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Top Ten Abandoned Cities In The World

For certain the most terrible thought appeared ever in people’s mind would be about how marvelously the beautiful and amazing places would turn into the abandoned places. The cities dies, people leave and streets go in complete silence. These places were once the busiest ones with actions carried on and at once all becomes quite and hushes. Some of the places become the dupe of disaster, tragedy or under any misfortune. But we see eye to eye on that’s all very weird and sinister. As discussed these although these places are abandoned, but they are famous with travelers view point. Each one of such places has its own history and mystery underneath it. There lies an esthetic beauty in these structures too that makes it more interesting to visit. Apart from that mystery and beauty residing in it, these places act as a reflection to soul’s inflexibility with a keen desire to stand up adjacent to the test of time. Still these abandoned places have had a lot more to contend and assert. Followings are the Top Ten Abandoned Cities In The World.

Top 10 Abandoned Cities In The World
1 Pripyat
2 Machu Picchu
3 Gunkanjima Island
4 Kolmanskop
5 Centralia
6 Humberstone
7 Craco
8 The Salton Riviera
9 Wonderland Amusement Park
10 Ordos City

10. Pripyat:

top ten abandoned places

Pripyat is not known to most of the people but Chernobyl definitely is a well-known one. This is the first one to be placed under the category for the abandoned place of the world. Chernobyl is a Nuclear Power Plant situated in Ukrainian city i.e. Pripyat. The render down that took place in CNPP back in the year 1986 on April 26th was the major cause of migration of Pripyat that has the population of 50,000.  Without a single word of when or even they could return or not, the communities living in Pripyat were enforced to leave what the entire they have here and migrate. After the actions and trials were positioned assuring no abrupt threat to be posed by the radioactivity any longer. The adjoining and adjacent areas were declared in the prohibited zone with a term of no one permissible to enter.
The amazing thing observed about Pripyat is that, it seems more popular now-a-day as compared to when it was active and dynamic. Wild life appeared to be prospering among these ruins as per as the experts think. Even wolves wordlessly hunt the places for food. Radiation brooch is a typical issue in such a tour and abandoned since 1986.

9. Machu Picchu:

top ten abandoned places

As many people think that the Heritage site of world is not to be included in this list but it really do belong to that. The one to be under the list for abandoned cities in the world. In the Cusco Region of Peru there hangs up this primeval city, famous for being the most documented Incan Civilization’s symbol. Taking into consideration the business routes and secured spot earliest Incans chose this location, more over it was advanced and matured by blossoming population keeping in view all the indications.
The questions arises is that what happened that its inhabitants abandoned a structure like that? The Incas build the property just about 1450, but discarded and vacant it a century shortly. This was done at the moment of the Spanish invasion. Unfortunately, it laid no answer for that for no one could merely have an idea why the inhabitants of this city upbeat, awaked well and finally went away. On even a through observation and researches there appeared no such kind of disaster, war, scarcity, catastrophes and no crop failures. The reason for this abandonment is a topic of continuous ponders and contests for the concerned people like experts, researches, historians and with all certain plot theorist.
Back in the year 2010 recently, profound downpour caused flooding that was the major reason which obscured or washed away transportation and railways leading to Machu Picchu. This incident trapped more than 2000 local people and even 2000 tourists, who were taken out by airlift later. Machu Picchu was blocked for the short term at that time and lately it reopened on 1 April 2010.

