Best Laptop Brand in the World

List of Top Ten Best Laptop Brands 2015 in the World

This article is full of information for those who want to purchase a new laptop. Laptops have created ease in the lives of all professional persons. Along with the professional persons laptops are also facilitating the students. You don’t need to sit in one place while working on the computer. Now, you can take your whole PC anywhere with you. Laptops are same as computers. The only difference between laptop and computer is that you can take the laptop everywhere with you. So, now you can work easily in office on your laptop. Laptops have revolutionized the world of I.T. They have become the need of every person. Now no one can imagine a professional life without having a laptop. Office going people think that without their notebooks they cannot work effectively. So, this article will tell you about the top 10 best laptop brands of the world. Through this article, you will be able to know that which company can fulfill your all needs through a laptop. Apple products are considered best in the world. Along with the apple here is also the list of rest 9 brands that are offering best notebooks of the world. In many countries now different companies are offering free notebooks to the students to help them in their education. Following is the list of top 10 best laptop brands 2015 in the world.

10. Acer

Top Ten Best Laptop Brands 2015

Acer products although are not much innovating but still represents good quality. Its keyboard and touch-pads are so much convenient that can provide you best results. Its sound system is also a prominent feature in it. Its sounds are not so high you can adjust the sound, according to your will. Acer give you the feature of Acer’s cloud app and BYOC (Build your cloud). These two features are unique and got much fame for the company. Acer products are very stylish and good looking. These are made up of aluminum and glass. Its prices are also reasonable.

9. Toshiba

Top Ten Laptop Brands in the World

This company has lost its 7th position in the last year. The company is not getting good reviews from its customers. Toshiba is although providing good technical services to its customers. Even through Facebook or Twitter you can also get the answers to your simple questions about the Toshiba laptops. It’s mostly products are of silver color. It looks elegant and classical. It’s three notebooks Chrome book, Chrome book 2 and Radius P55W got 4 stars out of 5 last year.

8. Asus

Top Ten Best Laptop Brands in the World

Asus was in 3rd position in 2014. It was on 3rd number due to its innovative features and stunning designs. Its designs are captivating and eye-catching. But now Asus is on an 8th number just because of its poor technical services. Its customers find it very difficult to receive the answers to their questions. Their website is also not much convenient for the customers. So, it is possible for the company to get its previous position back by providing good technical services

7. Sony

Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in the World

You all must be familiar with the name of Sony products. The company has been introducing the wide range of laptops. Its products are known for the best quality and design. These are very stylish machines. Their products are sold under the name VAIO. VAIO has different series out of which most sold are TT, W and Z series. Sony is on number 7th in our list of laptops.

6. Lenovo

List of Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in the World

Five years this company remained in the 2nd position among the laptop’s. But in 2015 in just one year the company has fallen from the 2nd to 6th position. The company faced many problems of security. Its software was preloaded and created issues of serious security attacks to the users. Lenovo products represent best keyboard systems in the world. They have introduced an innovating feature named Lift n Lock. It’s keyboard series Think Pad T and W is best among all keyboard in the world.

5. Samsung

Top Five Best Laptop Brands in the World

Samsung is a famous brand in electronics. It was the first brand to introduce touch system in mobile phone devices. Samsung holds the recognition for introducing remarkable innovations in the world of I.T. But company is not providing as many innovations. A unique feature is recently added in its products. Through this feature, you can receive your mobile phone calls and messages on your Samsung laptop. Along with this company is providing good technical services. The company has introduced SPOT that means Smart Personal Online Training. It is introducing new features and assistant how to use these features on its website. You can also ask questions and get answers. It has created a quick response system for the company.

4. MSI

Top 5 Best Laptop Brands in the World

It is the 4th top laptop brand of the year 2015. Its MSI Titan laptop is one of the top quality laptops. MSI laptops are good in audio quality, technical services and keyboards. Its gaming Orientated entrance helps to increase the efficiency for your laptop. You can manage the WIFI, Bluetooth, webcam, etc. from this. MSI are the best gaming laptops that also allow your laptop to capture your best gaming moments.

3. Hp

Top Three Best Laptop Brands in the World

Hp laptops are excellent in quality. The Hp brand is providing a large range of laptops and reasonable prices. You can select any laptop that is fulfilling your demanded features. The company has a wide range of laptops as well as technical services. You can find Hp service centers in many cities of the world. In technical services, they are best. They know that their customers are most important and fulfilling their needs is the top priority. Its software and audio system are also good. In 2014, Hp laptops were on number 4th but now these have managed to raise their position.

2. Dell

Top 3 Best Laptop Brands in the World

Dell laptops are on number 2 in our list of top ten best brands for laptops. Dell laptops are built on customization. It means these laptops are built on the choice of individual customer choice. The purpose of this company is mainly is to increase the awareness of I.T among people through its laptops. Dell laptops hold a top position in creating innovations in the laptops. In 2014, dell laptops were on 5th position but now in 2015 they are occupying the 2nd position. It is showing the best innovative features of this brand.

1. Apple

Best Laptop Brand in the World

Apple laptops are always the best. These are the king of all laptops. For the last 6 years, Apple laptops are in the number 1 position among all laptops in the world. The only reason for this is their quality. Although its prices are very high, still these are the top choice for the persons who want to purchase a laptop. Apple laptop uses its own software IOS. Their touch system and keyboard are also best. Its audio quality and display is stunning. People with the Apple laptops are known as having an elegant choice. So, if you have money in your pocket, then you should move to any other choice than Apple laptop.

List of Top Ten Best Laptop Brands 2015:

Sr.No. Names
1 Apple
2 Dell
3 Hp
5 Samsung
6 Lenovo
7 Sony
8 Asus
9 Toshiba
10 Acer


This article is so much informative because it has discussed the issue of everyone’s interest. Laptops have become a need for today’s busy life where we have to do work not only in our office but also at home. Laptops also hold the privacy of individual use because you can take your laptop with you in university and other visiting places. Students are getting many benefits from it because now they can make their assignment while sitting in their bed. So, this top ten laptop brands article is very useful and will guide you in purchasing a quality laptop.


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