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Top Ten Countries with Water Shortage in the World – Water Risk Places

World is hurtling toward a future with diminishing water resources and the news is all gloom and doom. The number of lives threatened is incredible and the available solutions limited. Water shortage already affects every continent and approximately 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. Water insufficiency is an abstract concept to many and a harsh reality for others. The main factors include numerous environmental, political, social and economical forces. According to the United Nations, the use of water has grown at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century. With a growing population, stable and abundant water supplies are becoming increasingly difficult to come by on a warming planet. And according to new report, 37 countries in the world already face “extremely high” levels of water shortage. Below is list of countries affected by water crisis.

10. Syria:

water crisis countries

Syria is at 10th place which is including in Countries at Risk of Water Shortages. The Syrian opposition named as ‘Slamist militants’ have cut off the water supply to most parts of the city of Aleppo by targeting pumping stations. The city has now been pushed into abject misery, as the government and NGOs take part to find alternative sources. After two pumping stations were shut down, More than two million people have been affected by the resulting water shortage. Water has stopped flowing not only into government-held areas but into almost every corner of Syria’s largest city, which is currently divided in two spheres of control.

9. Turkmenistan:

Water Shortage countries

Turkmenistan is at 9th among countries with water crises. According to some specialists, the country ‘Turkmenistan’ is headed for a serious water shortage by 2020 barring aggressive action. According to a 2010 study by the British consultancy Maplecroft, Turkmenistan, more than half desert, is the ninth most water-insecure country in the world. Turkmenistan is at “extreme risk” of instability as a result of poor access to clean water by Yale Environment 360.

8. Egypt:

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Egypt faces risk of drinking water shortage because of Nile pollution. The level of pollution in the Nile climbed which requires halting the drinking water from stations that supply many areas of Egyptian cities because the Nile water no longer meet up cleanliness standards. Increases in pollution are often caused by the Nile’s low water level. There are various Cases of mass poisoning have appeared in various areas as a result of polluted drinking water. Even though each time there is a different reason, the irrigation minister is the one who is often held responsible for the water pollution. The government of Egypt has even been sued for the pollution of drinking water coming from plants that withdraw water from the Nile.

7. Pakistan:

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Pakistan is one of the countries which now a day’s facing severe shortage of water. There are two main reasons of water crises, one natural due to prolong drought which is beyond the control of a man, and the other due to the gross carelessness in the development and mis-management of water resources. Average annual inflow of the Indus and its tributaries is 41.67 maf, and 97% of which is used in agriculture and the remaining 3% for domestic and Industrial use. Out of 141.67 maf, about 106 maf is annually diverted in to one of the largest but in-efficient irrigation system. The remaining 36 maf goes into the sea vacant and this is a total loss. Out of 106 maf, unfocused into an extensive irrigation network, more than 50% is lost during the changeling and the field application before it reaches the crop root zone. Pakistan ranked among the top ten nations facing possible unrest as a result of water shortages.

6. Uzbekistan:

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Uzbekistan is ranked among the top countries affected by water crisis. Water issues have always been important in Uzbekistan. The problem of water shortages has been there in the country for a long time; however, farmers estimate shortages as catastrophic in 2008. At present, 90 percent of the republic’s water resources are used for irrigation. In spite of this reason, Uzbek authorities seem unwilling to address the problem properly. This outlook of authority probably will change soon, as wheat crops and cotton already endure massive losses. The possible consequences of the existing situation could be as extreme as hunger in the whole republic. In addition, the two upstream states of Central Asia Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have substantially cut the flow of water to Uzbekistan, and blaming low water levels.

5. Iraq:

top water shortage countries

Iraq is a country encounter the problem of water crises. Only 32 percent of the Iraqi population has access to clean drinking water and just 19 percent has access to a good sewage system, according to the Ministry of Water Resources. Helpless groups, such as internally displaced people (IDPs), have had no option but to drink from rivers. The water shortage is a real problem in some parts of Iraq mainly in the part of desert. But the existing networks have also undergone from lack of maintenance or by being destroyed during the war. In areas of Baghdad, clean water is insufficient. Doctors say they are seeing more and more cases of diarrhea and much other disease. For ordinary citizens having to put up with violent behavior, displacement and poverty, polluted water is compounding their desperate situation.

4. Niger:

top 5 water shirtage countries list

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. From the last few years, drought cycles and desertification have produced major food crises. In 2005 a drought and locust infestation led to food and water shortages for up to 2.5 million people from Niger. The shortage of water have overwhelming effects on the livelihoods of local populations, constantly slow down their capacity to secure income for survival.
Migrant population’s livelihoods are threatened by the shortage of clean, drinkable water, a lack of plant life, and the lessening in millet production. Migrant herders can no longer rely on lakes, which often dry out, for their domestic animals. As a result, herding requires extensive travel since grass has become gradually more inadequate. In order for herding to remain a sustainable livelihood, wells are needed. Lack of potable water has gradually increased the dependency of local populations on water wells.

3. Sudan:

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Sudan faces ecological disaster like water scarcity and desertification. The demand for water in Sudan increases day by day, but its availability to inhabitants frequently remains low. The Sudanese are at high possibility for contracting waterborne diseases. There were 476 deaths caused by diarrhea in just five months and with Cholera-causing bacterium present in stool samples in 2006. The Darfur region had 3753 reported cases of hepatitis E from May to August 2004. Infected drinking water may also cause Dracunculiasis, or Guinea Worm Disease. In fact three out of five cases of Guinea Worm Disease come from Sudan. Often open water sources, such as standing ponds, are common means of transferring diseases in villages causing infected viruses.

2. Mauritania:

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Water supplies are running out in the capital of Mauritania named Nouakchott, the desert, where it rains on average six days each year. The old underground lake that supplies the city is steadily decrease. The government builds a pipeline to bring fresh water from the Senegal river 200 km to the south, or a desalinization plant to filter drinking water from the nearby Atlantic Ocean, its taps will ultimately run dry.
Since mid-2011, cross the region as a whole more than 18 million people face a food crisis in the wake of erratic weather that has brought appalling harvests and worsening water shortages. Now Mauritania is additionally suffering an occurrence of cholera. The situation is only worsening as this year’s rainy season sets in with heavy deluge, while clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarcer. This will complex the already deepen drought, which is considered to be the country’s worst for 15 years, this situation become heavily polluted with wells drying up and water flows being abstracted from reservoirs. No development can ever be made against a waterborne disease like cholera without access to clean potable water.

1. Somalia:

top ten water shortage countries

Which Country has Water Shortage?

Somalia is being a water scarce war-ravaged country suffering from all types of water scarcities. In one hand, Somalia is located in a tremendous water scarce area, where most of the accessible water resources exist in rivers shared with neighboring countries and demand for water is increasing due to the urban and population growth. Somalia is water deficient country, not only easily available water resources, both also the human and financial resources to build up institutions and water infrastructures that are badly needed.

List of World Water Crisis Countries:

Sr. No. Country Name Continent
1 Somalia Africa
2 Mauritania Africa
3 Sudan Africa
4 Niger Africa
5 Iraq Asia
6 Uzbekistan Asia
7 Pakistan Asia
8 Egypt Asia
9 Turkmenistan Asia
10 Syria Asia


Above all is the list of water crises countries, government should take very serious steps in other to save water reservoir to save lives affected by the dead full diseases.

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