Top 3 Best Wrestling Movies of all Time

Top Ten Best Wrestling Movies of All Times

This article is about wrestling movies on wrestling. Wrestling is a famous game, especially in America and Europe. In wrestling two or more people fight with each other to win. It is a combat game, in which different types of techniques are used to win the game. In fighting another person is controlled by using techniques like throws, take downs, grapping and holding. Fighting techniques are also used in martial arts and army. It is an old game and had been playing by different ancient countries like Greece, etc. It was an important part of Ancient Olympic Games. In those times, wrestling was seemed to be very brutal and ruthless because there was a lack of proper rule and regulations in wrestling. But still wrestling was done to amuse the people. It gave rise to amateur wrestlers. Amateur wrestlers can be found in large numbers in America. Now freestyle wrestling is very famous and played by both men and women. Not only men but women are also now taking part in professional wrestling games like UWW, WWE, and WWF. Wrestlers like Undertaker, John Siena, Shane Michel, Randi Orton and Roman Reigns are worldwide famous. These wrestlers have strong bodies and muscles. This article has the list of all time top wrestling movies in the world. Wrestling is seen with great eager by all age groups. Many movies have been made on wrestlers. Here is the list of all top ten best wrestling movies.

10. Paradise Alley

Best Wrestling Movies of All Times

This movie is written and directed by the Sylvester Stallone. He also acted in this movie. It is the story of three brothers Victor, Cosmo, and Lenny. Victor was youngest among all and became the local wrestler on the advice of his brother Cosmo. Cosmo encourages Victor to become a wrestler because there is big money in this game. Lenny stopped Victor to do so, but Victor wanted to fulfill the wishes of his girlfriend, so he didn’t listen to his brother Lenny. Later, Cosmo also felt the guilty that he didn’t give good advice to his brother Victor because he was badly hurt in fighting. In the end, Victor becomes a great wrestler by winning a big fighting match.

9. No Hold Barred

Top Ten Best Wrestling Movies of all Time

This movie was made by starring the famous wrestler Hulk Hogan. This movie was made by the WWF for boosting the career of Hulk Hogan as an actor. The story of the movie is also all about the Hulk Hogan, who played the role of Rip in the movie. In this film, Rip was a WWF champion and offered a lot of bribes by the head of a television actor. Rip rejected the offer and after then Brell the head of a television network becomes his enemy. He hired a beautiful girl to spy the activities of Rip and to seduce him. But she fell in love with Rip. Rip was offered a wrestling match by another wrestler Zeus. Rip accepted the offer because they all badly hit his brother. At the end of the story Brell and Zeus Kidnapped Rip’s girlfriend and blackmailed him to lose the match otherwise they will kill his girlfriend. At the end of the movie, Rip won the match while watching his girlfriend in the match.

8. Over the Top

Top Ten Good Wrestling Movies of all Time

In this film, main role of Lincoln Hawk is played by the actor Sylvester Stallone. Hawk is a trucker and arm wrestler. Hawk did love marriage with the daughter of a wealthy man named Jason Cutler. His wife said him to pick his son from his military school because she wants them to know each other. Hawk had left his son and wife ten years ago.  Meanwhile, his wife died in hospital and Hawk went for a World Armwrestling Championship to get money and raise his life standard. At the end of the movie, he won the fight and his son impressed by his father.

7. Ready to Rumble

Top 10 Best Wrestling Movies of all Time

It is a comedy film released on 2002. Brain Robbins was its director and Steven Brill was the writer of the film. The story of the film is about two friends who are great fans of fighting. They used to watch World Championship Wrestling. One day they came to know that World Championship Fighting is now going to start in their city. So, they decided to watch their favorite wrestler Jimmy King. In the whole film, they supported and encouraged Jimmy King to fight this championship.

6. Win Win

List of Top 10 Best Wrestling Movies of all Time

This movie was released in 2011; it is a comedy film. In this film, Mike is a wrestling coach and has a wrestling club. His wrestling club is a losing club and couldn’t win any match. Mike decided to look after an old man in an exchange of money. The court allowed him to look after the old man named Leo at his home for $1500 per month. Leo’s grandson Kyle is a good wrestler and started playing for Mike’s wrestling school.

5. Reversal

Top Five Best Wrestling Movies of all Time

It was a small budget movie released in 2001 but got hit due to its inspirational topic about wrestlers. The story of the film is about a young wrestler who wants to become a great wrestler. He started wrestling under the coaching of his father. Hi, father motivates him continuously to become a wrestler and in the end he becomes a champion. This movie got appreciation from many wrestlers like Kurt Angel, etc.

4. Foxcatcher

Top 5 Best Wrestling Movies of all Time

This movie is based on the true story of the Olympics gold medalist wrestler Mark Schultz and his brother David. Both Mark Schultz and David were called by the Firm Foxcatcher to train the world wrestling champions for the Olympics.  This movie is all about the politics involved in games like Olympics, etc. The movie was the greatest hit of its times and got many awards like Golden Globe Award and Academy Awards.  This film is released on 19 may, 2014.

3. Beyond the Mat

Top Three Best Wrestling Movies of all Time

It is a documentary that is based on the lives of wrestlers. This documentary shows the personal lives of wrestlers. The documentary was made by taking three different kinds of wrestlers. One of which is on his peak of career Mick Foley, it tells the motivational source of the wrestler and his life during his peak time. Other two wrestlers Terry Funk was taken as a retiring wrestler and Jake as a declining wrestler. This documentary was liked by all fans of wrestling.

2. The Wrestler

Top 3 Best Wrestling Movies of all Time

The Wrestler is the story of an old wrestler Randy, who was a champion of his time in 1980’s. Now he is working in a supermarket where his manager always makes fun of his wrestling career. Hi, a manager used to remind him that his wrestling career was of no use. Randy arranges a wrestling with his great opponent Ayatollah. He did this to earn his lost fame and success. He won the battle successfully and got fame again among the public. This movie got awards like Golden Globe, and the actor Mickey Rourke got Academy Award for best actor. It is the 2nd best movie ever made on wrestling.

1. Vision Quest

Best Wrestling Movie of all Time

It is the best wrestling movie of all times. In this movie, a boy named Louden is in a high school. He is a wrestler at his school. In his wish to do something extraordinary, he invited the best high school wrestler Brain Shute to have a wrestle with him. He has to lose his weight for this championship that causes a health problem in him. Meanwhile, he fell in love with a girl who takes him away from his wrestling goals. At the end of the movie, Louden gets over all the hurdles and won the championship.

List of Best Wrestling Movies of All Times

Sr.No. Names Releasing Year
1 Vision Quest 1985
2 The Wrestler 2008
3 Beyond the Mat 1999
4 Foxcatcher 2014
5 Reversal 2001
6 Win Win 2011
7 Ready to Rumble 2000
8 Over the Top 1987
9 No Hold Barred 1989
10 Paradise Alley 1978


This article has taken the ranking of wrestling movies. It is full of fun for the wrestling lovers. Through it wrestling fans can come to know about the best wrestling movies. Wrestling is watched and played all over in the world. It is a famous game among young boys. But this game needs more rule and regulations to make it a peaceful game. We should teach our kids to don’t try it at home. This article has taken all the information about the wrestling. Many films on wrestling have been made and in future many more will be made.


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