List of Top Ten Cheapest Places to Travel

List of Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

You can see here a List of Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel in the world with their names and location. Traveling is an amazing activity. Through travelling, you can visit different places. You can meet different people. And you can also learn about the cultures of different places. Travelling refreshes mind. It provides new zeal and zest to do something. World is full of beautiful places. These places are full of nature. Some countries like America, Japan, etc. attract millions of people every year. These countries earn billions through tourism. In this article, I have listed the top ten cheapest places to travel in Europe. This article has information for those people who love to do travelling. Through this article, you will come to know how to save money in travelling. These places are known as budgeted places of the world. These places provide enjoyment for people on low cost. These places have beautiful beaches, shopping centres, and natural scenes. Below is the list of top 10 cheapest places to travel in the world.

10. Algarve, Portugal:

List of Top Ten Cheapest Places to Travel

Algarve is known as the third richest place of the Portugal. Algarve is full of beautiful beach scenes. Algarve has a natural beauty. It provides tasty seafood for the people. It is rich in production of sea foods. In a summer, it attracts many people from America. It is said that Algarve entertains almost 7 million people every year. Its peak season is summer holidays when its population becomes triple due to tourists. It provides low-cost traveling opportunities to tourists. Its hotels provide less than $50 per night apartments for rent. Algarve is known as 10th cheapest place of the world for traveling.

9. Kansas City, MO:

Top Ten Cheapest Places to Travel

Kansas City is situated in America. It is also best known for its soccer team. Kansas has many places that attract people. Its best thing is it’s Barbeque and Steaks. People from different places in the world come here only to enjoy its tasty food. Its Barbeque is the best in the world. It also provides people world’s best casinos like Harrah Entertainment. It also includes many other amazing places like Country Club Plaza, Westport, Worlds of Fun and Negro League Baseball Museum. Kansas also provides low-cost travelling spots to the people. Kansas has also attracted many directors for the shooting of their movies.

8. Taipei, Taiwan:

Best Ten Cheapest Places to Travel

Taipei is the best travelling place for the people of Asia. Taipei people have a different type of culture which attracts many tourists every year. City is full of Buddhism culture. It’s National Palace Museum provides a rich history of China. It’s shopping spots are the cheapest in the world. Its hotels provide low-cost Chinese food for people. It provides country every year billions due to tourism. Its people are friendly. They welcome tourists warmly. It attracts almost 8 million visitors every year. Taipei is one of the world tallest buildings. It consists of 101 floors. National Theatre and Concert Hall is famous for hosting events for foreign and local performers. Taipei is the world 8th cheapest place for travelling.

7. Providence, RI:

Top 10 Cheapest Places in the World

Providence is the capital of RI (Rhode Island). It is known as the an oldest city of United States of America. Due to this it is full of American culture. It attracts visitors who have artistic minds. This city is rich in art. It provides cheap hotel facilities to visitors. It is providing per night $99 rental room facilities to many visitors every year. Country has many beautiful parks including Water-place Park, etc. It is the 7th budgeted visiting place of the world. Providence is now focused on re-branding itself for its art communities.  Art lovers have much attraction in this city. In fact, it is the city of art.

6. Nicaragua:

Lis of Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. It attracts those travellers who love to do adventure. This city is full of Volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls. It is not a developed country. It is also the poorest country in America. It Is the reason it is less expensive. It provides visitors low-cost travelling spots. It can also enjoy its visitors with hiking, swimming and climbing. It provides visitors with fresh seafood. Its streets also give different types of low-cost food. It is the 6th cheapest travelling place of the world. According to news reports main attraction for Nicaragua visitors is sea beaches and culture of a city. Income from tourism has risen to 300% in past few years.

5. African Safari Destinations:

Top Five Cheapest Places to Travel

Africa is good adventurous country. It has deserts that attract many visitors every year. It is providing low cost travelling places of the world. It is said that it can entertain a person in almost $900 for a week visit. In this amount, a tourist can enjoy African food and many places along with hotel rents. Namibia Safari is an African place that attracts many photographers. Due to its beautiful natural scenes it has become dream place for photographers. Uganda Safari is rich with mountain gorillas. World’s almost 50% mountain gorillas live there. Ebola virus has stopped tourist activities this year in western Africa.

4. Reno, Tahoe, NV:

Top Five Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

Reno is the city of United states of Nevada. It is known as biggest little city of the world. This city is famous for its casinos. Reno provides accommodation to visitors on less than $100 per day. It is 4th cheapest country of the world for visitors. It has beautiful resorts that attract many visitors. Its climate is moderating which allows people for lots of outdoor fun. Climbing, Hiking and fly fishing are the best activities of people in Reno. Many films have been filmed in this city. Films like The Wizard, Kill me again, Hard Eight and Diamonds, etc. have been made in Reno. Snowboarding is the famous sport of Reno, which attracts many visitors every year.

3. Quito, Ecuador:

Top Three Cheapest Places to Travel

Ecuador is the heart of beautiful Islands. Quito is the capital of Ecuador. It is not expensive to visit this beautiful place. It provides tasty and cheap food for visitors. It’s some places provide hotel facilities at less than $40 per night. It is the 3rd budgeted place of the world for travelling. It has beautiful natural scenes that attract tourists. Every year many people come here to see the beauty of Islands. Fishing and boating are famous activities of the visitors who visit this city.

2. Nassau Bahamas:

Top Three Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

Nassau is the largest city of Bahamas. It is also the capital of Bahamas. Its most famous place is Paradise Island. It is the most favourite place of visitors. It has many casinos and resorts that attract visitors. It’s very affordable to visit this city. It provides hotel facilities at cheaper rates to attract more visitors. Tourism has become a industry in Nassau. Junkanoos is the city’s famous festival. It is celebrated on 26 December and 1st January. It attracts many visitors during Junkanoos. It is the 2nd cheapest place for traveling. Now city is focused on opening new resorts and SLS LUX hotels for visitors.

1. Fiji:

Top Cheapest Place to Travel

Every year many visitors go to Fiji. Its most popular places are Nadi, Coral Coast and Mamanuca Islands. Many people from America, Australia and New Zealand come here for spending vacations. Fiji has beautiful resorts and sandy beaches. These are centre of attraction for many visitors. More budgeted resorts have been opened in Fiji to attract many visitors. Fiji is famous for providing honeymoon packages to couples. It attracts many newly married couples to visit its beautiful places. Its romantic natural scenes are famous among honeymoon visitors.

Top Ten Cheapest Places to Travel in the world:
Sr.No Names Location
1 Fiji Fiji
2 Nassau Bahamas Capital of Bahamas
3 Quito, Ecuador Capital of Ecuador
4 Reno, Tahoe, NV City of United States of Nevada
5 African Safari Destinations Africa
6 Nicaragua Central America
7 Providence, RI Capital of Rhode Island
8 Taipei, Taiwan Asia
9 Kansas City, MO America
10 Algarve , Portugal Portugal

In this article, you will come to know about many beautiful places of the world. These places attract millions of visitors every year. Tourism has become the industry in these places. To attract more and more people, these places are providing cheap and low-cost facilities. These countries earn billions every year through tourism. This article will provide information to those who are interested in visiting different places of the world. This article will guide them to spend their money more carefully.


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