Top 10 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Well [From a Real Parent]

Getting a hard time making your babies asleep? As a parent, I face this every other day and to help all the other parents who feel powerless when they want to help their babies sleep well. I’ve written these tips to help your baby sleep well so that you could learn from my experience.

Read it through, bookmark to come back later or note down important tips on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere in your bedroom so that you can look at these tips every day. 

You won’t realize how tough it is to make your baby fall asleep unless the task comes upon you in real. When we talk to new moms, the most common problem they face is to make their babies fall asleep. If you are also searching for ways to move out of this problem, then stay tuned to have amazing tips.

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Many moms live in a fantasy that it’s not a difficult task to make your baby fall asleep. They think that after putting them to sleep, they can carry out their day’s tasks like cooking, washing, cleaning, checking emails, chatting, or sleeping. But this is not the case, you are highly mistaken if you think this.

Baby sleeping in crib

Babies give a real tough time to moms and they spend most of their time in putting them to a peaceful long nap.Many times it is also observed that you put your baby to a nap and think you’re done with this job but as soon as you get up for any other work, they get up and then you have to go to the whole trouble again. This takes a whole lot of time. In fact, most of the time moms are busy putting their babies to nap.

Don’t worry if you are having a tough time doing this, we are here to take you out of this problem. Read Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Well below.

Make use of the light strategically

Newborns cannot distinguish between night and day due to which they can sleep any time they want and can be awake any time they want. This can be quite maddening for moms, as they don’t get enough time for doing other stuff and for sleeping peacefully.

As the baby gets a few months old, he will start distinguishing between day and night, reducing the stress for moms. For this, you need to teach your child by using light strategically.

There is a science behind using light strategically. Human brains trigger releasing melatonin in darkness. This melatonin is a sleep hormone, due to which one falls asleep easily in darkness.So keep the days bright and the nights dark for your baby to learn the difference between day and night.


Use plenty of light during day time, take you baby out in daylight and put him down for day naps. Then at night, dim the lights and try putting him to sleep. If he wakes up crying at night, don’t turn on the light to make him stop crying and soothe him back to sleep in the dim light.

You can also make use of room-darkening shades during day time as well to make your baby fall asleep a little quicker.

Use White Noise

Obviously, with all different type of noises at your home, it will be troublesome to put your baby asleep. Especially, when there are certain occasions and your home is a bit crowded, then your baby would take a longer time to fall asleep. But you don’t want to miss out all the fun just to make your baby fall asleep peacefully, do you? Certainly not.


You can always use white use during the daytime when there’s noise all around your baby. Simply turn on a fan and place it at some distance from your baby. The consistent noise of fan will help to make him sleep peacefully instead of listening to all different types of noises.

Remember not to put the fan directly on him or too close to him so that it doesn’t blow him off, but keep it at some distance just to create a smooth sound.

This tip can be quite useful and in this way you don’t have to hush your friends and relatives to put your baby to sleep. Try this amazing tip and save your time and effort.

Avoid making eye contacts while putting babies asleep

Try not to look your baby in the eye while you are trying to make him asleep as it engages baby’s attention. Most of the babies take eye contact as a playtime signal. Instead of sleeping, they might turn on their playing mode. Do not charge them up by looking directly into their eyes, otherwise, you will keep on trying for hours to make him asleep and he will start playing after some time.

“The more interaction that takes place between you and your baby during the night, the more motivation she has to get up.” – Claire Lerner, Senior Parenting Adviser.


So while trying to make your baby take a nap, look at somewhere other than his eyes, like his belly or feet and put on a light gentle music to make him fall asleep peacefully and for a longer time.

More Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Well below.

Dream-feed your baby

Too often it is seen that as you put your baby asleep, then when you try to sleep yourself, your baby gets up and disturbs your sleep. To avoid this, dream-feed your baby. Dream-feed is actually a term given to feeding which you give to your baby right before going to sleep. It helps to prevent the baby waking up right after moms finally get to sleep themselves.

Dream-feed can get your baby fall longer and the good thing is that you can also sleep longer with this. It works perfectly good with newborns until the baby develops his own sleep routines.

Dream-feed can also be helpful in case your baby faces trouble falling asleep. So keeping the lights dim, gently lift your baby up and feed him. When you’re done the feeding, put him back to sleep without burping.

Keep an “eat, wake, sleep” cycle

The routine of all newborn babies is exactly same. They wake up from sleep, gets their feed, play for a while and goes back to sleep. This cycle goes on for months and has several purposes.

When you feed your baby right after he wakes up, he will have the energy to play for a while and this will help him develop good eating habits. He will be more inclined to take a full feeding to carry on with his playing right after he wakes up.


