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List of Top Ten Best Animated Movies of all Time

You can see here a List of Top Ten Best Animated Movies of all time with there director names and IMDb rating. In childhood, we used to see cartoons. Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and other Disney cartoons were the best entertainment for us. We dreamed to go in fairyland made by cartoonist. As we grown up technology has also become advanced. There are best of animated movies that are admired by adults more than kids. These movies are entertaining.  One can enjoy like kid by watching these movies. There is a thrill, adventure, smart animation and graphics in these movies. These features have made these animated movies amazing. Other movies are losing fame in front of animated movies. Here is a list of top 10 animated movies.

10. Cars:

List of Top Ten Best Animated Movies

This amazing film has been given by Pixar Animation Studios. It was released in 2006 by Disney Pictures. John Lasseter was co-writer and director of this film. There are anthropomorphic cars, trucks, and other vehicles can be seen in Cars. “A Bugs Life” is first and “Cars” is second Pixar film. In both these movies, cast is non-human. This movie was nominated two times for Academy Awards. In this movie best-animated features has been used, so it won Golden Globe Award. This award was given because of best-animated features film. The DVD of this movie has been released on 7 November 2006. In making this movie Joe Ranif was killed in a car accident, so movie was dedicated to him. On 24 June 2011 a sequel Cars 2 has been released. The story of this movie is a race between cars acting and speaking like normal human beings. The car models used in Cars broke all records. This film earned $10 billion in five years.

9. Finding Nemo:

List of Top 10 Best Animated Movies

It is an interesting movie that won the hearts of people belonged to all age groups. It has been produced by Pixar Animation Studio. Andrew Stanton is writer of this movie. Walt Disney Pictures had released this movie in 2003. Its original version came in 2003 but in 2012, its 3D version had also been released. In this movie, a clown fish Marlin lost his son named Nemo while he was studying in the school. The rest of the movie surrounds around the search of Nemo by his father and his father’s friend Dorrie. This movie was nominated for Academy Award. It is 27th highest grossing film because it is all time favorite.

8. The Lion King:

Top Ten Best Animated Movies
We can feel the phenomenon of aging by watching this film. It was released in 1994.  It is so much interesting that we can still watch its reruns very fondly. It is forest story of lions living in Africa. The young Simba is the main figure around whom the story revolves. Simba is tricked by his cunning uncle Scar, who is the murderer. Scar murders Musafa. But Scar gave the impression to Simba that it was Simba who was the cause of the death. Simba self-exiled himself out of shame. When he grew up, he understands the whole situation. At last Simba returns and fights with his cunning uncle. He finally ends his uncle’s tyranny. This film won three awards two Academy Awards and one Golden Globe. It is 20th highest grossing film of all the time. Its 2D version is blockbuster and achieved highest grossing in USA all the time. In 2011its, 3D version was released. Its 1st show caught the attention of an audience at once.

7. Kung Fu Panda:

Best Ten Animated Movies

It is the most hilarious film that attracted the attention of viewers at once. Its 1st sequel was released in 2008. This movie was about martial art. It revolves around a chubby panda who learns the fighting in humorous way. In this movie voices of great celebrities has been used. Celebrities like Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie and Dan Fogler.  The Chinese settings have been used for this movie. How in ancient China animals used to speak and fight? The main purpose of these animals was to become a master in Kung Fu. But soon this purpose changed into defeat devilish Tai Lung and to guard a dragon scroll. Shifu, the master of Kung Fu, teaches them. Panda defeats Tai Lung and becomes King Fu Champion. This film got a number of awards like The Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, The Teen Choice Award, The Producer Guild of America Award and The National Award. In 2011, its sequel was also released Kung Fu Panda 2.

6.The Incredibles:

List of Best Ten Animated Movies

This film is about a superhero. It is a production of Pixar Animation Studio. Of course, we are thankful to this studio for giving us such an interesting movies. A family called Incredibles living a routine life in a district. Mr. Incredible, who is head of the family, destroys a robot Omnidroid. After this event, he uses his power that he cannot use before. They fight against their villain after gaining this power. This villain produces Omnidriod again, and the syndrome but Incredibles destroy it again. This film got many awards the Annie Award, The Hugo, and two Academy Awards.

