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Top 10 Oldest Civilizations in the World

Life that we see today is entirely different from ancient times. In ancient times people were not blessed with all this high technology and lots of things that made the life of today very easy and luxurious. Every coming time is much better from previous one from perspective of easy and comfortable life. We humans are superior creature because we are given mind through which we can resolve our issues; we can strive for betterment and all that. And that’s what man of today has proved. History of mankind is quite interesting topic for me because you can learn a lot through ancient civilizations. This topic covers oldest civilizations how they were, in which fields they were expert for which they are known till today. Top ten oldest civilizations with all their expertise and history are discussed in this article.

Sr. No Name
1 Ancient MU or Lemuria
2 Ancient Atlantis
3 Indus Valley
4 Osirian Civilizations
5 Uyghur
6 Tiahuanaco
7 Maya
8 Ancient China
9 Ancient Ethiopia and Israel
10 The Aroi Sun Kingdom of the pacific

10. The Aroi Sun Kingdom of the pacific:

The Aroi Sun Kingdom is first ancient civilization which I am going to discuss. This oldest civilization is tenth oldest civilization among top ten oldest civilizations in the world and this civilization flourished around Pacific area. According to so many historical evidences we can say that The Aroi Sun Kingdom an ancient civilization occurred somewhere nearest to countries like Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia. It seemed as lot of roads, pyramids, arches, platforms along with so many statues were built by The Aroi Sun Kingdom throughout Pacific. One of the most exciting and amazing thing attached to this ancient civilization is that Easter Island, Hawaii, Polynesians of New Zealand  and Tahiti of today they all strongly believe that their ancestors were capable of flying and they traveled by this way from one island to other.

9. Ancient Ethiopia and Israel:

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Ancient Ethiopia and Israel oldest civilization is enlisted as ninth most ancient civilization among top ten oldest civilizations in the world. This ancient civilization flourished around areas which are now known as Ethiopia and Israel. There are lot of stories related to high technology of this civilization (Ancient Ethiopia and Israel) which are present in oldest texts like Bible and Kebra Negast (Ethiopian book). And a very dominating evidence of this claim is temple which is located in Jerusalem. In the temple 3-giant block of ashlars is to a high extent similar to a stone that is found in Baalbek of Lebanon. Muslim Dome of the Rock Mosque and Solomon Temple are two highly important legacies of Ancient Ethiopia and Israel civilization and foundations of these two legacies reach somehow back to Osirian civilization.

8. Ancient China:

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One another very remarkable oldest civilization which I would love to discuss is Ancient China civilization which is commonly known as Han China. This civilization is commonly known for sky-chariots, geomancy and emerald manufacture which they shared with Mayas. There seems so much sameness in old history of Chinese and Mayas.  And reflection of this similarity can be evidenced from Taoist which is coming to Central America whose motifs and Shang dynasty symbols have so much sameness with art and sculpture of Mayan civilizations. Ancient Chinese are originator of so many things like toilet paper, paper money, rocket technology, earthquake detectors, canon, printing methods, paper money, and lot of high tech products.

7. Maya:

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Maya is next ancient civilization under discussion. It is seventh oldest civilization in list of top ten oldest civilizations and this ancient civilization is full of mysteries. It is believed that Maya civilization flourished around area which is known as Mexico in present time. One thing which is always said about Mayan civilization is that the exact area of it is not known yet because its some pyramids are found from areas like island of Java, from Central America and also from Indonesia. They are known for their brilliance because Mayans were highly brilliant mathematicians and astronomers. They built throughout canals and hydroponic garden cities in Yucatan Peninsula.

6. Tiahuanaco:

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Sixth most oldest civilization is known as Tiahuanaco and it is based on South America. This ancient civilization covers an area of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Tiahuanaco prospered during 300 AD and 1000 AD time period. In Tiahuanaco civilization megalithic blocks of stone used to construct communal buildings and homes. And it is believed that culture had a very strong impact for upcoming generations and so many structures were constructed to last them for thousands of years. The old buildings around Cuzco of today are significant examples and evidence of this.

5. Uyghur:

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Another very exciting and significant ancient civilization is Uyghur civilization. It is enlisted as fifth oldest civilization among top ten oldest civilizations in the world. It flourished around the area of Gobi desert and this area approximately around Tibet of modern day. Many historians claimed that Indus Valley and Atlantis cities existed at the time when this civilization existed. Amazing fact about this civilization is seaport torn which is believed to be there in this civilization despite of the fact that location was quite hot and dry as well. Edgar Cayce a very well known researcher once claimed that in Gobi desert elevators would discover.

4. Osirian Civilizations:

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So, here comes fourth oldest civilization among top ten oldest civilizations which is Osirian Civilization and this civilization flourished in area of Mediterranean region. Mion in Crete and Greece are depiction and evidence of culture of Osirian Civilization. This civilization happened before Egyptian Dynasty and during the time when civilization in Indus and Atlantis took place. This civilization is credited for earthquake-proof megalithic structures which were built by them and they also had electricity and lot of other conveniences during the time period of Atlantis. They were blessed with so many transport modes like airships. One of the prime examples of high tech of this civilization is platform that is found in area of Baalbek Lebanon.

3. Indus Valley:

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Indus Valley of Pakistan is another remarkable ancient civilization of Indus Valley besides Chinese and Uyghur Civilizations and it is enlisted as third largest in list of top ten ancient civilizations. Indus valley civilization prospered around the area which is now known as Pakistan and this oldest civilization began in 500 BC. Major cities and prominent evidences of Indus Valley Civilization are cities like Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. An amazing and significant fact about this civilization is that unlike other civilizations like China, Central America, Peru and Egypt its oldest books are reserved. Another achievement of this civilization is plumbing-sewage system which is nowadays in Pakistan, India and so many other Asian countries.

2. Ancient Atlantis:

old atlantis

Next civilization in my list of top ten ancient civilizations is Ancient Atlantis and it is enlisted as second oldest civilization in the world. It is strongly believes by many Archaeologists that this lost city was highly sophisticated and so much modern in term of culture. It is believed that this civilization has taken the technology to advancement. It is mentioned in “A Dweller on Two Planets” by Atlantis Phylos in 1884 that Ancient Atlantis used airless cylinder lamps, monorail transportation, electric guns and water generator. Aeroplanes, firestones for energy and applications relevant to it were used by them.

1. Ancient MU or Lemuria:

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Here comes last but most remarkable and very significant ancient civilization and that is Ancient MU which is also known as Lemuria. It is enlisted as first oldest civilization in list of top ten oldest civilizations in the world. It is known till today because of its contribution towards mankind and history shows that Ancient MU or Lemuria civilization existed in about 78000 years ago and it stood for about 52000 years approximately and its location found is Pacific Ocean. And a very beautiful comment about this civilization is that it was such a beautiful island just like Paradise on earth. They were not so much into high tech but they were very ambitious to get themselves knowledgeable and they strongly believed that Education is only a key to success. That’s why the paid lot of attention on education. Archaeologists claimed that complete island was sunk into ocean and earthquakes also brought its destruction some thousands of years ago.


This was all about top ten oldest civilizations in the world. And those who are highly interested in archaeology and are looking for something interesting about this, then you will definitely enjoy while reading it. Everything interesting about top ten oldest civilizations is discussed in it. This article is very interesting and also knowledgeable that can fulfill your thirst of knowing about ancient civilizations.

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