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Top Fifteen most popular Ice Cream Flavors in America

Ice cream is one of the most mouth watering frozen desserts. A dessert which people enjoy in all seasons depends on their moods. From the old times Ice creams are made from dairy products such as milk, cream combined with fruits with limited flavors. Now with the passage of time artificial colorings and ingredients are added more to give incredible variety of flavor instead of natural ingredients. It is smoothly textured semi-solid foam that is malleable and generous scooped. Some of them are purely creamy textured while some of them are frozen custard form that is heavy sweeteners decorated with wafers, biscuits, candies, chocolate chips and cookies.
The ice-cream-loving Americans, who each consume 19 liters a year, The U.S. ice cream industry sells more than a billion gallons each year.  In information, eight percent of all the milk formed in the United States ends up in a ice-covered dairy product. There are almost countless shops and cafes that are producing Ice creams but it is really very difficult to deduce that which flavors are most popular among all for the reason that there is an increasing in the variety of flavors in Ice creams from each year. But From now you not need to think or worry. Since the secret is out in the open. Below is the 15 most popular Ice creams flavors list in America.

List of Top Fifteen most popular flavors in US:

Sr. No. Flavors Name
1 Vanilla
2 Chocolate
3 Butter pecan
4 Neapolitan
5 Strawberry
6 Coffee
7 Rocky Road
8 Chocolate chip
9 Cookies and Cream
10 Mint Chocolate
11 Salty Pistachio
12 Vanilla Fudge Ripple
13 Cherry
14 Caramel
15 Chocolate Marshmallow

15. Chocolate Marshmallow:

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Ice Cream keeps our brain interested. Among the best Ice cream flavors I would like to rank Chocolate Marshmallow at the rank of fifteen. Americans chose Chocolate Marshmallow  as best mid night snack. It’s a smooth milk chocolate ice cream twirled with feathery Marshmallows less sugared in taste. Regularly it served as topping on a cake deliciously stick at a tongue. Its creamy textured look adds variety combining with cookies serving as a favorite party Dessert. It is less fat, low calories including the main ingredients Nonfat Milk, sugary Creamy Buttermilk, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Marshmallow Sauce Base, Cocoa, and Tapioca. Now with low fat rich in taste. Chocolate Marshmallow enjoyed at the season of snow with hot buttering and coating as cone.

14. Caramel:

best ice cream flavors

Next in my opinion Caramel is chosen at a rank of fourteen most likely flavor of Ice cream eaten by Americans. When the Ice cream is involved no summer should be caught up without Caramel Ice cream. Caramel could be salty, sweet, and rich in taste. It is the old homemade Ice cream involves deep and complex sugary taste, topped with sugar syrup crystals. For this reason it is the one of the most that contains calories including egg yolks and cream in main Ingredients. It is served with fruits, cookies, dry fruits or simply with whipped Cream making your taste buds buzz with sweet. Make available for the people with pleasant and incredible go together to drop fruit dishes and pastries.

13. Cherry:

ice cream falovrs list

Well the season for cherries is short so make sure that you never end up your hand empty to collect beautiful, sweet, fresh and delicious cherries. The next one flavor which I can suggest is Cherry. It is the simple fruity and creamy textured flavor. It is homemade easy recipe cooked with vanilla and cream to give custard textured. Melted cherries emulsion covers all the sensors of your tongue used as a topping. Cherry flavor often served with dark chocolate and crunchy nuts with the base of cone.

12. Vanilla Fudge Ripple:

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The next most liked Ice cream flavor is Vanilla Fudge Ripple. With the tones of variety in vanilla, Rich fudge is weaved all through, creamy smooth vanilla iced up dairy dessert. Fudge ripple is one of the most popular ice cream flavors. Fudge added appealing taste buds of being simple and economical ingredients that you possibly offer. When you lick an Ice cream from back to front making your taste buds resonate with sharp sensations. It contains the Ripples of chocolate usually served with chocolate or any other sauce. Main ingredients include simple vanilla ice cream, sugar, cocoa powder, unsalted butter.

11. Salty Pistachio:

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Desserts with dry Fruits are all time favorite for all. Some people are completely addicted to Ice cream loaded with roasted salty Pistachios. I am wondering that why it is so popular, but the basic reason for loving is its rich taste of dry fruits that give you appetizing flavor. Pistachios powder is used as an ingredient to give artificial flavor of pistachios. Other main ingredients are sugar, fine salt, toasted pistachios, milk, and egg yolk and for the full flavor of nuts almond extract is added. It is usually served with biscuits and wafers. At some cafes experts served Ice cream in between the biscuits and coated then with marshmallows.