5.How to Train your Dragon:

Top Five Best Animated Movies

It one of the most interesting animated films of this era. Great celebrities like Craig Ferguson, Gerard Butler America, and Ferrera gave their voices. The interesting title of the movie evokes curiosity among an audience. It is a mythical story of a village. Occasionally invaded by fire breathing Dragons. All the men in the village are dragon slayers. Hiccup is the son of a head of the village who was also going to become a dragon slayer. But his inner goodness does not allow him to slay an innocent dragon who is already afraid.  A dragon named Night Fury becomes his friend, and Hiccup trains him. This movie was a blockbuster and got 10 Annie Awards in 2014 its sequel has been released. In 2017, its next sequel was expected.

4.Despicable Me:

Top Five Best Animated Movies

This movie was released in 2011. This 3D film is produced by Illumination’s Entertainment. The movie is about three adopted girls. A super villain Gru adopts these girls from an institution. Vector is his rival. Who annoys the theft of Pyramid of Giza? Gru decides to take revenge on knowing about this. The movie got worldwide fame. Its sequel was released in 2013. Next sequel would arrive in 2017. So long time to watch this amazing movie again.

3.Toy Story:

Top Three Animated Movies

First time released in 1995. This awesome movie is also Pixar animation production. It is their first full featured movie. It got fame n good reviews and became the highest grossing movie. Toy story is termed as one of the best-animated movies that ever produced.  It is a story of living and moving toys. The whole story revolves around these speaking toys of a girl. In 1999, Toy Story 2 was released. It was also admired by viewers a lot. In 2010, its third sequel was released that got same fame and admiration as the past two had. It received numerous awards. Eight Annie Awards go to this movie, Academy Awards, National Awards and many others.

2.Alpha and Omega:

Top Three Best Animated Movies

Alpha and Omega was released in 2013. It is a comedy film of two young wolves. How these two wolves hit upon a plan. Then they try to rescue their brother who is trapped in an opposite pack. This movie is about bravery and courage of these two brothers. This movie got huge success in box office. Director of this movie made DVD sequel to this movie after this success. Four sequels of this movie have been made. Fifth movie will release in 2015. The astonishing thing about this movie that it does not win any award yet. Making of five sequels is enough to tell that this movie is loved by a huge number of viewers.


Top Best Animated Movie

Top ranking has achieved this movie because of its theme and amazing music. For the first time, a theme is promoted that male just male cannot save the women. Sometimes female can also do this. This movie is about two sisters who love each other fondly. One sister Elsa knows magic. In childhood, Elsa did magic while playing with Ana but this magic harmed Ana. This event makes Elsa apprehensive, and she lost control over magic. This fear causes great destruction for Elsa, and she separates herself with her sister and ancestral kingdom. But Ana never gave up on her sister and goes to find her sister. In her search, she met her dream prince who shows his loyalty towards her. At last Ana gets success in order to convince her sister to come back to their kingdom. In 2013, this movie got third highest grossing all the time.  This movie won a number of awards. It received two Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Award, and The BAFTA Award.

Top Ten Best Animated Movies of all Time:

Sr.No Movie Names Directors IMDb Rating
1 Frozen Chris Buck/Jennifer Lee 7.7/10
2 Alpha and Omega Phil Weinstein 5.3/10
3 Toy Story John Lasseter 8.3/10
4 Despicable Me Pierre Coffin/Chris Renaud 7.7/10
5 How to Train your Dragon Dean DeBlois/Chris Sanders 8.2/10
6 The Incredibles Brad Bird 8/10
7 Kung Fu Panda John Stevenson/Mark Osborne 7.6/10
8 The Lion King Rob Minkoff/Roger Allers 8.5/10
9 Finding Nemo Lee Unkrich/Andrew Stanton 8.2/10
10 Cars John Lasseter 7.2/10

With this movie the list of top ten animated movies ends. All these movies are interesting and entertaining you must watch these movies.


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