont Mining Corporation is public sector United States based gold mining company and is known as one of the most leading firm which is internationally recognized. It is considered as the largest producers company with operating mines in Indonesia, New Zealand, Peru, Nevada and Ghana. It has holding of mines namely; Santa Fe Gold, Normandy Mining, Fronteer Gold, Battle Mountain Gold and Franco Nevada corp. It is also involve in joint ventures activities. It has employers and contractors worldwide approximately 34,000. Apart from this other metals which Newmont mining company mines are silver and copper. It came into stream line in 1916 and William Boyce Thompson is most leading and dominating figure relevant to Newmont Mining Company.

2.  Barrick Gold:

top 10 Gold Mining Companies in the world

Barrick Gold is second largest gold mining company which is based in Toronto, Ontario; Canada and has four regional units which are in Australia, South America, Africa and North America. At present time Barrick gold mining company has its different projects in Canada, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic, Peru, Russia, United States, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa and Tanzania. In 2008 Barrick Company produced about 7.7 million ounces.  Barrick Company owned major shares of Placer Dome on about 20 Jan, 2006. Joint venture relationships of Barrick moved it to the position where it is now. It is ranked as one of the leading most gold mining company around the globe.

1. Gold Corp:

number one Gold Mining Companies in the world

Gold Corp is last but not the least in list of top ten gold mining companies in the world. It is considered as the largest mining firm among all others gold mines in the world. It is public sector, based in Vancouver; Canada. This Company came into stream in 1954 and it is estimated that it employs 16,000 people within and beyond Canada. It is involve in mining, extraction, processing, and exploration and reclamation activities. This company portfolio includes five mines in Canada where it is based, three mines in Mexico and two mines in Central and Southern America.

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