8. Gunkanjima Island:

top ten abandoned places

When it comes to make a category for top ten abandoned places of the world we have had a name to be placed and it is Gunkanjima Island. Gunkanjima Island is famous for being called a Battleship Island. This island is situated off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan in the Hashima Island. At one time of the history the people who were six thousand in number made this island the utmost populated bulk on earth. Mitsubishi Corp. back in early 1900’s started to mine the well-off underwater deposits of coal under the Island. This was the time while Japan was revolutionizing. Miners continue to visit in there and the population kept on blossoming. Construction was done on the island, few building just as high as ten stories even. This all was done to provide accommodation to the miners along with the restaurants, betting houses and a lot more of services which were necessary for their families to live on. One after another construction of new buildings was taken place that in result makes the island implicit muddle of streets, walkways, living space and alleys. In somewhere near 1950’s the Island mislaid its value and worth for the inhabitants were haunted jobs somewhere else due to the lack of coal in there. This place stills holds up the reflection of a thought which says, how effortlessly fate can craft a man rich and the other day can take the whole thing far away from him.  It is abandoned since 1974 although the island was opened in 2009 for the tourists and visitors in purpose of exploring the places in there including movie theaters, shops, towers and apartments. And due to all the above mentioned characteristics it is place in the top ten abandoned places of the world.

7. Kolmanskop:

top ten abandoned places

Kolmanskop is said to be the ton ten abandoned places of the world. Kolmanskop is a ghost town that is situated in Southern Namibia in the Namib Desert. This was said to be one of the successful community regarding Diamond mining years before. This earlier town was named after when an American named Jonny Coleman abandoned his ox carriage after a sand storm. After observing that this region was affluent in diamonds, lots of German miners matured here. The rise of this town from a small German burg, to such a busiest and active infrastructure involving the fascinating building and structures according to the German architecture and taste, was observed by the diamond mining rumble back in the year 1908. In a short time the fancy houses were followed by a school, PowerStation, a ballroom, a theater or even with a hospital. The Diamond succumb starts o the way out in 1920’s but it was completely abandoned in 1954.  This town appears to be ghost town that had been carried away by a local firm in there. So the year of abandonees for Kolmanskop was 1954.
The town declined subsequent to World War I as soon as the diamond-field leisurely pooped and was eventually vacant in 1954. The environmental forces of the desert indicate that tourists knee-deep in sand now walk through the houses.

6. Centralia:

top ten abandoned places

In 1962, after the fire punched the underground coal deposits, the coal-mining town in Pennsylvania i.e. Centralia in USA was abandoned. These happened years before and today the fire is still burning providing the place an unreal, old, strange and wired like a hell on earth. Still the smoke could be seen mounting from the sporadic cracks in the ground. The way or the path that some time ago led to Centralia is blocked off. It appeared just as the city does not lived at all, but mainly it does exist and lived, although it has been on fire for more or less fifty years.
The city has been gradually evacuated over the days; however some inhabitants have preferred to hang about. There are few people who have a brave way in sustaining with the odor of carbon mono oxide and with a chronic and pervasive jeopardy of the blazes and sinkholes underground. More over due to such inhabitants the place or town is not said to be completely abandoned chiefly occupied by only 10 or more brave souls.
Centralia is apparently a motivation and encouragement for the movie SILENT HILL launched in the year 2006, its story was based on such a town that was cut off after an incident took place and was rapped in limbo. It is too placed in the top ten abandoned places of the world.

5. Humberstone:

top ten abandoned places

Humberstone was said to be the blossoming mining town, acts as an authorized supply of nitrate for the Oficina La Palma. This is included in one of the abandoned places of the world. That was founded in 1862 and situated in Chile. At the first quarter of the 20th century nitrate was an immense business to be carried away for the nitrate supposed to be a crucial part in fertilizer industry. By the years of 1930’s a cheap alternative element to nitrate, set up its path in to the market for sort of business and in no more time the business start dropping for nitrate that results in the death of mining industry at that time. Humberstone is to be placed in the top ten abandoned places of the world.
Even after the industry’s demise there were few tough inhabitants, who were strong enough to live there. Largely, it took 3 decades struggle to finally closing it out in year 1961. Humberstone along with Santa Laura, a near by town; ultimately became famous and attractive places to be visited in the tourist perspective. Later on these were also announced as the World heritage sites by UNICCO. This place is left as an abandonees being famous for tourism. Although is evacuated but is considered as a point of interest on many people and because of this  it has been put in the top ten Abandoned places of the world.