Then when he gets tired after waking up and playing for some time, he will go to sleep and the same cycle continues. It also prevents your baby associating food with sleep and using it as a sleep prop. There will surely be times when you feed your baby before he sleeps but try to make the routine of feeding him after he wakes up.

Newborns need frequent sleep and feed to get healthy and for their better growth. So do not limit their feed because of any reason and feed whenever he feels hungry. But make a healthy habit of feeding after waking.

Change Diapers Strategically

You should relax the rules on diapers and avoid changing them too often. Change the diaper before you feed your baby and then put him to sleep. Don’t go for changing diapers right before you put him to sleep, this will be more challenging to make him asleep.


Also, do not go for changing the diaper everytime he wakes up, instead put him in a nighttime diaper at bedtime.Check if there genuinely is any need to change the diaper and then go for it. It is often seen that new moms change the diaper every now and then, putting themselves in trouble as well as the babies too.

Set a routine for yourself and your child for everything, even for changing diapers and to build up his eating and sleeping habits. You will get the idea when to change the diaper after a few months.

Wipes are a preferable alternative for diaper changing when you want to put your baby asleep. This way he will not get his eyes wide open and will not be much irritated with diaper changing. So go for using warm wipes to avoid waking him up.


Co-sleeping means to be close to your baby while he’s sleeping. This way mothers and babies both could get enough sleep. You don’t have to lie with your baby in your arms, instead, go for sleeping together. According to a research, co-sleeping provides better sleeping hours to mother and child.

For this, you can place your baby’s crib close to your bed or simply put him with you on the bed.Give yourself enough sleep along with your baby through co-sleeping.


You can also go for some other co-sleeper for your baby if you are busy in other work. But you need to follow a few guidelines before going for co-sleep for ensuring the health of your baby. For example, do not let your baby fall asleep next to a smoker as this could be injurious to his health.

However, mothers can get relaxed through this technique if they co-sleep with their babies themselves. But as the sleep cycles of babies are too frequent, you cannot always sleep when he sleeps. Then you can use someone else at times.

Limit Day Naps

Have you become sleep deprived since your baby has come? This is the most common complaint of most of the new moms that they have become sleep deprived ever since they have become a mom. The reason being, your baby sleeps most of the time during the day.

To ensure a relatively peaceful night sleep, limit the day naps of your baby. I know it is difficult to wake a sleeping baby up, but you also have to develop his sleep habits. For that, you need to limit daytime sleep.

If your baby sleeps for two hours straight during the daytime, I would suggest to wake him up in between the time, feed him and keep him awake for some time to play and then make him asleep again.


This way, you baby’s nap time would eventually get less during the day. This breaking up of sleep during the day will help him sleep better and longer during night. Also, you can also get some relief at night time with this. Otherwise, this is the most common problem faced by moms that their babies do not let them sleep at night because they slept the whole day.

So, limit the sleep time during the day for better night sleeping routine. It is good for both; the baby and the mom.

Use Bedtime routines

Each child is different and has different bedtime routines. But mothers play an important role in making their bedtime routines. Choose a routine that is easy for you and works best for your child. Then keep consistency in whatever pre-nap strategy you apply. Your child will get used to it and he will know that it’s time to sleep.

This routine may include taking your baby to his room, placing him in a blanket, closing the blinds, white noise, or the best one which works for most of the babies is to sing a soft song like Twinkle Twinkle, it may include a bath even.

If you go for singing a nursery rhyme or a song, then do it yourself instead of playing it on any device. If you play it on any other medium say your cellphone, then it will take your baby’s attention and he will not be able to sleep.

When you follow the same routine every time your baby might get used to it and over time he will develop the sense of sleeping after your routine.

Put your baby to bed when drowsy

Last but not the least, put your baby to bed when he is drowsy instead of when he is asleep. It is most likely that you will make him awake while trying to tuck him in the bed. So, do it as soon as you see him drowsy. It will encourage your baby to sleep for a longer time and will also develop the habit of sleeping independently.Give your baby time to settle back to sleep on his own.


Babies cry out at nights when they wake up without knowing the way to get back to sleep but as he gets older, sleeping independently will enable him to drift back to sleep after he wakes up in the night. So you are helping your child in the long run.

This might be difficult for breastfeeding moms but you should master this as you both will rest better this way.See when your baby is quieting down and feeling drowsy just before he falls asleep.

Don’t Rush and brace yourself!

Here we have given you some beneficial tips for putting your baby to sleep, you can follow them and make your life easier. But we would suggest you to calm down and wait for the time your child is ready for sleep training, don’t rush things out and don’t panic when things are not going your way. Give your baby some time and be patient with him.

Also be ready for any sleep regressions because it happens with everyone at times and everyone faces the hard time putting babies to sleep. So all you have to do is to keep your patience level high and take the steps which best suit you and your baby. The above guide can be quite helpful in building up a sleep training strategy. Go for these points.


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