Top Ten Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

Top 10 Scariest Investigations by FBI

In this article, we will talk about top 10 scariest investigations by FBI in the world. FBI is the security and intelligence service which is based in the USA. It was established in 1908 and performs different functions.

When FBI investigates a matter, it is never an ordinary case. This agency catches hard nut criminals which seem to be out of range for the police.

The FBI usually works independently, without any barriers. The cases taken by FBI are usually violent acts which are very serious.

The names included in this list are some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. These people faced some of the scariest investigations by FBI.

The following are the top scariest investigations by FBI ever done in the world by FBI:

10. Pretty Boy Floyd:

List of Top Ten Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

Pretty Boy Floyd is the criminal who was involved in many bank robberies of 1900’s and his whole life were involved in criminal activities. He has later murdered a person who was accused of his father’s murder. He managed to run away from the FBI department for a short period of time but was later named as the most wanted criminal. He was then shot to death by the FBI officers in 1934 in October. His crimes were worse which were the main reason of this death and made him wanted as well.

9. Jim Jones:

Top Ten Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

Jim Jones was basically the head of peoples temple located in South America. He was much known because of his winning and charismatic personality. He forced many people to follow his religious rules and orders. At the end of his leadership, there were almost 900 bodies found there who has committed suicide according to the religion. He was then included in the list of FBI deptartment as all his followers committed suicide for which he was held responsible. After the whole investigation, it was found that he had killed many of his companions and forced them to suicide as well.

8. Ted Bundy:

Top Ten Scariest Investigations by FBI

Ted Bundy was the criminal involved in different murders and also rape of many woman all around the USA during 1970s. At that time, love and hitchhiking was quite common among the people. He takes woman through a horrifying experience by rape, beat and then murder them. FBI started his investigation after he was in jail due to all his crimes. He was being shifted to Colorado, and he escaped from the vehicle but FBI was capable of recapturing him again which was easy task for the FBI officers.

7. John Wayne Gacy:

Top 10 Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

John Wayne is the criminal who was charge with the murder of almost 33 young boys and men as well. He was a famous personality of terrorism. He was also called as the serial killer in the history of crimes. He dressed up as clown most of time to hide himself from the police on different parties and events. But FBI played fewer roles in this case. He was then arrested because of the murders done by him. He has buried all the people murdered in his house.

6. Charles Manson:

List of Top 10 Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

Charles Manson is the person who was involved in mainly California and all around America. He also has strong connections with Hollywood. He belongs to a family of murderers which are against famous celebrities like Sharon Tate. He was also involved in theft issues as well. The investigation was carried out against him completely and whole his family was then arrested by FBI officers in 1969.

5. The Black Dahlia:

Top Five Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

The Black Dahlia is the criminal who has murdered a woman with the name of Elizabeth. The report was shown on the whole media and channels which made him famous. Then FBI dept started investigation against Dahlia and then an also confessed almost murder of 50 people which was then proven. The case was still in the hands of FBI for further inquiry and for punishments.

4. JFK Assassination:

Top 5 Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

JFK Assassination is considered as the most famous case ever taken by FBI. It was made much poplar in the world and among the public. Kennedy was then killed by a sniper from long distance. Then urgently FBI came into action and was then closed due to some confusing situations in it. The whole public was scared after this incident. Unfortunately then Harvey Oswald was later arrested and shot in 1963.

3. Bonnie and Clyde:

Top Three Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

Bonnie and Clyde is the famous criminal couple involved in different crimes including kidnapping, murder and robberies as well. They were the most famous and best known couple in America. They were involved in almost 13 murders, different robberies. Then they were finally caught by police after many years. Then both of them were killed in 1934 by the police officers of Texas.

2. John Gotti:

Top 3 Most Scariest Investigations by FBI

John Gotti is another American gangster who committed different crimes for many years. Some of these cases were very violent. He was then sent to the jail in 1972 but managed to release after some years. In 1972, he then joined the Gambino family, and he stepped into the main leadership role. After an investigation, FBI also found that he has killed 13 people for which he was then again sent to the jail.

1. Al Capone:

Most Scariest Investigation by FBI

Al Capone is the famous gangster of the history of America and gave a big run to the FBI officers. He has done many murders and violent crimes during his life. He was well connected with big gangsters. He had huge control on the streets of Chicago and was considered as the don there. Till 1929, he was not caught by the FBI because of his strong links and was then arrested in Florida. He also failed to pay his taxes for his whole life period.

Sr.No. Names DOB DOD
1 Al Capone 17 January 1899 25 January 1947
2 John Gotti 27 October 1940 10 June 2002
3 Bonnie and Clyde 1 October 1910 23 May 1934
4 JFK Assassination 29 May 1917 22 November 1963
5 The Black Dahlia 29 July 1924 15 January 1947
6 Charles Manson 12 November 1934
7 John Wayne Gacy 17 March 1942 10 May 1994
8 Ted Bundy 24 November 1946 24 January 1989
9 Jim Jones 15 July 1976
10 Pretty Boy Floyd 3 February 1904 22 October 1934


This world is full of criminals and their crimes which are conducted in the world. Some of them are normal one, but some are severe as well. The difficult and severe cases are to be taken by the FBI officials for solving them. All these criminals are the most famous and dangerous ones who are involved in major crimes, and their cases were then solved by the FBI dept. All these criminals were then sent to the jail for their punishment.


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