Which is the Best Laptop Brand to Buy 2014

Top Ten Best Laptop Brands 2014 in the World

We have so many laptop brands which are notorious internationally. But not all of them are best-selling laptop brands. Laptops are replaced by smartphones and tablets and that’s why laptop market has lost its strength but efforts are being made nowadays to improve it. In this article you will find ranking and information about best ranked laptop brands of the second quarter of the year 2014 and this ranking is based on market share value of every trade name. Here we go…

10. Fujitsu:

Best Laptop Brands 2014

Fujitsu is first laptop brand that I would like to discuss and is considered as world’s tenth largest and best selling brand of 2014 among all other laptop brands. Fujitsu is one of the most important information and communication technology corporations of Japan that offers you full assortment of technology products, resolutions and services. Fujitsu caters its customers in about 100 different countries and it has 162,000 people for the support of its customers. In 2014 market share of this information and communication technology company is 0.6% and it actually improved from its previous estimated share which was o.4%. This world’s tenth best selling brand of 2014 offers you convertible tablet-PC models, office focused models and lighter model laptops.

9. Toshiba:

Best Laptop Brands 2014 ranking

Nest in my list of top laptop brand 2014 is Toshiba and in best laptop brand list it is listed as ninth greatest brand. Toshiba is one of the leading international engineering and electronics company of Japan which has it’s headquarter in Tokyo; Japan. It offers you wide range of products and services relevant to information technology & communication equipments, power systems, consumer electronics, electronic components & materials, logistics, industrial & social infrastructure systems, medical equipment, etc. When we consider its annual market share then there is a bad news because it has lost its market share value as compare to previous year from 1.4% to 1.2% and became ninth best selling brand of the year.

8. Panasonic:

Best Laptop Brands 2014 list

Panasonic is next laptop brand that is considered as bestselling of the year and in the list of top laptop brand of year 2014 it is ranked as eighth unsurpassed brand. Panasonic is brand name of electronics company Panasonic Corporation of Japan. A Panasonic brand provides its customers a wide range of products e.g. LCD televisions, Blu-ray Disc recorders, projectors, plasma, batteries, DVD, camcorders and laptop computers, home stereo equipments, semiconductor  etc.  Panasonic brand for electronic appliances has a slogan “Ideals for life”. Unfortunately this brand also fell from previous market value in second quarter of the year as previously it was 2.4% and is now 1.9 %. This company offers you thick, bigger and more durable laptops as compare to other companies.

7. Dell:

Best selling Laptop Brands 2014

Next come Dell Inc. that is considered as top laptop brand and is ranked as seventh largest, best and greatest laptop manufacturing company of the year 2014. Dell is private sector worldwide renowned computer technology company of America which is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas; United States. Dell Inc. builds up, put up for sale, refurbishes and sustains computer and related products & services. Dell is named after its founder name Michael Dell and is considered as largest technological company worldwide and it has about 103,300 employees. Dell Corporation caters its customers by providing them with variety of personal computers, data storage devices, Mp3 players, software, cameras, network switches, computer peripherals and it also sells electronics manufactured by other companies. Dell also fell from its market value which was 4.1 % in last year then it became 3.5% in June and is now in second quarter of the year it drop to 0.6%.

6. Asus:

top Laptop Brands 2014

Asus is next laptop brand that I would like to discuss now and it is ranked as sixth top laptop brands of the year 2014 among all other companies relevant to these products. Asus is a brand name of Taiwanese multinational which is experts in computer hardware and other electronics. Asus is headquartered in Beitou district, Taipei; Taiwan and products which this company develops and sells include laptops, graphic cards, desktops, tablet PCs, optical storage, servers, LED/LCD panels, monitors, netbooks, networking equipments, workstations and motherboards etc. It has improved its market share value which was 3.8% last year and is 4.2% in this year.

