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Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries – Where Do Your Beans Come From?

This list is about top coffee producing countries according to their export volume. The countries are listed according to their export volume, and the figures are taken from the International Coffee Organization


top coffee producing countries in the world bean belt world map
The Bean Belt – Top Coffee Producing Countries in the World shown on map.

In 2015, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) conducted a survey on coffee consumption. It shows the increase in the range of export and import of coffee due to its high consumption. The graphical results of the study by ICO are shown below.

When it comes to top coffee producing regions in the world, it depends on how you see it. Your definition of top coffee exporting countries counts the countries that produce the most coffee or the best coffee.

Either way, coffee is the second most traded commodity worldwide.

coffee-beans-list of coffee producing countries
Everyone loves coffee!

Coffee is not only being used to brew a cup of joe. It has an extended usage. Coffee beans after decaffeination are used as caffeine in beverages like cola. It is also used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The International Coffee Organization provided the list of world’s top 10 coffee producing countries according to amount of beans each country produces each year. The list is as follows:

  1. Mexico – World’s Tenth Largest Producer

Mexico is in top coffee producing countries

Mexico produces its finest beans in the high city of Coatepec. States of Oaxaca and Chiapas are also known for producing impressive coffee beans.

Mexico is listed at number 10 among the top coffee producing regions. It provides 3700 thousands of bags according to the records of US Agriculture Department.

  1. Guatemala – World’s Ninth Largest Coffee Producer

Coffee beans being dried in Guatemala

Like other top coffee exporting countries, the primary agricultural sector in Guatemala is coffee production.

As per the Department of Agriculture, USA, production in Guatemala expands to 3919,000 bags.

The central Highlands of Guatemala are popular worldwide for producing the finest coffee.

  1. Peru – Eighth Top Coffee Producing Country in the World


The top coffee producing countries list has Peru at number eight. Peru produces about 4000,000 bags that is equivalent to Honduras.

Peru is known for the trade of good and organic coffee beans. Production is the country’s one of the most important agricultural sectors.

Production in Peru is not limited to some particular regions, but it is famous countrywide. But the central area of Chanchamayo is highly noted for the purpose.

  1. Honduras Takes Seventh Place

Coffee in Honduras - list of top coffee producing countries

With a production of 4000,000 bags as per US Department of Agriculture, Honduras is ranked at number 7 in the list of top coffee producing territories, and the chances are good that it will be producing more bags next year.

Honduras coffee production sets its peak records in 2015. Though production in Honduras faces the issues of lack of national branding yet their export comprises a significant portion of the country’s economy.

The sweet and mild beans from Honduras are usually used in blends with Columbian and Ethiopian coffee. That’s another reason for their lack of popularity among consumers.

In Central America, the production is a source of employment for most people. It also helps to generate considerable revenue for the area.

  1. Ethiopia – Sixth Largest Coffee Producer in the World


Ethiopia is the ranked at number 6 with producing large volumes of coffee beans. The coffee exports constitute 28% of the Ethiopian economy.

The country with rich culture engages 15 million people of the nation in coffee production. The US Department of Agriculture records production of 4400 thousands of bags in Ethiopia.

  1. India is World’s Fifth Largest Coffee Producer

Coffee_production india

India might not be popular for its coffee production, but it produces a big number of these beans. It provides 5100 thousands of bags as per US Agriculture Department’s report.

80% of coffee being produced in India is used for export purposes since the locals prefer tea in India.

The South Indian regions are famous for the growth of beans. These beans are planted along with spices like cinnamon surrounding the plantation. It gives a unique flavour and aroma to Indian plant.

  1. Indonesia – World’s Fourth Top Coffee Producer


Indonesia manages to produce 9325 thousands of bags. The International Coffee Organization ranks Indonesia at fourth place.

With an ideal geographical location near the equator, Indonesian land is best suited for plantation.

  1. Colombia is Third in Coffee Production in the World

Colombia coffee production

Colombia is considered to be the world’s third largest coffee producer. It was previously ranked as the second largest coffee producer, but climate has not been in the favour of this country from past two decades.

The temperature and humidity have been gradually rising in Columbia.  From 1980 to 2000, the climate has been playing with the coffee production. But Columbia still manages to be in the international coffee game.

Columbia produces 9500 thousand bags according to the US Department of Agriculture.

  1. Vietnam is World’s Second Largest Coffee Exporter


Vietnam is ranked second in the list of major coffee producing countries.

The second largest country regarding production, Vietnam is responsible for 20% of the global supply.

Export comprises a huge part of Vietnam’s economy. The country produced 18,725 thousands of coffee bags.

In 1975, the coffee production in Vietnam was only 6000 tons. Today it has rapidly expanded to 2 million ranking Vietnam at number 2 among the top producers.

  1. Brazil – Number One Amongst Top coffee producing countries list

coffee production in brazil
Brazil has highest coffee production in the world!

It’s been almost 150 years and Brazil is still leading the list. It’s not only the largest producer but also one of the top exporting countries.

Brazil bags the list of top coffee producing countries. The region is recorded to supply 40% of the world’s total coffee. In the past three years, Brazil cultivated 45-50 million 60kg sacks annually.

Coffee export is Brazil’s most productive commercial venture. According to US Department of Agriculture, Brazil produced 54,500 thousands of bags.

In December 2015 alone, more than three million Brazilian sacks, 60kg each, were exported globally.

The majority of coffee plantations are located in Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, and Parana, three south-eastern states. The climate and temperature in these regions are perfect for coffee production.

Brazil has dedicated about 27,000 kilometres of its land to production. And the results are grand.

Read Monthly Export Stats here. Clicking this link will download a PDF file. You will need a PDF viewer to view the file.

List of Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries in the World:

Sr.No. Names
1 Brazil
2 Vietnam
3 Colombia
4 Indonesia
5 India
6 Ethiopia
7 Honduras
8 Peru
9 Guatemala
10 Mexico

Who’s the top coffee producer regarding taste?

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There’s a huge range of flavours. When it comes to taste, amongst several types of beans, Arabica and Robusta beans are most popular and commercial.

world top coffee producing countries
Coffee is the most loved hot drink in the world!

Considering this high range of flavours, the country that can be tagged as top producing country is Colombia.

The decision to declare the best taste is entirely subjective. For that matter, we considered the reviews of Kenneth Davids – the world’s most reputable cupper.


Colombian coffee beans are of high quality that makes the best taste. That’s the reason Davids list of top ten always has several Colombian coffees.



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