Top 10 Tea Exporting Countries list

List of Top 10 Tea Exporting Countries of the World

In this article we will talk about top 10 tea exporting countries of the world. We all know tea is used by many people living in different countries. Some countries are producing more tea because of their environment than they export it to other countries which cannot produce it on their own. We can say that it is the 2nd most popular drink in the world after water. First it was discovered in China as a medicine but later was used by many other countries. It is not only a drink but has many benefits like helps to control weight, maintain blood pressure etc. This drink is also not expensive and delicious in taste. It has been estimated that more than 3 thousand billion cups of tea are consumed per day in the world. As now this is very popular drink many companies like Unilever and Tata Tea have now made their tea available all around the world. Nowadays it is available in market with many colors and tastes as well like black, green and yellow. Because of its increasing use its import and exports are increasing across the globe. By reading this article you will be able to know about top 10 tea exporting countries of the world.

10. Poland:

top tea exporters country

We all know that Poland is a country that consists of not very large population. It started to produce tea in their country when they saw its demand is increasing in their population. It is producing this crop from many years and exporting some portion of their production to other areas of the world. In 2014 it exported about 139,392 in export value of $1000 of this crop from which they export the extra tea to all other countries. That is the reason Poland is in the list of largest producers as well as exporters of crop.


Top Tea Exporting Countries

Tea has been the part of Indonesian culture since 200 years ago. It is very common and popular among the people living there. It is the most used drink used by people of Indonesia. In 2014 they have produced about 166,717 tons of tea which makes it one of the largest producers of this drink. It is exporting its tea to many countries of the world which is about 2.2% of total tea exports of the world.

8. UAE:

10 Tea Exporting Countries

United Arab Emirates is the largest importer as well as exporter of tea in the world. UAE import it in raw form from other countries and re-export it to many other countries after refining it. They refine, polish and pack the raw tea and then export it in the international market at more prices. It import raw tea from many big producers of tea like China and India. Then they export it to many countries like Iran and Oman etc. It is exporting about 4.5% of the total tea exported in the world.


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This country is producing tea on industrial as well as commercial scale. In 2014, Vietnam has produced almost 174,900 metric tons of this crop. The average price of exported tea from Vietnam is about $1340 per ton which is much more than other countries. This crop produced by this country is exported to about 61 countries in the world. Pakistan and Taiwan import all their tea supplies from Vietnam. It is exporting about 4.8% of tea exports of the world. People of Vietnam are cultivating tea on land that is about 133,000 hectors to produce more and export it to other countries.


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Tea is the most important part of its culture. German people offer a cup of tea to their guests as a gesture of friendship and represent their culture. They have specified land of only for cultivation of this crop. According to 2014, It has exported about 229,382 that have export value 1000 US dollar after fulfilling their own needs. Germany is exporting about 4.74% of total exports of the world.


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This country uses about 70% of its land for the cultivation of different crops. United Kingdom is blessed with fertile soil, skilled labor and modern technology which increase the production of crops. Now it has moved toward organic farming to make more income and export it to other countries. Tea produced by this country is exported to many other countries that is about 262,959 that has export value 1000 US dollars and supporting the economy of the country.


Which is the Largest Tea Exporter in the World

Kenya is the largest exporter of tea in the whole world. It is very famous cash crop of Kenya. It is contributing about 32% of total tea exports of the world. It exports about 396,641 metric tons of tea every year. Most of its tea productions which are about 80% come from the small farmers and areas. The product is then collected from there, processed and refined after that it is ready to export it to other areas. It is cultivating it on large area of land which is about 157,720 hectors.


list of Top 10 Tea Exporting Countries

India has been always biggest producer and exporter of this crop all over the world. This country is producing tea about 966,733 metric tons each year and exports are about 203,207 tons all over the world. They earn $867,143,000 per year only through the exports of this crop which means tea exports support their economy a lot. They are exporting 20.9% of total tea exports of the world. There are many cities like Darjeeling and Assam which are only famous for tea production in India and Tata Tea purchases them for packing and selling them. India is more successful country because of efficient process and expansion of their market.


top ten tea exporters countries in the world

Tea is the most important part of China’s culture. China was not the exporter of tea until 1880 but now is one of the largest producer and exporter of this crop as well. Most of tea produced in this country is consumed by them only a small portion of it is exported to other areas. It is producing about 1,640,310 tons of tea per year. Out of total they are exporting about 299,789 tons of it to all other countries. China exports about 30% of total tea exports of the world. They are cultivating it on land of about 1.86 million hectors which shows China is the largest producer of tea in the whole world.


Top 10 Tea Exporting Countries list

Which Country Export Maximum Tea in the World?
Tea production and export of it are the main source of this country economy and contributes about 2% of the GDP. Sri Lanka started to export it to all around the world in 1847. It is not only the largest producer of this crop but major exporter of it as well. It is producing almost 327,500 metric tons of tea. Out of that 318,329 tons are exported to all the areas of the world. From these exports it is earning about $1.48 billion annually. About 20% of total exports of tea are provided by Sri Lanka. This country earns about 60% profits only form this export. Tea production in this country is done by professional manufacturers which increases the production of it.

Sr. No. Country Name Export Value 1000 US$
1 Sri Lanka 1,476,881
2 China 965,080
3 India 867,143
4 Kenya 858,250
5 United Kingdom 262,959
6 Germany 229,383
7 Vietnam 204,018
8 UAE 191,814
9 Indonesia 166,717
10 Poland 139,393

We conclude that all these countries are not only largest producers of tea but exporter of it as well. They are earning large amount of foreign exchange through export of this crop. These countries are exporting this product to many other countries which lack in producing it. These countries have specified large area of land only for the production of this crop. We all know that it is the most used drink these days and now a main part of culture of many countries. We hope that this article will help you to understand about top 10 exporters of tea in the world.

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