4. Craco:

top ten abandoned places

Craco is listed as one of the abandoned places of the world. Craco is a quite charming and pleasing village having a school, university, church and a castle too. It was famous due to its ability to repel invaders. This was constructed in the hill in Basilicata Region of Matera, Italy. Greeks first moved in the place in 540 AD and set the place up. It changed hands and head before ultimately being affirmed as a town in the year 1815.
After the Italy’s amalgamation Craco faced difficult times and was said as a well known throttle hold of brigands. The brigands plagued the vicinity until the 1860’s.As soon as this was over, there was another issue being headed towards Craco; Due to the shakiness of the hills and the massiveness of buildings the settlement was spacing out time by time. Craco was abandoned for lower ground .The regular earthquakes were even not the source of proving any kind of help. Craco was having a population of even 1800 but needs to be evacuated due to the above mentioned cause and finally was abandoned by the year 1963. So the conclusion for that was that the Craco was listed in top ten abandoned cities in the world due to its cracks. Today, the vacant town is gigantic for traveling around the houses with a number of fascinating old world churches such as Santa Maria Della Stella.

3. The Salton Riviera:

top ten abandoned places

The Salton Riviera is enlisted in the most abandoned places of the world.  Back in the year 1905 an artificial lake was formed. This happened due to the Colorado River which overflowed and in result the water flows to the lowest parts and settled down there in the hottest part of California desert. For long when the river didn’t dried up, the innovative people looking for opportunities create ideas and finally comes up with a decision of marketing the river as the Salton Sea; a wonder in the midst of the desert and crucial resort destination.
Soon after that a resort town was built rapidly with schools, hospitals, markets and other essential facilities. It seemed that this paradise would last for ever ad ever because cosmic neighborhood were planned. Suddenly the overflow of fertilizer from the nearby farm takes the charge of the lake. It started to kill fish resulting in a dreadful scene where millions of dead fish can been seen floating on water surface, birds take fish as a food and become sick and with no else choice left, died subsequently. The smell of dead fish, birds polluted the air largely and results in weakening the lake.
People start leaving the place they constructed with so attention, and finally the town was abandoned in great hurry. The river side place is still vacant. But it holds a sense of fascination among the people. The empty neighborhoods, resorts, homes, offices and everything else makes it an incredible place to visit. And due to this we have mentioned this Salton Riviera in the top ten abandoned places of the world.

2. Wonderland Amusement Park:

top ten abandoned places

Wonderland Amusement park is the one said to be in the top ten abandoned places of the world. This park is highly extensive situated outside the Beijing in China.
Formerly projected by the Thailand based assets developer Reign wood Group and intended to be the biggest amusement park in Asia covering 120 acres, The Amusement park’s production was clogged in the year 1998 due to the economic troubles with the local officials.
This rambling glee mall complex was abandoned in the middle of its construction. In 1998 it was abandoned even not fully completed but at the midst of its production it has been evacuated. Although being very good for crops, today it stands up empty, vacant and drained in the middle of the filed. People have reported that every now and then when they visit the location there would still be parking entourage in the parking lot of that site, most likely to lean to the onlookers and inquiring sightseers that came to visit. Due to all these mentioned facts and figures this park is made to be listed under the top ten abandoned places of the world.

1. Ordos City:

top ten abandoned places

The number one place among Top Ten Abandoned places In The World is Ordos City. Ordos City has been developed by the Chinese and is listed under the top ten abandoned cities in the world. This is said to be the huge city that is situated in the Inner Mongolia. They have hope that may be millions of inhabitants could just come in and start to live. And it happened never. Today, aristocratic subdivisions along with high rise buildings and the middle class homes sit quiet and vacant upon miles and miles of urbanized land and lost streets.
Ordos’s city is meant as home for one million citizens, the Kangbashi region remains practically vacant five years after production begins.
Ordos is well-known for its prolific government projects, including the new Ordos City which is quite a large city with plentiful infrastructure, infrequently worn by inhabitants and habitually described as a “ghost city”. Due to this Ordos city is said to be one placed under the abandoned places of the world.
Top Ten Abandoned Cities In The World is written by Shekinah Edwin.

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