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Top Ten Affordable Electric Cars List in the World

Electric car is a vehicle that is drive by one or two electric motors. Electrical energy is used by it which is stored in batteries or it uses other storage devices. Most of the people have left behind petrol cars and are excited to buy electric cars. This is an effort to help them out in finding best and cheapest electric car. In this article top ten electric cars of the world are discussed which are highly affordable. All the necessary information about each of them is given in a brief and concise manner in it. Have a look on list of all electric cars which are cheapest in top ten ranking…!

10. Tesla Roadster 2.5:

cheapest electric cars

Tesla Roadster is first in my list of electric smart cars. It is considered as world’s tenth best electric car. It is a battery electric automobile sports car. Tesla Roadster 2.5 was formed by Tesla Motors. It was fashioned in California between years 2008-2012. Since its time of production Tesla has sold approximately 2400 Roadsters in about 31 countries till 2012. Whereas left over Roadster were wholesale in Asia & Europe during 4th quarter of 2012. This electric car firm initiated producing Roadsters which were right-hand drive in the beginning of 2010. In 2010 it had a base price of US$109000 in US, in UK it was GB£86950, in Australia A$191888 and €84000 in continental Europe.

9. Wheego LiFe:

list of cheapest electric cars

Next hybrid electric cheapest car in my list is Wheego LiFe. It is considered as ninth most affordable vehicle of the world. Wheego Electric Cars Inc. was created as a drag out from the rough & tough electric vehicles. It was manufactured in June 2009. This car firm has its basis or foundation in Atlanta; Georgia and CEO of it at that time was Mike McQuary. Wheego LiFe is yet another very exciting highway capable version. It also has pack of lithium iron phosphate battery. It’s selling was started in April of 2011. Top speed of Wheego LiFe is 65 mph and can go about 100 miles on just one charge. It can be charged both by standard 120 V connections or by an industry customary Level 2 Charging Station.

8. Volvo C30 Electric:

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Volvo C30 is next in my list of affordable cars. It is ranked as eighth cheapest electric car of the world. It was fashioned in between 2006-2013. Its manufacturing credit goes to Swedish Company which is known as Volvo Cars. Volvo C30 Electric is absolutely a compacted car which has three door hatchbacks. It is such a car which is motorized by in sequence four and instantly five engines. Volvo C30 is being promoted as a first-rate rear door or a sports car. It was particularly designed for the very 1st time by Volvo purchasers & the formative years market as well. Production of Volvo C30 Electric per year is 65000 units. About 75% of it is always sell in European market.

7. Aptera 2e:

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Next in my list of top ten affordable electric cars is Aptera 2e. It is ranked as seventh cheapest electric car in the world. Aptera 2e is a three-wheeled vehicle which is a high competence passenger’s automobile. It was fashioned by California based corporation known as Aptera Motors. It opened a pre-ordering procedure for the inhabitants of California and brings to an end this process in July 2011 & on 12th Aug, 2011. The 1st alternative of the 2 series lined up for making was the Aptera 2e. Aptera Motors asserted that 2e would pick up the pace from 0-6 mph in less than 10 sec. It would be capable to arrive at a peak pace of over 85 mph. Aptera 2e made a petite manifestation in the film Star Trek which was released in 2009.

6. Honda Fit Electric:

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Honda Fit Electric is next best electric hybrid car which I would like to discuss here. It is sixth in list of cheapest cars. It is also promoted as Honda Jazz. It is a front engine, four door, and front wheel subcompact automobile. Since 2001 Honda Fit Electric is put on and promoted by Honda. It is promoted all over the world whereas it has its ten plants in eight different countries. Honda Fit Electric’s selling arrived at up to 5 million approximately through the middle of 2013. It is renowned for its monospace in the company of an inside wrapping notion. Its reconfigurable shipment level enables it to compete with superior vehicles. Jazz nameplate of it is used in Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East, many parts of Asia and Oceania. Whereas in Japan, America and China name Fit is used for it.