5. Apple:

Top 5 Best Selling Laptop Brands:

top 5 selling laptop brand

Next in my list of top laptop brands of the year is Apple which stood fifth best laptop brand of the year. Apple was initiated on 1st April, 1976 by collaborative efforts of Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak and it was started for the development and selling of personal computers. Then on 3rd Jan, 1977 it was integrated as Apple Computer, Inc and then its name was changed on Jan 9, 2007 just to budge spotlight towards buyer electronics. This American worldwide renowned and highly appreciated company has its basis in Cupertino; California. Apple is expert in developing, selling and designing purchaser electronics, online services, personal computers and computer software. Its ever best products are iPod media player, iPad tablet computer, the Mac line of computers and iPhone smartphone. There isn’t any change in its market share value as compare to previous year and is still 4.5% which it was in last year.

4. Samsung:

ranking of top Laptop Brands 2014

Samsung comes next in list of top ten best selling laptop brands 2014 and in this list it is listed as fourth top trade name of the year. Samsung is internationally acceptable electronics company of South Korea which has headquarter in Suwon; South Korea. Samsung is a commanding ship of Samsung Group and about 70% group revenue in 2012 was because of it and on the basis of revenues it was world’s largest IT Corporation since 2009. Samsung supply its products in not less than 80 countries and it has about 370,000 workers. This South Korean firm has lost its market share value unfortunately it was 17.7% and in second quarter of this year it is 13.5%.

3. Acer:

Top 3 Laptop Brands in the World:

Top 3 Laptop Brands in the World

Next in list of top ten best laptop brands 2014 is Acer and it is on third number among all other. Acer is a brand name of one of the leading Taiwanese international hardware and electronics Company whose headquarter is in Xizhi, New Taipei City; Taiwan. Acer gives us a wide range of products like desktop and laptop PCs, servers, smartphones, tablet computers, storage devices, peripherals and displays etc. Along with this it also gives facility of e-business services to consumers, businesses and governments. Acer is very high in list of best brands because of being a producer of top-selling Chromebook. Unfortunately it has also lost its market share value while comparing with previous year ratio. It was 4.4% in previous year and in second quarter of 2014 it is 13.7%.

2. HP:

top ten Top 3 Laptop Brands in the World

Next brand in list is HP which is abbreviation of (Hewlett-Packard Company) and it is ranked as second best laptop brand on the basis of market share value. HP is an American multinational firm of Information Technology and its basis is in Palo Alto, California; United States. It gives hardware, software and wide range of services to purchaser, small or medium size businesses and large ventures that include clients in government, education or health precinct. HP Corporation was initiated by William Bill Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard. It is specialized in manufacturing and developing data storage, computing, networking hardware, designing software, and giving services. HP had market share value 27% in second quarter of 2014 with a little bit increase from previous which it had and that was 26.9 %. One of the most popular laptop models of this corporation is HP Envy line.

1. Lenovo:

Which is the Best Laptop Brand to Buy 2014?

Which is the Best Laptop Brand to Buy 2014

Which laptop brand is most excellent and best among all other? Lenovo is believed as one of the most leading and best trade name in laptop market. It is worldwide known computer technology company of China and it has its headquarters in China, Beijing and Morrisville, North California; United States. It specializes in designing, manufacturing, developing and selling of personal computers, smartphones, electronic storage devices, tablet computers, servers, IT management software, workstations etc. It provides its services in about 160 countries. Lenovo was considered as world’s largest personal computer seller in 2013. Still it is a leader as far as laptop market share are concerned. Despite of being world’s largest trade name in this field it lost its market share value as it was 31.7 in previous year and in second quarter of this year it had 28.8%.

List of Best Selling Laptop Brands:

Sr. No. Best Laptop Brand Names Market Share
1 Lenovo 28.8%
2 HP 27%
3 Acer 13.7%
4 Samsung 13.5%
5 Apple 4.5%
6 Asus 4.2%
7 Dell 3.5%
8 Panasonic 1.9%
9 Toshiba 1.2%
10 Fujitsu 0.6%


This was all about best-selling laptop brands 2014 and they are ranked according to market share value. All the necessary and foremost information about each brand is given in it. I am sure you will agree with the ranking and you will find this article worth readable.

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