Top Fish Market in the World

Top Ten Best Fish Markets in the World

You can find here Top Ten Best Fish Markets in the World with their names, location and contacts. In this article, we will read about the world best fish markets. Fish market is the place where sea foods are bought and sold. People come to a there to purchase different types of sea foods. This store is also serving as the food streets. Here only trawl and other sea organisms are the food. It is said almost 3.5 billion people in the world use oceans as their primary source of food. Seafood is full of proteins. It consists of the huge amount of vitamins. Vitamin A and D is found in large quantity in it. Doctors also suggest it as part of daily food. It is known as best for the development of infant’s brains. In these days, Fisher are growing fishes in an artificial environment that is that useful for the health of consumers. Such activities should be stopped. Marianne pollution is also a cause of toxic elements in fishing. These toxic elements are dangerous to the life of seafood. These toxic elements are also harmful to the development of a brain and nervous system. So, we should be careful while purchasing it. This article contains the information about the world top ten best fish Bazaar. Tsukiji fish market is the best store in the world. Here is the list of all top quality fish-markets in the world.

10.Taipei Fish Market, Taipei, Taiwan:

Top Ten Best Fish Markets in the World
It is the biggest fish bazaar in China. Chinese are very fond of eating seafood. Their Chinese food also consists of different types of sea foods. Taipei is the best market in Zhongshan District of Taipei Taiwan. It is selling best seafood in China and after meeting the needs of a local population it also exports some quantity. It is the world 10th best market. It was a traditional market few years ago. But now Mitsui food and Beverages Enterprise Group has developed this in a modern way. So, now it has maintained a distinct position in the world as a best fish market.

9.Aberdeen seafood, Aberdeen, Hong Kong:

Top 10 Best Fish Markets in the World

Aberdeen seafood is famous and well-known fish bazaar of Island Hong Kong. As it is situated on an Island, so it is producing different types of sea foods for the world. Aberdeen is a floating small village in Hong Kong. It has tourist attraction and every year tourists come here to spend time. So, there is a huge demand for seafood. People in Aberdeen usually spend life on floating boats. They spend their day in fishing. There are also restaurants on boats that provide quality seafood to the tourists. Aberdeen is producing one-third fish of the whole Hong Kong. Fishing is the main industry in Aberdeen.

8.Fulton Fish Market, New York, USA:

World Top Ten Best Fish Markets

It is located in Hunts point, Bronx. It was established in 1822 as food market. Here fish comes from Atlantic Ocean. Then wholesalers sell them to restaurants and other retailers. Here every imagined variety of fish is traded. Government of United States of America controlled the prices of seafood here. It is the world second largest fish store in size. It is the world 8th best fish bazaar of the world. It has also got some media attention. BBC has made a documentary on it as London store. A song named What a Waste also gave the reference of this fish market in the song.

7.Feskekorka Gothenburg, Sweden:

Best Ten Fish Markets in the World

Fesekorka is an indoor market. All the fish is traded in a closed area. The building where fish is also traded consists of a restaurant. This restaurant is well known for serving a great variety of sea foods to the customers. It was established and started on 1st November 1874. Feskekorka is the world 7th best quality seafood market. Feskekorka is also a tourists spot. Many visitors come here to enjoy the seafood.

6.Busan Cooperative Fish Market, Busan, South Korea:

World Best 10 Fish Markets

South Korea is also well known for this industry. It is the biggest market in South Korea. It is playing role in this industry of the South Korea. It is producing almost 30% of whole South Korea. It was opened in 1963. In current years, Yellow tail is the most catch trawl in the South Korea. Busan is 6th best quality store in the world. It is producing best seafood of the world.

5.Hamburg Fish Market, Germany:

Top Five Best Fish Markets in the World

Hamburg is known as 5th best quality bazaar in the world. It is known as trawl store. It deals with exotic fruits, seafood and tea from all over the world. It remained open just on Sunday from morning 5a.m to 9a.m. In these 4 hours, trawl is traded. Despite too short and early time it is crowded with tourists and locals. It is 300 years old bazaar. Here is also a historic trawl auction house of the world. Its timings are unique but still it has maintained itself in the top ten best store.

