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Top Ten Countries List with Lowest Birth Rate

In this article I will tell you about the countries which have lowest birth rate. These countries have rule and regulation to control birth rate. Their Government has made laws to keep birth rate at lowest. Due to lowest population these countries have made success in the world. In world mostly underdeveloped countries have highest birth rate. When a country wants to make success, first they control their fertility ratio. Kids need better education, food and other facilities. It is possible if parents have low birth ratio. Top ten countries with lowest birth rate are economically strong. These countries have resources to fulfill the demands of the people. Their people enjoy better health, education and employment. Below is the top ten countries list with lowest birth rate.

10 San Marino:

countries with low birth rate

San Marino’s people are mostly Sanmarinese and Italian. Their official language is also Italian. Its recent average fertility rate is 8.7 births/1000 populations. Its total average population is thirty two thousand and five hundred. Its death rate is 7.6 per 1000 people. Its people are mostly related to farming. It is the 10th lowest birth rate country in the world. Its unemployment rate is known as lowest in the entire Europe. It has strong and stable economy due to its lowest birth ratio. It is one of the richest countries of the world according to GDP.  Its total area is 61.2 kilometers square.

09. Taiwan:

list of lowest birth rate countries

It is in China. It is located in East Asia. Taiwan has average fertility ratio of 8.55 births/1000 populations. It is also known as 16th most populated country of world according to density. Its official language is Mandarin. According to census 2013, its total average population was 23,345. Its death rate is 6.7 per 1000 people. It is the 9th country of world with lowest birth rate.

08. Slovenia:

low birth rate countries

It is in Europe. Slovenia has lowest population density in Europe. This country also has highest suicide rate in Europe. Its average population consists of 2059 per 1000 people. According to year 2012, it has 13.4% people from age 0 to 14. It has 69.8 people from age 15 to 64. Its remaining 16.8% people are above 65 years. Its people are mostly Italian, Slovene and Hungarians. Slovenia is the world 8th country with lowest birth rate. Its average birth ratio is 8.48 births/1000 populations. Its total estimated population in 2014 was 2,061,085. Its a highly educated country. It is also a reason of its low fertility ratio.

07. Andorra:

lowest birth rate

Andorra is located in South-western Europe. Andorra is the 7th country which has lowest birth ratio. Its average population is 76,246 people. Its death rate is 4 per 1000 people. According to July 2014, its total population was 85,458. Andorra’s people average mid age is 42.4 years. It’s mostly people are 25 to 54 years old. Its birth ratio according to 2014 estimation is 8.48 births/1000 populations. It’s mostly people are French and Spanish. Andorra is the 6th smallest country of Europe. Andorra is a beautiful country to visit. Tourism is the most famous business of this country.

06. Germany:

top ten lowest birth rate countries

Germany is situated in Western central Europe. Its total population according to census 31st December 2013 was almost 80,767,000. It has 8.42 births/1000 populations. Its death rate is 11.29 people per 1000 population. Its 66.1% people are from 15 to 64 years. Germany is known as 6th lowest fertility rate country in the world. Germany is technologically very strong. Its lowest birth ratio is also a reason of its success. Its educated mother does not like to have big family. Its 48% highest educated mothers have 2 kids. Its national language is German. Germany is politically and economically stable country.

05. South Korea:

lowest birth rate countries

South Korea mostly people have migrated from China and Japan. It got independence in 1948. Its birth ratio is 8.26 births per 1000 populations. It is the 5th lowest fertility rate country. In 1980 its government introduced many methods to keep birth rate at lowest level. Free birth control devices were given to mothers. Special subsidies were given to those parents who agreed to have low fertility rate. Country also refused to give discount to those parents who have three or more children. It’s mostly women are educated and doing jobs. It is the main reason of low birth rate. South Korean government has played an important role in reducing the birth ratio of country. South Korea is now known as technologically advance country.

04. Singapore:

low birth ratio

Singapore’s population mostly consists of Chinese people. Singapore is a very beautiful country. It is the 4th lowest fertility ratio country of the world. Its average population is 5399 people. Its only 14.3% people are from age 25 to 34 years. Its average fertility ratio is 8.1 birth /1000 populations. It shows only 8 children are born in 1000 people. Its average death rate is 4.5 people per 1000 according to 2011 census. Singapore highest birth rate was 42.5% in 1957. After then government introduced birth control programs in country.  Singapore got success after controlling its pregnancy ratio. Its fertility rate is 1.19 in 2013.

03. Japan:

top ten low birth rate countries

Japan is situated in Asia. It is known as technologically most advance country of the world. Japan has also introduced birth control measures in the country. By controlling birth control Japan has controlled many other problems of country. Its two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit by nuclear bombs in 1945. Its birth ratio according to estimation of 2014 is 8.07 births per 1000 populations. It is thirty seventh most populated country according to density. Its average population is 128,058 according to 2010. Its 63.7% people are 15 to 65 years old. Its average death rate according to 2014 is 10 people per 1000 people. Japan is known as third lowest fertility rate country.

02. Saint Pierre and Miquelon:

top ten countries list with lowest birth rate

It is a French country. Its official language is also French. Main occupation of the population is fishing. Its fertility ratio is very low. It is ranked as world 2nd lowest birth rate country. Its fertility ratio estimation is 7.7 births per 1000 populations. It’s a beautiful Island. Its total population is 6080 people according to census 2011. Its pregnancy ratio is low because its total population rate is also low. Its population growth ratio is -0.7%. Its expected death ratio is 6.81 per 1000 persons. Its total 99% population is literate. Its 2.4% people have 0 to 14 years age. It’s mostly adults go abroad for their higher education.

01. Monaco:

Which country has lowest birth rate in the world?

which country has lowest birth rate

Monaco is in Western Europe. Its total population is just 36,371. It is known as the 2nd smallest country in the world. Its fertility ratio is the lowest in the world. It is ranked as number 1 among lowest pregnancy rate countries. Its average birth ratio estimation is 6.72 births per 1000 populations. It’s a very small country. So, its defense is managed by France. It is economically strong. It implies no tax on its population. It’s mostly people belong to 15 to 65 years age group. Its death ratio is 8.52 deaths/1000 people. Its only 12.3% people have 0 to 15 years age.

Birth rate Information is taken from the world factbook,

Sr. No. Name Births/1,000 Population (2014)
1 Monaco 6.72
2 Saint Pierre and Miquelon 7.7
3 Japan 8.07
4 Singapore 8.1
5 South Korea 8.26
6 Germany 8.42
7 Andorra 8.48
8 Slovenia 8.54
9 Taiwan 8.55
10 San Marino 8.7


In the above article top 10 lowest fertility ratio countries of the world has been ranked. This article shows that mostly countries are from Europe. It tells that European mothers don’t like to have more kids. They are educated mothers. They are also doing jobs in different organization. So, to manage big families is not possible for them. Low birth ratio countries are also economically stable. These countries have made many birth control programs. Many countries are providing special discounts to those parents who have controlled their family. This article also tells with an increase in education among female birth rate tends to decrease.

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