List of Top Ten Dirtiest Countries in the World

This article has the list of 10 countries that are considered as dirtiest countries in the world. These countries are so polluted that you wouldn’t want to be there for long.

With so much pollution in the air, it is literally unhealthy to live in these countries even when you’ve a healthy lifestyle. Reminder: pollution is injurious to health.

These air polluted countries are known as unhealthy countries for living. World Health Organization has issued the list of these polluted countries. Air pollution in the world has increased a lot in few years. The main reason for this air dirtiness is the smoking, dirt and mold. Smoke emission from cars and another transport is also make causes of air pollution.  These countries don’t pay attention to the air dirtiness caused by their industries. Industries here are the major reason of air dirtiness in these countries. Air impurity in these countries is examined by the scales P.M2.5 and P.M10. P.M2.5 is known as the best way to examine health effects from air impurity. P.M2.5 checks the air impurity within 2.5 micrometers. This article has ranked 10 countries that are most air polluted in the world. These countries governments are also responsible for the air impurity. These governments are not paying attention towards the healthy conditions of their people. Their people are suffering from various diseases due to dirtiness. Eyes and skin are the most infected parts due to the air impurity. By breathing in these countries, respiratory systems of human beings are also infecting and causing dangerous diseases. Here is the list of these 10 dirtiest countries.

10. Bahrain


Top Ten Dirtiest Countries in the World

Bahrain is an Islamic state. This state has faced many economic and political crises in last 3 to 4 years. Bahrain is among high-income countries with lots of employment opportunities. People from different countries come here in search of employment. The state is rich in oil reserves. These oil reserves have led the state to have many industries. These industries are also a main reason of air impurity here.  Air impurity is about 57 ug/m3 on average P.M2.5.  Dust is also causing pollution in Bahrain. Bahrain is not much populated. According to the census, there are 1.3 million people in the state. Still this state is facing air impurity just because of energy production.

9. India

Top Ten Dirtiest Countries in the World


India is going to the industrialization quickly. The country is also among most populated countries of the world. It is on 3rd number according to population. India is also not much developed. Some of its areas are among world most backward areas. India is facing serious conditions of air pollution.  India is on the way to development. This development is costing much to India in a shape of air pollution. New Dehli is its most polluted city that has sixty times higher pollution than the safe level of dirtiness. Level of air pollution in India is on averaged P.M2.5 is 59 ug/m3.

8. United Arab Emirates


World Top Ten Dirties Countries in the World

UAE is among the richest countries of the world. The country is facing air impurity due to the oil and gas industries. The country is rich in oil and gas reserves. Due to these reserves many other countries have also opened industries in UAE. UAE government is now using many ways to reduce the impurity in the country. Dubai has introduced the Car Free Day to reduce air pollution. Here the pollution level is Average P.M2.5 61ug/m3. UAE is the 8th dirtiest country in the world.

7. Mongolia


World Top Ten Dirties Countries in the World

Mongolia is a small country. The country is also not much populated. The total population is about 2.5 million. The country has to face adverse cold weather during winters. Weather goes to about minus 40 in winters. Due to this severe weather condition coal consumption is very high. Coal is burnt to get heat. It is the main reason of air pollution in the Mongolia. Average P.M2.5 shows 64ug/m3. Mongolia is the 7th country in the world that is facing dirtiness.

6. Egypt


List of Top 10 Dirties Countries in the World

Egypt is polluted due to the increasing number of cars and industries. Smoke emission from these cars and industries is polluting the country. The country is facing serious pollution effects. It’s city Cairo has the 20 times higher pollution level than the safe level of pollution. This high pollution level is a bit healthy for the people according to the report of WHO. The country is using coal and wood as energy; this is also the main reason of dirtiness in Egypt. Its pollution level is 74ug/m3 on average P.M2.5.

5. Iran


Top Five Dirties Countries in the World
Amao Haji, most probably the dirtiest person living in planet

Iran is an Asian country. The country is famous due to the political affair with USA. Pollution in Iran is mainly due to the political instability. The politically weak country is not paying attention to reducing pollution. It is the reason that its 4 cities are counted among top ten polluted countries of the world. Iran is polluted because of using the standard gasoline. Average P.M2.5 shows the level of 76ug/m3 pollution.

