Evil Women of Human History

Top Ten Evil Women of Human History

This article has the list of those women who have set the history of brutality in the world. A woman is known as a soft natured creature. Women are considered more soft-hearted than men. A woman is always regarded as the symbol of love, affection and softness. There are many women in the world who have worked for the mankind like Mother Teresa, etc. These women got respect from the whole world and have given the world a respectful and soft image of women. Every year world’s women day is also celebrated to give honour to women of the world. In spite of all these good and respectable women, there are many other women in the history who have set the example of cruelty for the mankind. These women are famous for their evil and deadly deeds. These women have also ruined the others life and disturbed the nations with their evil attitude. These women have changed the soft image of world women into evil women. Such women are famous for the killing of many people in the world. These women were authoritative and by using their authority they had killed and abused many people. This article has the list of top ten famous evil women in the world. These women are most evil in the history. Here is the list of these famous evil women.

10. Isabella of Castile

List of Top Ten Evil Women of Human History

She was from Spain and Queen of Castile. She was born in 1451. She along with her husband set the example of massive brutality in Spain against Muslims and Jews. Her husband name was Ferdinand II of Aragon. They also supported Christopher Columbus on his journey towards the invention of America. Isabelle appointed an Inquisitor to forcefully conversion of Jews and Muslims or to exile them from the Spain. Isabelle and her husband Ferdinand decided to unite the Spain by removing Muslims and Jews from it. Isabelle was given the title of Beatification by the church and was regarded as the Servant of God. She united the Spain at the cost of many people that’s why known as the evil woman in the history.

9. Beverley Allitt

Top Ten Evil Women of Human History

She is also known as the Angel of Death. She was the serial killer of 13 kids in a hospital. She was a Paediatric Nurse in a hospital and started killing kids under her care. She used the Insulin and potassium injections to kill the kids. She killed 8 children and injured 5 children. She never told the reason she started killing these kids. She was sentenced to death for 13 times by the court. She was a psychologically retarded person who had some personalities issues in which patient starts killing people under his/her care.

8. Belle Gunness

Top Ten Evil Women of History

She was a very cruel woman in the history of America. She killed her two husbands and her all children. She did it at different times. She was a strong and beautiful woman. She was 6 feet tall and used to seduce many men just for money. She killed her many boyfriends and other lovers who showed interest in her. She did this just because of money and getting insurance claims. Her greed motivated her to kill more than 20 people. All of these people were her close ones like her two daughters Lucy and Myrtle. She was a strong and powerful lady from the notable Norwegian Decent of America.

7. Myra Hindley

Top 10 Evil Women of Human History

She was born in 1942 in Manchester. She was the guilty of killing 5 small kids after their rape and torture. She used to rape children. She also raped three children that were less than 12 years old. Along with these small kids, she raped two teenagers who were 16 and 17 years old. She used to record the tape while doing rape. She was very arrogant and non-serious girl. In the court, she just accepted the murder of three children and rape of many. She was sent to jail for life and died in jail in the year 2002. She audiotaped that she used to record during rapes caused the biggest proof of her crime.

6. Marry Queen 1 of England

List of Top 10 Evil Women of Human History

She was the only child of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She was the only survivor of her family. All other family member died of a disease. She became queen in 1553 and remained queen until her death. She killed many Protestants. Many Protestants who use to express openly their views were killed. Almost 800 Protestants left the England to save their lives. She wanted to make the England a place for Catholics. She was a double-faced woman who used to favour Protestants in public but ordered to kill many Protestants. She is also known as Bloody Marry.

5. Ilse Koch

Top Five Evil Women of Human History

She was from Germany and one of the famous Nazi’s women. Her husband was the commandant of camps at Buchenwald. She was arrogant and used the authority of her husband in a wrong way. She used to drink heavily and seduce others. She took the tattoos of many inmates. She did suicide in prison and died in the year 1967. She uses to enjoy the torture of prisoners.

4. Irma Grese

Top 5 Evil Women of Human History

She is famous Bitch of Belsen. She was the commandant at the camps of Nazi’s in Auschwitz. She was cruel and brutal. She was the in charge of many female prisoners. She used to torture them physically and mentally. She enjoyed her job very much and never took mercy on any girl. She had half starved dogs for the physical torture of female prisoners. She was also notorious for the sexual abuses to 80000 Jewish prisoners. She is also remembered as Beast of Beauty. She was ordered to be sentenced to death by the English court at the age of 22 years.

3. Mary Ann Cotton

Top Three Evil Women of Human History

This English woman was the first serial killer of England. She was married at the age of twenty, but her four out of five kids died of stomach diseases. Later on her husband died of the intestine disorder. After then she was given 35-pound dividends by the British Government. Her second husband and three more kids also died of stomach disorders. Later on it was discovered that she was the killer of her all family members. She was given a slow death by the English court. She was given a drop of clean execution by the hangman for a slow death.

2. Katherine Knight

Top 3 Evil Women of Human History

She is the second most evil woman on our list. She was a personality disorder person. She used to hurt her husband in different ways. She smashed the denture of her ex-husband and left him latterly. She cut the neck of an 8-week old puppy of her second husband. Her anger was out of control for anyone. Her boyfriend Thomas Price filed a suit against her for harassing him. She stabbed price 37 times and then cut his different body parts and after then put his buttocks on a stove. She prepared the meal from his buttocks and wrote a vindictive note for his children. She was the first Australian woman who was ordered by a court to sent prison for whole life.

1. Elizabeth Bathory

Evil Women of Human History

Elizabeth Bathory was the most famous serial killer in the Hungarian History. She was the killer of more than hundred of girls. She used to invite poor girls at her castle for more money. But these girls were never seen after they went to the castle. She used to kill them ruthlessly. She mutilated their hands and face. She used to beat them to death. She also burnt many girls. King Mathias II was informed about her cruel deeds. He sent a man for collecting evidence from her castle. She was a powerful lady so was not brought to the prison but house arrested until her death.

List of Evil Women of Human History

Sr.No. Names
1 Elizabeth Bathory
2 Katherine Knight
3 Marry Ann Cotton
4 Irma Grese
5 Ilse Koch
6 Marry Queen 1 of England
7 Myra Hindley
8 Belle Gunness
9 Beverley Allitt
10 Isabelle of Castile


This article has mentioned the brutality of a evilest woman in the world. These women handle the killing of many people. Women are always loved for their loving nature and kind heart. But all these women changed the way to thinking. These women killed people in a most miserable way and never took pity on killing people. These women never regretted their deeds and most of them sent to prison and sentenced to death for their evil deeds.


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