10. Mint Chocolate:

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The number tenth rank I prefer is Mint Chocolate. Mint a green, refreshing and pleasant flavor. And when it is added to chocolate yummy flavor it becomes more and more stimulating best flavor. I think it is most cheer up for children and teen age’s Ice cream flavor that give your mind a relaxation and coolness revealing all tiredness make you lively. It is composed of small chunks of chocolate with mint and chocolate coating. Main ingredients include leaves of mint, cream, chocolate chips. It is served with mint leaves and crystals of sugar.

9. Cookies and Cream:

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The love for cookies and cream is boundless. When it comes up with the Ice cream flavors it may call children to take pleasure in and make fun with their friends. Well I prefer the cookies and cream at ninth rank. I wish I would be at above rank. It is most inexpensive flavor of Ice cream among all of them. It is clustered textured flavor. The most favorite cookies these days are Oreo cookies. Oreo cookies dipped fully with cream add marvelous taste of Ice cream. It is served with milkshakes at some places.

8. Chocolate Chip:

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Chocolate chip chunks are more popular at the younger age. I think almost every person in a universe love chocolate chips. It is often combined with vanilla and chocolate flavor. Candies and wafers are added to make the flavor perfect. The lavish texture of our old-fashioned vanilla and chocolate Ice cream loaded with plenty of rich Chocolate chips is wonderful.

7. Rocky Road:

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Rocky Road is named because it is composed of Chocolate, Nuts and Marshmallows. It is rocking among teen ages. It is rationalized flavor among all. People voted for this for the reason that it has a variety of flavors combine to give an epic taste. Today the world is fall in love with rocky roads for its light fluffy creamy chocolate texture. Serve with marshmallows and chopped nuts.

6. Coffee:

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Yeah now it’s time for the coffee lovers!! Coffee a strong and deep flavor combined with cream, milk and sugar places at the rank of sixth. It just wows for the coffee addict people. More over if you include hot fudge to the ice cream mixed with some almonds, nuts it is completely delish.

5. Strawberry:

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This is the most traditional and in my opinion most luscious flavor ever. It is best for your Family for the reason is that it has refreshing and sweet strawberries. I think there is no one in this world that doesn’t like strawberries children, young, and old, all just has a wow factor while eating strawberries. It is made by blending fresh strawberries along with cream, vanilla, and eggs. Often serve with shakes of Strawberries in America.

4. Neapolitan:

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The fourth rank of Ice cream flavor in America is Neapolitan. It is composed of Chocolate, vanilla and fresh strawberries. People voted for this flavor as for its rich, yummy, special, smoothie chocolate texture. Typically topping includes fruits and candies. It is my favorite Ice cream because I found my tongue buds enjoying three delicious flavors in one flavor. So it is three in one flavor. Often serve with mint ice cream.

3. Butter pecan:

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I would suggest you guys that Butter pecan is the top third flavor eaten by the Americans. It is popular for increasing of brown sugar with butter. A thick texture flavor rich with sugary taste heavily topped with nuts and some wafers. It includes chopped pecan, butter, brown sugar and cream. Usually serve with the topping of all time favorite vanilla. It is the excellent summertime treat.

2. Chocolate:

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Chocolate is the No 2nd most popular flavor of Ice cream in America. Chocolate have a lot of textures but whatever the texture of chocolate is whether it is milky, melt, chip, hard or dark doesn’t matter it’s all textures are just simply awesome. Scooped of chocolate are all time seasonal. It gives mouth watering taste at each scoop. Chocolate is served almost with any flavor and any topping like candies, nuts, wafers etc. Dark chocolate syrups are famous among Americans.

1. Vanilla:

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Which ice cream flavor is the most popular in US?

According to the survey of International Ice Cream Association (IICA) Member Company’s vanilla is still a flavor that is at the top most ranked popular among Americans. It is the basic, ultimate and most eaten flavor of Ice cream among all at any age and any time of life. Everyone loves vanilla regarding to its taste and texture. Today it is consider being the No 1 flavor popular because of its originality.


Ice creams vary from country to country. Some regions of the world prefer their ice cream with a natural flavor; others want it strong or sweet. Consistency varies as well.  They are served with different styles and varieties according to the taste of the people living in that country. Fried ice cream associate with Asian cuisine combining china and Japanese. Italians are popular with “Gelato” a soft textured ice cream containing less air and more fruity decoration.
Above all are the incredible varieties of flavors according to one’s taste. I am sure now you are familiar with all of the flavors now.

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