who is most paid musician in the world

Top 10 World’s Highest Paid Musicians Name

In this article we will let you people know about some world best paid musicians. Music is something that makes most of us feels relaxed. It has become part of our life now. There are many type of music sung by musicians such as classical music, rock, hip hop, pop and jazz. It depends upon the mood of the listener. Some people use to listen music as it refresh them such as “JUST A CLOUD AWAY” sung by PHARRELL WILLIAMS and some people listens to the sad music like “PILLS AND POTIONS” sung by NICKI MINAJ. We also know the people who are interested only in the hits such as the latest hit is of TAYLOR SWIFT song “blank space” and “SHAKE IT OFF”. Some peoples are interested in rock music such as “AMINAL” by MAROON 5. And some people are crazy for bands. Latest hits given by well known 1D band are “STEAL MY GIRL”, “you and I “and NIGHT “CHANGES”. These hit songs belong to a band of five boys. “Story of my life” sung by 1D band was also a huge hit with emotional video. Some musicians get together to sing a song for Ebola affected people. And that song was sung with the collaboration of many hit musicians and was named “band aid 30”. MILEY CIRUS is also one of the best musicians who gave us people the huge hits like “wrecking ball” and “WE CANT STOP”. Party in the U.S.A sung by her also a huge success. As we all know about the animated movie FROZEN. It was favorite movie of the people but the song sung by INDINA MENZEL. That succeeded not only in capturing the attention of the kids but also of the people with every age level. The “JUSTIN BIEBER” handsome hunk is also hot favorite of the people these days. SELENA GOMEZ such a cute singer that cast spell on the people with her love songs. So these were some of the musicians that people love to listen and there are many others like BEYONCE, DR DRE, DEMI LOVATO, MEGHAN TRAINOR, WIZ KHALIFA, SHAKIRA, JENIFER LOPEZ, PITBULL, BRITNEY SPEARS and many more. Musicians are very close to the heart of many people. As they all give hits to people they earn a lot from their songs and albums. People love them for their work and in return they earn huge earning. So here we will let u people know about the world top most expensive singers whose earnings are huge.


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Toby Keith is in the list of the highest paid musicians his full name is TOBY KEITH COVEL. He belongs to America. People love him for his ultimate hits such as “American solder”. He is well known for his 35 BIGGEST HITS. A Keith song that belongs to this album was liked by many of the people. He left many musicians behind when he earned $65 million that is a great deal. He not only earned this huge sum of money but also fans who loves him a lot.


Highest Paid Musicians

He is also included in the musicians who earned most in the whole world. $66 million were earned by him. He is not only a singer but also a songwriter. His full name is ADAM RICHARD WILES. CALVIN HARRIS is the stage name he is known for. This DJ also made a record. He is one of the successful richest DJ. His albums were a huge hit. He belongs to the Scotland. He used to sing songs when he was young and gave us many hits.

8. PAUL McCartney:

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This richest musician in the world belongs to United Kingdom. He is not only a singer but also a composer. He is married and has five children. Be belongs to many music groups but he became famous when he joined BEATLES. He has won many awards. He is also a best known vocalist. As a writer he had also made the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. This singer is not only known for his singing skills but also for his writing skills. He also earned huge amount worth $71 million.


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1D is one of the best bands which consist of famous five members. ZAYN MALIK, LOUIS TOMLINSON, LIAM PAYNE, NIALL HORAN, HARRY STYLES. Recently HARRY STYLES is working with the MEGHAN TRAINOR for his latest song that is not released yet. They have a great fan following. Their fans are crazy for them as they love them a lot.  They also went on tours for their fans as their fans all over wanted to attend their concerts. Their fans went crazy even when they changed their hairstyles. ZAYN recently changed his hairstyle this is the best example. This happens because their fans are emotionally attached to them. These all five members of the band also made appearances on different shows. Their fans love to see them again and again on TV, different tours and concerts. Night changes song of this richest band is their latest hits. You and I song was also a great hit. Their song story of my life that was beautifully sung had emotional video. That song theme was classical. After watching that song everyone would fell in love for them. They earned $75 million. The entire 1D member is best. This band is unique and earned a lot that is the reason it is in our top 10 richest musicians list.


Highest Paid Musicians in the world

He is not only one of the richest singer but also one of the famous musician. He is best known for his BABY song. He is also one of the youngest singers. He started singing when he was young and also made many records. He also have a huge fan following. Thinking about you, baby, heartbreaker these songs were hit. He also sung song with JADEN SMITH for the movie KARATE KID. This song was also very famous. His fan loves him and his songs. He also has many fans.  He had also earned $80 million. His fans on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM also loves him for whatever he did. His fans also love his TATTOO. He recently did photo shoot for CALVIN KLEIN. He belongs to CANADA. He is not only a singer but also a songwriter. AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME, BEAUTY AND THE BEAT, BOY FRIEND and NEVER SAY NEVER these are his hits.


Highest Paid Musicians

He became the richest singer as he earned $81 million. He is also a songwriter not only a singer. He is also known for his best work with other band. He was born in September. He has three children. He belongs to UNITED STATES. There is also his official website for his fans.  His fans love him for his work. This means they not only love him for his song but also his writing. He was nominated for 45 GRAMMY AWARDS but won 20.  It is not an easy task to win so many awards. It requires lot of effort. Dancing in the dark, born in the U.S.A, thunder road these are few of his famous songs that people love.


Highest Paid Musicians

This is one of the highest paid bands who earned $82 million. They won many awards for their famous hits. This bands fan is too crazy for their sweet voices. This band is AMERICAN. This band has three members JON, DAVID and TICO. It’s my life, always, because we can, make a memory, never say goodbye, bad medicine are their songs.


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The third highest earning band in our list is THE EAGLES. This band is famous for their music. This band consists of four members. All of these four members have beautiful voices that have distinct place in the heart of their lovers and fans. They have also won many awards. This is a rock band. This band has not only won GRAMMY AWARDS but also many AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. This band also earned $100 million.


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She is not only a famous singer but also a good song writer. And she is also famous for her acting skills. The famous JAY Z is his husband. She has one child. In addition to actress, singer she is also a businesswoman and producer. Her famous songs are crazy in love, drunk in love, halo, single ladies, sweet dreams, dance for you, end of time and beautiful liar. Beautiful liar she sung it with SHAKIRA. She earned $115 million.

1. DR DRE:

Who is the most paid musician in the world?

who is most paid musician in the world

He is not only a singer but also a famous entrepreneur. Recently he sang a song with different singers, bands for EBOLA was band aid 30. This song also remained no 1 on the charts as it gained a huge success. As you all know a famous brand BEATS BY DRE that is owned by him. His full name is ANDRE ROMELLE YOUNG. He earned $620 million.

List of Richest Musicians in the World:

Sr. No. Musician Name Earning in 2014
1 Dr. Dre $620 m
2 Beyonce $115 m
3 The Eagles $100 m
4 Bon Jovi $82 m
5 Bruce Springsteen $81 m
6 Justin Bieber $80 m
7 One Direction $75 m
8 Paul McCartney $71 m
9 Calvin Harris $66 m
10 Toby Keith $65 m


Above are the names of some famous, richest musicians. Many of them are not only known for their singing skills but also for their writing, producing, acting and entrepreneurial abilities. They earned from their songs and albums. They have a great fan following on social media. And they also conducted many concerts and tours for the sake of their fans. It’s because of their loving fans that today they are in the top ten richest musicians list.

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