Best Logo of NBA Teams

Top Ten Best Logos of NBA Teams

NBA is National Basketball Association. It is the most famous basketball association in the world. It has 30 clubs that are registered with it. 29 out of these clubs are from America and one is from Canada. NBA is men professional basketball club it was established in 1946 with the name of Basketball Association of America (BAA). It adopted its name NBA in 1949 after entering into a contract with its biggest competitor National Basketball League (NBL). This club has the world most famous basketball players and its sportspersons are the highly paid players in the world. This article has the list of NBA’s teams that have best logos and famous for its unique logos. In 1946, it was started with just 11 teams. The team is divided into further three teams, All-NBA Teams, All-Defensive Teams and All-Rookie Teams. Different awards are given every year to the best performers like Best Coach of the Year Award and Most Valuable Player Award etc. Larry O Brien Trophy is given to the final winner of the NBA finals. Its headquarters are situated in New York, USA. NBA teams are famous for their creative logos that have been winning the hearts of fans throughout the world. NBA is mainly focused on improving the team logos to make these logos more attractive and presentable. For designing sports logos, they are working hard. Here is the list of top ten best NBA team Logos.

10. Golden State Warriors

List of Top Ten Best Logos of NBA Teams

Golden State Warrior was established in 1946 with the name Philadelphia Warriors in Philadelphia. After 1963, it changed its name to San Francisco Warriors. In 1971 team established its headquarters in Oakland, California and till now its name is Golden State Warriors. Golden State name is representing the California. Its logo has two colours golden and blue. Its logo has very bright and eye-catching colours. Its logo has also been changed since its formation. 1946 to 1962 its logo was of a blue colour that consists of a cartoon and basketball. It changed its last logo in 2010. Till 2010, it has changed 4 logos. Golden State is the first NBA Champion team.

9. Portland Trail Blazers

Top Ten Best Logos of NBA Teams

As its name is showing this team is from Portland. It was formed in 1970 and entered with NBA in the same year. The team is commonly known as Blazers. Portland Trail Blazers has won three final championships in NBA. Its logo is of silver and red colour that consists of the classic pinwheel. Logo is changed for many times but its classic red and silver colour pinwheel remains the same. The Last time logo is changed in the 2002-2003 session. It is also among best NBA teams logos. Team colours are red, silver, black and white.

8. Denver Nuggets

Top Ten Logos of NBA Teams

Denver Nuggets is a famous and well-known basketball team. The team is formed in 1967 and joined NBA in 1976. Its first name was Denver Larks and after then the team changed its name to Denver Rockets. Its new name Denver Nuggets was changed in 1974. From 1967 to 1974 in its logo a rocket was shown playing basketball. Its current logo was first introduced in 1993 since 1993 Denver Nuggets is using this logo but its colours were changed in 2003. Its new colours are white, golden, royal blue and powder blue. It has the 8th best logo of NBA teams.

7. Memphis Grizzlies

Top 10 Best Logos of NBA Teams

Memphis Grizzlies was formed in British Columbia with the name Vancouver Grizzlies. It was formed in 1995; in 2001 it changed its location and transferred to Memphis. SO, since 2001 it is registered with the name Memphis Grizzlies. Its logo is of blue colour in which there is a blue lion with golden eyes. It is using this trademark since 1995 just the name was changed in a logo in 2001. It is one of the coolest basketball team logos. At home, it plays under the FedEx forum. Robert Pera is the owner of this team.

6. Dallas Mavericks

List of Top 10 Best Logos of NBA Teams

Dallas Mavericks is a men’s professional basketball team that is based in Dallas, Texas. In 2015, Forbes magazine has ranked this basketball team as a tenth most valuable basketball team in The USA. Dallas Maverick old trademark was used from 1980 to 2001; it was designed by a famous Texas graphic professional Patrick B. Stark. Its new trademark was designed in 2001; this logo is of a blue, white and black colour and a horse is also drawn to it. Dallas Maverick is the winner of three division titles. Its team colours are white, black, silver, blue, silver and navy. It was formed in 1980.

5. Miami Heat

Top Five Best Logos of NBA Teams

Miami Heat was founded in 1988. Its headquarters are in Miami Florida. It is the winner of three leagues. This league plays under the supervision of American Airline Arena. Red and yellow colour Fire is its logo. Its logo is reshaped for three times but the heat is always been on there. Heat is its special sign that also represents its name. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are The Big 3 players of the Miami Heat. Its logo is very famous among sports team logos. Erik Spoelstra is the current head coach of the team.

4. Toronto Raptors

Top 5 Best Logos of NBA Teams

It is the only Canadian basketball team in NBA. It is established in 1995 and plays for Air Canada Centre in its hometown. Dwane Casey is the current head coach of Toronto Raptors. Its logo has gone through different stages since 1995. Its current logo was introduced in 2005. Its first alternate logo was a basketball with three claws on it and it remained alternative logo from 1995 to 2006. Its original logo has a cartoon of Dinosaur playing basketball. It remained its logo since 2015 with just little changes of colour.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

Top Three Best Logos of NBA Teams

It was previously known as T- Wolves or just Wolves. In 1989, it was founded in Minnesota. Its logo has a wolf that looks furious in the logo. Its current logo was designed in 2008. Team colours are green, blue, black, silver and white. All these colours can also be seen in its logo. Minnesota Timberwolves is the 3rd coolest basketball team logos. Its player Kevin Love is the fifth Timberwolves to be the All Time Player of NBA.

2. Boston Celtics

Top 3 Best Logos of NBA Teams

Boston Celtics is one of the oldest basketball teams of the NBA. It was founded in 1946 and it has a record of playing final NBA championship for 12 times. It is NBA’s very successful team. Its head coach is Brad Stevens. It has many famous players of the basketball history like Rajon Rondo. It is very famous for its logo. Its logo has a cartoon that has a stick in one hand and basketball in another hand. Green, white, brown, black and gold can be seen in its logo. Boston Celtics is the 2nd best NBA team that is famous for its logo.

1. Chicago Bulls

Best Logo of NBA Teams

Chicago Bull has the best NBA team logo. Its logo has a bull and consists of red, white and black colour. It is the 3rd most valuable basketball team in America according to Forbes. It has many records in NBA like the only team that has won 70 games in a single session. It is 6 times champion of NBA. Its most famous player is Michel Jordan; he has also won the title of Most Valuable Player of NBA. Its logo is very famous and used by many people during matches to support the team.

List of Best Logos of NBA Teams

Sr.No. Names Head Coach
1 Chicago Bulls Fred Hoiberg
2 Boston Celtics Brad Stevens
3 Minnesota Timberwolves Flip Saunders
4 Toronto Raptors Dwane Casey
5 Miami Heat Erik Spoelstra
6 Dallas Mavericks Rick Carlisle
7 Memphis Grizzlies David Joerger
8 Denver Nuggets Michael Malone
9 Portland Trail Blazers Terry Stotts
10 Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr


This article has the list of best basketball logos. These all ten teams belong to the NBA that is basketball association of America. These teams have cool and creative logos that have copyrights and cannot be copied by any other team or company in the world. Their logos are their identity and to design these logos they work hard. Different graphic professionals are hired to design the logos and it is the desire of every team to have the best logo. It is the reason that they keep on changing their logo year after years.


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