Top 3 Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

Top Ten Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

Milkshake is a delicious sweet food. These are usually served with the regular meal. Milkshakes are mostly served in hot weathers because these are very cold like as people use best soft drinks. Milkshakes are made with ice cream and milk, along with this different flavours are also added like banana, mango, caramel and strawberry. Milkshakes are liked by everyone in the world. These are full of energy almost 140 calories. Chocolate shakes are also made by all restaurants that are mostly liked by the kids. Milkshakes are made in a shake machine and after shaking the milk fruits and flavours are added. After then milkshakes are served in a glass that is beautifully decorated with ice cream and different toppings. Milkshakes are made by different methods like Dairy Queen Restaurant makes milkshakes by blending soft serve ice cream with different soft serve ice cream. This article has the list of top ten best milkshake restaurants of the world. In United Kingdom milkshakes are known as Frap. Milkshakes are also served with different other things like cookies, chocolates, etc. In summer season demand of all types of milkshakes arises. So, to cope with this increasing demand different restaurants start using automated milkshakes machines. These milkshake machines not only shake the milk and other ingredients but also freeze the milkshakes. Here is the list of world top ten best milkshake serving restaurants of the world.

10. Red Robin

List of Top Ten Best Milkshakes restaurants in the World

Red Robin is a famous dining restaurant. Red Robin is famous for serving different types of milkshakes after the regular food. They have also added a restaurant that only serves burgers. It was a good addition to the Red Robin food chains. Red Robin offers its customers Red Royalty. Red Royalty is a newly introduced service for some of its golden customers who are also offered many discount offers or using this. Their Red Royalty service was charged with the security complaints because users need to give their mobile phone numbers to get access to their account.

9. Johnny Rockets

Top Ten Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

Johnny Rocket was formed in 1986. It is one of the oldest fast food restaurants of America. Johnny Rocket was initially engaged in the dining services. When American moved towards fast food, then restaurant added the fast food services in its menu. Their staffs remain very friendly and hospitable. A smile is drawn with ketchup on the paper plate for its customers. Johnny Rocket gives a pretty good range of milkshakes in its menu. Its milkshakes are very famous especially Asian warm countries China, India and Pakistan. Its Hamburgers are their special identity.

8. Burger King

Top Ten Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

You can find this fast food restaurant everywhere in the world. It was established in 1953 in Florida. Burger King’s signature food is whopper sandwich. As its name describes restaurant is well known for making burgers. Burger King makes world best milkshakes. Their chocolate shake is very delicious and sweet. Their milkshakes are made with automated machines. They also presents premade shakes. In summer season when ice shakes demand increases then they usually make premade shakes. Famous things on its menu are Fries, Burgers, Whoppers and Shakes. Its 80% revenue comes from its abroad franchises.

7. Hardees’s

Top 10 Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

Hardees started its operation in 1960. Its menu includes milkshakes, fries and burgers. It is also opened in many other countries like Pakistan and Middle East countries. Most successful operations are being conducted in Pakistan where people consider best to spend their spare time with Hardees food. Its shakes are also famous in Middle East countries because these countries have warm weather conditions. Hardee’s shakes are very famous among kids because Hardees is giving Smurf and other cartoons drawn on its products. Hardees’s is ranked as the sixth biggest fast food chain in the United States of America.

6. Arby’s

List of Top 10 Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

Arby’s is famous sandwich chain in United States. It gives a large range of sandwiches. It is also crowned for introducing new types of sandwiches to the world. Milkshakes along with sandwiches are also famous. After a Arby’s sandwich you must try its milkshakes that are very creamy, and iced. Its shakes are made according to the customers’ requirements about sweetness, ice cream and flavour. Shakes are well decorated and topping is done to add more sweetness to the shakes. Arby’s is working internationally only in four countries Dubai, Qatar, Canada and Turkey.

5. McDonald’s

Top Five Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the world. McDonald’s was started in 1940 as a barbeque restaurant. Initially, it was only barbeque that pleased its customers. After then many other items were also included in its menu. Desserts, milkshakes, burgers, salads, breakfast have extended the menu. McDonald’s promised to serve 160 million people every day with its operations in 119 countries of the world. Its shakes are made in automatic machines and after then serves in glasses. As the restaurant always crowded by the people so premade shakes are also used. McDonald’s faced many difficulties in India for its beef burger. Now it has added McVege in its menu. McDonald’s is the 5th best milkshake restaurant of the world.

4. Chick-fil-A

Top 5 Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

This restaurant was established in 1946. It is specialised in providing the chicken sandwich services. It’s chicken sandwiches are very delicious and fat-free. It is the first restaurant to give fat-free food. It is also promised to raise its chicken without antibiotics so its chicken sandwiches are very healthy. This restaurant is also providing good quality in its milkshakes. Its milkshakes are made with pure milk that is taken from its farms. They give healthy ingredients in their all types of foods that’s why Chick-fill-A has become the 4th best milkshake provider in the world. People trust its quality.

3. Wendy’s

Top Three Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

It is the 3rd best milkshake restaurant. It is also the 3rd biggest fast food chain in the world. It is founded in 1958 in United States of America. Its 85% franchises are also working in North America. Wendy’s is famous for its sandwiches and burgers. It also gives milkshakes in its breakfast menu. People who come for breakfast must try its milkshakes. Its milkshakes are classy and look aesthetic. Wendy’s have square Hamburger Patties as their signature dish.

2. Steak ‘n shake

Top 3 Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

As its name describes, it has two things in its menu steaks and milkshakes. Other drinks are also given but these two items are most prominent of all and well describe its menu. Its shakes are the world 2nd best shakes. It has a wide range of shakes like chocolate, mango, banana, strawberry, Carmel and many of other types. There are many new varieties of shakes are also discovered in this restaurant. It was formed in 1934 in Indiana perhaps the oldest milkshake restaurant.

1. Dairy Queen

Best Milkshake Restaurant in the World

Dairy Queen was formed in 1940. It gives many foods on its menu but most famous of all are its soft serve ice creams and milkshakes. Its milkshakes along with ice cream are very tasty and cold. These are the best food in the summer season for the youngsters. Dairy Queen is giving shakes along with candy, cookies and chocolates.

List Of Top Ten Best Milkshakes Restaurants in the World

Sr.No. Names Founder
1 Dairy Queen John Fremont McCullough
2 Steak ‘n shake Gus Belt
3 Wendy’s John T. Schuessler/Dave
4 Chick-fil-A S. Truett Cathy
5 McDonald’s Ray Kroc
6 Arby’s Leroy Raffel/Forrest Raffel
7 Hardees Wilber Hardee
8 Burger King David Edgerton/James McLamore
9 Johnny Rockets Ronn Teitelbaum
10 Red Robin Gerry Kingen


Milkshakes are drunk in every corner of the world. These are mostly served for breakfast or as desserts. In many countries, milkshakes are also served as snacks. Now milkshakes are totally changed than before. Now restaurants have experts for making milkshakes who spend much time on the decoration of the milkshakes. Decoration of the shakes adds beauty and taste to the shakes. This article tells you the best milkshake restaurants that can fill your stomach with taste and sweetness.


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