4. Bangladesh


Top 5 Dirties Countries in the World

Bangladesh is developing country. Country is small but highly populated. The population is not much literate. It is the reason of pollution because people are not aware of the reasons for pollution. So, unknowingly they are spreading pollution in the country. Bangladesh is the 4th polluted country in the world. Its 3 cities are among 25th most polluted countries of the world.  Its pollution level is 79ug/m3 on average P.M2.5.

3. Afghanistan



Top Three Dirties Countries in the World

Afghanistan is also known as the most dangerous country in the world. The country is facing war since 2001. America has started a war in the country after the incident of 9/11. The country is also most unstable economies of the world and included in the list of highest birth rate countries. The country is facing pollution because a population is poor and mostly burn plastic as fuel.  The country is surrounded by high mountains; this is also a reason of pollution. According to an estimate, 3000 people are dying because of air pollution in a year in its just one city Kabul. Afghanistan has 84ug/m3 pollution level on P.M2.5.

2. Qatar


Top 3 Dirties Countries in the World

Qatar is rich in oil reserves. Qatar is a developed country. Its Qatar airline is the world best airline. It is the major reason of air impurity here. Country’s busy air traffic has made it 2nd most air-polluted country. Qatar has only 2 million populations. The still country is the 2nd dirtiest country in world. On P.M2.5 scale, its air pollution level is 93ug/m3.

1. Pakistan


Most Dirty Country in the World

Pakistan is the most polluted country in the world. The country is facing many problems like political instability, poverty, illiteracy, economic instability and high rate of population. All these reason have made it the most populated country in the world. Its people are facing serious diseases in this country. Almost 80000 people go to the hospitals every year due to this pollution. Kids under 5 years of age are most affected by the air pollution. There are almost 5 million kids that are affected by low respiratory system disease. Pollution level on Average P.M2.5 is 101ug/m3.

List of Dirtiest Countries in the World:

Sr.No. Names
1 Pakistan
2 Qatar
3 Afghanistan
4 Bangladesh
5 Iran
6 Egypt
7 Mongolia
8 United Arab Emirates
9 India
10 Bahrain


This article has ranked countries according to the air impurity. The list has both developed and developing countries. Developed countries like UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain are polluted because of high consumption in oil and gas. These developed countries have industries that are causing air impurity in the countries. Their government should take measures to decrease dirtiness in the countries. Developing countries are mostly hot by the air impurity. Here the unhealthy lifestyle of people is increasing air impurity. People in these countries are not much literate to take measures for reducing pollution.

Source of this information is World Health Organization



  1. Hi! I am from Pakistan and I don’t think so that this listing is accurate. Pakistan ranked to the most beautiful countries so why it is at top of dirtiest countries? If you haven’t seen the bright side of this country, you don’t have any right to place Pakistan at the top of dirtiest countries’ list.

  2. I’m so surprised the country’s whose capital is world’s most beautiful capital. Could how be stood at top in polluted countries. Strange ????

  3. fake report…
    Pakistan is an agricultural country not an industrial… only some of the cities are industrialized, while others(almost 80% of Pakistan) have no means of pollution… and u r saying that.. Pak is more polluted than any other industrial country.. u must be joking..
    Such a racist..
    the one who has written this report is definitely an anti-asian :p lol

    1. yes… im with you.. the one who has written this report,, is racist! he might be not just an anti-asian but anti-muslim as he/she mentioned “Bahrain is an Islamic state” why did he/she need to mentioned it? he/she are sucks af!

  4. The person who created this list writes in retarded English, and thinks the extremely large country of Mongolia ‘is small’… tells you everything about this list.
    Also what happened to China, the worlds most populous country with a huge number of carbon emission’s coming from industry and gas powered cars – they had to ban driving for a whole month just for the Beijing olympics!
    Daft list not accurate at all.

  5. Woww.. how come india has #9 rank. where it was ranked by many other sources as most polluted country in the world.

  6. india is one of the dirtiest country then pakistan they had did’nt no the brightnes of pakistan .because they are fake animals

  7. Lol…. Where is africa…… I thought african countries will be added as most…………….
    Author need to washout his head and rank again…………….

  8. It looked to be a fake report, I don’t think Pakistan is a dirtiest countries. Look go to Sawat, Kaghan, Naran. I think you’ve not seen them.

  9. it is the most appropriate list which I ever had seen.rank of pak. is correct but india shouulllll at rank 4/5…
    i am an indian yet i am preferring me country more dirtier bcz it is so. l wanna fair ranking

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