5. Mercedes- Benz SLS AMG E-Cell:

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Next in list of hybrid cars is Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell. It is ranked as fifth cheapest electric car of the world. It is front engine, having 2 seats and is considered as magnificence luxurious touring car. It is urbanized by Mercedes-AMG of German automaker Mercedes-Benz. It is very 1st Mercedes-Benz vehicle deliberated by AMG domestically.  Mercedes-Benz has gull-wing doors. Another notifying thing about it is that it serves as a successor to Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Mercedes-Benz portrayed it as a saintly heir to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. SLS is an abbreviation of Sport Light Super. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is accumulated in Sindelfingen; Germany. It was unveiled for the 1st time in 2009 in a Frankfurt Motor Show.

4. Coda:

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Coda is yet another very exciting and affordable car. It is fourth in ranking of top ten best electric hybrid cars in the world. Coda car is a four door and four seats. Coda’s fashioning credit goes to Coda Automotive. Its delivery to customers of United States began in March of 2012. Coda was absolutely sold in California and just 117 units were distributed through April 2013. Coda used the Saibao III body with divergent frontage and back fascias. This variation is shaped by Hafei and sold in China as Hafei Saibao EV. Coda’s range is about 145 km in classic circumstances which is about 15 km fewer than Leaf or Focus. Just like “Focus” it also uses 6.6 kilowatt mount as a result it is able to power-up in about 3 hours.

3. Ford Focus Electric:

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Ford Focus Electric is next worth discussable cheapest car. It is considered as 3rd most affordable hybrid car in the world. It is a hatchback electric car having five doors. Ford Focus Electric’s production credit goes to Ford Motor Company. Focus Electric is 1st full production of Ford ad its production was started in Dec 2011. In Dec 2011 its release for navy customers in United States started. Ford Focus was released to retail customers in May 2012 in California, New Jersey and in New York.

2. Nissan Leaf:

Affordable Electric Cars List

Next in my list of top ten affordable cars is Nissan Leaf. It is considered as second best electric hybrid car. It is a compact hatchback electric car which has five-doors. Nissan Leaf was manufactured by Nissan. In December 2010 it was introduced in Japan and United States. It is the only electric automobile that can run for about 161 km on one charge despite of the fact that it depends on type of weather. Nissan Leaf can be motorized up in 8 hours by the use of a home charging port or in about 30 min by means of a speedy charger. This electric car does not use any sort of petrol that’s why it has no tailpipe or dischargers. Nissan Leaf has a pointed appearance with a separate front frame which seems as one mouth with two eyes.

1. Opel Ampera/ Chevy Volt:

which is the cheapest electric car

Which is the cheapest and highly affordable car in the world?

Opel Ampera/Chevy Volt is ranked as world’s cheapest electric car among all others in the world. It is a hook up amalgam electric automobile. Chevy Volt is manufactured by General Motors. It has an athletic propose and has advantage of in fact being in complete making in the United States. True novelty of it lies beneath top. Opel Ampera has two different engines.  Electric motor does not straightforwardly influence the car but it supply power for the gas engine. By using Opel Ampera one can drive 50 km on electric and then other 482 km on fuel. Another exciting factor about this vehicle is that it uses liquid-cooled battery. This helps it in enlarging lifespan of battery.

Sr. No. Name Manufacturing Company
1 Opel Ampera/Chevy Volt General Motors
2 Nissan Leaf Nissan
3 Ford Focus Electric Ford Motor Company
4 Coda Coda Automotive
5 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell Mercedes-Benz
6 Honda Fit Electric Honda
7 Aptera 2e Aptera Motors
8 Volvo C30 Electric Volvo Cars
9 Wheego LiFe Wheego Electric Cars Inc
10 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Tesla Motors

So here comes a conclusion of this topic which was about cheap electric cars. Everything necessary about each of them is discussed briefly in it. Basic features and qualities of them, how they are fashioned and company name which owns them all these things are discussed. It will be really helpful for you if you are looking forward for lavish and affordable electric car. I hope it will really add something to your prior knowledge about hybrid cars.

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