4.Billingsgate Market, London, United Kingdom:

Best Five Fish Markets in the World

Billingsgate Bazaar is also located in London. It is considered as the United Kingdom’s biggest Inland fish store. In 19th century, it was known as the world largest fish store. It is one of the oldest store of the world. People who want to trade in fish and other seafood have to get licenses. It is the world fourth best quality market. It is world famous market. It is also a centre of tourists’ attention. It provides the world with almost all types of seafood. Fish in this market also comes from Aberdeen sea port.

3.Sydney Fish Market, Sydney, Australia:

Top Three Best Fish Markets in the World

One hundred species of it’s, are traded in this market. Sydney market is rich in variety and quality. It is the world third best market in the world. Here you can fill your baskets with different types of sea foods. According to Australians Sydney Fish Store, is the biggest store in the southern hemisphere. Sydney store consists of fresh seafood, fruits, gift shops, flower shops, Vegetables and indoor & outdoor seating’s for visitors. It was opened in 1945. Government of Australia establish this store. In 1994, it was privatized.

2.Mercado de la Nueva Viga, Mexico city, Mexico:

Top Three Fish Markets in the World

Mercado is the biggest fish-store in the Mexico. It is the second biggest fish bazaar in the world after Tsukiji fish bazaar. Every day it deals with 1500 tons of seafood. It has historical importance in commerce and trade. It is also exporting a good amount of fish to other countries of the world. About 300 types of fishes are sold in this market. 100 types of imported fishes are also traded in the market. The biggest challenge for this fish bazaar is from foreign seafood. Locals are now more interested in purchasing foreign frozen seafood. Country has done a free trade agreement for seafood with China that is also decreasing the consumption of local seafood.

1.Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan:

Top Fish Market in the World

Tsukiji fish market is the biggest bazaar in the world in terms of size and quantity. Tsukiji fish market is also best quality trawl food of the world. Tokyo fish market is also known as largest food market. It is located in the centre of Tokyo. Tourists cannot get access to the inner wholesale market, but they can enjoy fresh and best quality seafood in restaurants & outer retail bazaar. It is opened in morning 3a.m till 7 a.m. After then trawl is moved to retail shops and other destinations. Country’s government is also aimed to move the bazar to a new place.

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Sr.No. Names Location/Contact
1 RTsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan 18, Alley 2, Ln 410, Minzu E Rd, Taipei, Taiwan
2 Mercado de la Nueva Viga, Mexico city, Mexico Tratado de Ciudad Juárez (And 4), Iztapalapa, Zona Urbana Ejidal Santa María Aztahuacan, Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
Tel:+52 55 5600 1755
3 Sydney Fish Market, Sydney, Australia 1 Bank Street, Sydney NSW 2009, Australia
Tel:+61 2 9004 1100
4 Billingsgate Market, London, United Kingdom Trafalgar Way, Poplar, London E14 5ST, United Kingdom
Tel:+44 20 7987 1118
5 Hamburg Fish Market, Germany St. Pauli Fischmarkt 2, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: 040 30051300
6 Busan Cooperative Fish Market, Busan, South Korea 761 Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, BusanTel:+82-51-220-8811
7 Feskekorka Gothenburg, Sweden Rosenlundsgatan, 411 25 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel:+46 31 368 40 00
8 Fulton Fish Market, New York, USA 800 Food Center Dr #65B, Bronx, NY 10474, United States
Tel:+1 718-378-2356
9 Aberdeen seafood, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market 102 Shek Pai Wan Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Tel: +649 307 2580
10 Taipei Fish Market, Taipei, Taiwan 18, Alley 2, Ln 410, Minzu E Rd, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel:+886 2 2508 1268

In this article top, ten best quality seafood bazaars have been ranked. These bazaars are providing the world with a wide range of seafood. They are providing fresh and best quality seafood in all over the world. Fish market Tokyo is the best bazaar around the world. These days water pollution is a very common issue. Main cause of Marianne pollution is the waste of different factories that is disposed of off in sea water. It is causing important and harmful effects on the health of seafood. It is also dangerous for the human beings who are using this seafood. Government of all countries should make laws to maintain a level of quality seafood.


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