which is best engineering school in the philippines

Top Ten Engineering Schools in Philippines

All parents around the world are keen to improve the education of their children. They struggle hard to find such an institution that is capable of providing quality education to there offspring.  The decision is hard to take at time when your kid has done his workings with high school and its time for him to adopt a certain profession, it’s like graduating. If you are in search of such schools or universities that provide quality disciplines in engineering field than we have made it quite easy for you. Here is the sorting of top ten engineering schools in Philippines where you will find the provision of  most standardized education on conceptual and creative way. This article is designed to help such parents in finding out the most appropriate college/university for engineering. So here is a review of top ten engineering universities in Philippines. Go ahead and be the first to choose the best institute for your child.
Although there are many institutions prevailing over all in Philippines in private and government sector but there are a few one that are ranked top either due to there high class education, creativity and conceptualized studies.

Sr. No. List of Best Engineering Schools in the Philippines Contact Information
1 University of the Philippines – Diliman Quezon City 1101,Metro Manila, Diliman
Phone: (02) 928 7078
2 New Era University No. 9 Central Avenue, New Era, Quezon City, 1107
Phone: (02) 981 4221
3 Mapua Institute of Technology 333 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave, Makati City 1200
Phone: (02) 891 0827
4 University of San Carlos Cebu City 6000
Contact No. (032) 253 7193
5 Technological Institute of the Philippines P. Casal, Maynila
Ph: (02) 933 7117
6 University of the Philippines – Los Banos Jose R Velasco Ave, Los Baños 4031,Laguna
Ph: (049) 536 2928
7 Saint Louis University A. Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Philippines 2600
Contact Number: (063) 74 444 8246 to 48
8 Silliman University Hibbard Avenue, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, 6200
Contact No. +63.35.422.6002
9 Philippine Normal University Ayala Blvd, Maynila
Telefex: (034)493-0126
10 Polytechnic University of the Philippines Santa Mesa, Maynila
Ph: (02) 713 0345

10. Polytechnic University of the Philippines :

engineering school in the philippines

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is the institution securing number 10 in our top ten ranking for the best engineering institution in Philippine. PUP Polytechnic University of the Philippines is unquestionably one of the finest performing schools which present engineering in the Philippines. It even manufactures plank top notches and best in superiority engineers. It is thought that the PUP has the quality in teaching engineering and it has stumpy guidance but highest in eminence. This is one of the finest institution that propose engineering lessons because this school turns out quality engineers in spite of the stumpy budget of the University.

9. Philippine Normal University:

best engineering school in the philippines

The Philippine Normal University is the institution securing number 9 in our top ten ranking for the best engineering university in Philippine. The Philippine Normal University is a public research institution in Manila, Philippines. The Philippine Normal University was established during the early on days of the American regulation. Pursuant to Republic Act No. 9647, it is now subsidized and activated as a National Center for Teacher Education in the whole country. It is a renowned university as a national university. Graduates from the university are very well-confident and excellent in their knowledge and expertise.

8 Silliman University:

engineering school in the philippines list

The next school in our ranking for the top ten engineering university is Silliman University. This institution is considered as the best institution for providing excellent education with standardized teaching techniques. It has an excellent faculty with conceptual ways to make students learn. The College of Engineering and Design, which is affiliated with Silliman University, is the best and well-known institution enduring great atmosphere. Silliman is one of the acknowledged instruct when it comes to engineering!

7. Saint Louis University:

engineering universities in the philippines

Saint Louis University is the institution securing number 7 in our top ten ranking for the best engineering colleges in Philippine. Saint Louis University is a private institution and is having co-educational system of education. It is situated in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It was established back in the year1818. This school is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. It is said to be the best institution for it is best in conducting research.

6. University of the Philippines – Los Banos:

engineering schools in the philippines

The next Engineering School in the list securing sixth number is University Of The Philippines which is situated at Los Baños. When we talk about the Civil Engineering education no other school has sustained a 12-year time period for securing 100 percent passing rate in the board examination. Although we have a very small number of alumnae but we have improved excellence than any engineering school in the country. The major positive point for this institution is its Consistent high passing rate while graduating for engineering.

5. Technological Institute of the Philippines:

engineering colleges in the philippines

The Technological Institute is one of the greatest institutes for engineering and which is why it is ranked at 5th position in our ranking. The Technological Institute of the Philippines is also a private institute along with the feature of being non-sectarian higher education institution too. TIP, which is the short form for The Technological Institute Quezon City has a credit for being awarded with the Autonomous Status, the maximum possible honor for the advanced education institution. It offers disciplines with well educated faculty.

4. University of San Carlos:

engineering university in the philippines

One of the greatest Engineering colleges for engineering is University of San Carlos. In our ranking we have placed this institution at 4th position due to its excellence in education and quality disciplines being provided. Although it is a private Engineering academy and is a catholic one in the city of Cebu and more interesting fact is that it is supervised and administered by the SDW named as Society of Divine Word since 1935. It proposes a Montessori preparatory academy, vital Education, 80 Undergraduate programs along with the 85 Graduate programs, with an expansive continuum of educational disciplines in the course of its 8 college which are affiliated with it.

3. Mapua Institute of Technology:

top engineering school in the philippines

The next college in the list securing third number is very well-known institution named as Mapua Institute of technology. The greatest approach to determine the excellence in education for any school is to be acquainted with how their alumni perform in the engineering. Surrounded by all the schools in the Philippines, mainly globally well-known Filipino engineers are graduates of Mapua Institute of Technology. The most famous is the Dado Banatao – the Bill Gates of the Philippines. He is the inventor of the microchip which is one of the strong reasons why the Internet came into being. The graduates of the Mapua are scattered transversely the globe.
Mapúa is outstanding when it comes to manufacturing or in engineering field. Once you’re in you will actually acknowledge the hardships to the acute, math in here will make you go passionate and by the end you will comprehend that it’s all value it.

2. New Era University:

engineering school in the philippines

The ranking conducted by our site for the parents is proceeding, for next we have the 2nd most superb college for engineering field. As it is a difficult decision to take on but our efforts are there to make it easy for parents and students to chose a quality institute for themselves. The next institution in excellence is New Era University, although it is a private institute in Philippines and is run by Iglesia ni Cristo. It is the best school in Philippines that is graduation thousands of students yearly. The best part of the school is that it is the largest school in country and in Asia which is non- catholic. The main campus is in New Era located at Central Avenue No.9., Quezon City. It has number of branches over all in Philippine.

University of the Philippines – Diliman:

which is best engineering school in the philippines

Which is best  engineering school in the Philippines?

The school ranked at 1st position in our ranking is University of Philippines-Diliman. It is considered as the best school in Philippines for engineering field. The graduates of the school are confident and have professionalism as an attitude. In term of construction of campus the institute is adorable and building is large, open and well constructed. The building captures aesthetic beauty within it. In terms of education the institute deserves to be first in ranking again. It offers disciplines with well educated faculty. They build their students to confront professionally to the universities of world.
It is unmatched to any other engineering college or school in the Philippines in condition of excellence of education. Lecturers are very fine and well-known and well-recognized in their profession. When it comes to information, facts and figures then the UP is the finest of all and is a exceedingly ranked institution for the Philippines even when compared at o international level, so over all UP is the best institution.


Here was our review for the top ten finest engineering schools of Philippines. So when it comes to find the best engineering schools in Philippines hopefully this site will help you out in your decision for a quality education for you or your child  because it is the matter of your child’s future. Stay connected for more!!

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