which is best mountain bikes brand in Philippines

Top 10 Mountain Bike Brands in Philippines – This Ranking is Helpful for Selection

Mountain bikes are those which are fashioned for off-road cycling. Mountain bikes diverge from other typical bikes in so many ways. Mostly those who love sports and are extremely challenging as well as daring love this mountain biking. And for this you must purchase a bike that favors your budget. There are large numbers of corporations working in this fields that provide you with startling, lighter, smoother and well engineered bikes. Just to find out the best out of all these eminence brands out there is not at all an easy job. Still an effort is made to find out top ten brands of mountain bikes in Philippines. All the necessary information about each of them is given. Have a look…

List of Best Mountain Bike Brands Philippines:

Sr. No. Name of Mountain Bike Brand Origin Country
1 Giant Taiwan
2 Trek USA
3 Specialized America
4 Cannondale USA
5 Merida Taiwan
6 Santa Cruz United States
7 Scott Switzerland
8 GT Canada
9 Kona America
10 Marin America

10. Marin:

bicycle brands in Philippines

Marin is first bicycle brand that I would like to discuss and it is ranked as tenth largest brand of mountain bikes in Philippines. Marin is one of the leading bicycle manufacturing company which was established in year 1986 by Bob Buckley in Marin County; California. Though Marin is specialized in mountain bikes but it has variety of other types of bicycles as well. An exciting factor about this is it has almost 68 bicycles which are named after various locations within and around Marin County. Marin offers you various kinds of mountain bikes, street/urban and so many specific and comfortable bikes for ladies and kids as well.

9. Kona:

mountain bikes in Philippines

Kona is next, mountain bikes brand that I am going to discuss and it is ranked as ninth largest trade name in the country. Kona is a bicycle company whose foundation is in Pacific Northwest; North America and it was initiated in 1988 and is possessed by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbronn in Vancouver. Kona also has various world headquarters which are in Ferndale, Washington along with European headquarters in Geneva; Switzerland and Canadian headquarters are in Vancouver; BC. Both the founders (Gerhard & Heilbronn) at the start worked with Joe Murray (a rider whose name is in Mountain Bike Hall of Fame) to create variety of traditional steel hardtails. Kona is considered as first mountain bike brand that has produced complete array of sloping acme tube design mountain bike structures. Kona is going on with development of variety of road, cyclo-cross and commuter along with wide range of mountain bikes. Kona uses a material for manufacturing of these things: Carbon, Steel, Titanium, Aluminum and Fiber. And the bikes manufactured by this company are sold in about more than 60 countries internationally.

8. GT:

bicycle brands list

GT comes next in my list of top ten brands of mountain bikes and it is ranked as eighth largest brand throughout the Philippines. It is basically an American partition of Dorel Industries which is Canadian firm that supplies mountain, roads and BMX bicycles. GT Company was initiated in 1979 by mutual collaboration of a welding engineer Gary Turner and a bike shop owner Richard Long. In 1998 GT got merged with Schwinn but in 2001 corporation went penniless then it was attained by Pacific Cycle. This bicycle manufacturing brand is directly controlled by Dorel although Dyno brand has been revived and is a fraction of Pacific Cycle.

7. Scott:

mountain bikes brands

Scott comes next that is of worth importance and comes in list of largest mountain bikes brands. Scott is ranked as seventh largest, highly desirable brand that gives you extremely great and reliable bikes. Scott USA is a Swiss Company which is a maker of different types of bicycles, motorsports gear, winter equipments and sportswear. Scott was initiated by an engineer who was skier as well named as Ed Scott who was from Sun Valley; Idaho in 1958. For the first time ski pole which was made up of aluminum was invented by him who contrasted satisfactorily with those which are made of bamboo or steel. And on the center of this triumph Scott Company started manufacturing various kinds of sports goods.  Scott is headquartered in Givisiez; Switzerland.

6. Santa Cruz:

bicycle brands list

Next mountain bikes brand which I am going to discuss is Santa Cruz and it is considered as sixth largest and demanding trade name. Santa Cruz is mountain bikes manufacturing company whose basis are in Santa Cruz; California. Santa Cruz supports Santa Cruz Syndicate, a downward racing squad. Santa Cruz was initiated in 1993 by the collaborative efforts of Rob Roskopp and Rich Novak. Roskopp was one of the nominating skateboarder professional and before they met Novak’s Santa Cruz Skateboards company had put out special Roskopp model. Roskopp and Novak they both went into joint venture with Mike Marquez (bike engineer) who had experience in bicycle suspension and Tom Morris (a designer) for prototype building.

5. Merida:

top mountain bikes in Philippines

Merida is next, mountain bikes brand that I would like to discuss and it is considered as fifth most demanding brand among all others. Merida Industry Co, Ltd is known for designing, manufacturing and sales company which is based in Taiwan. Merida was initiated in 1972 by Ike Tseng. Ike Tseng was believed as one of the most talented engineer and company grew very well under his command as a well appreciated OEM producer making for so many well cherished brands. After death of Ike Tseng in Jan, 2012 Merida is now run by his son Michael Tseng. Merida has five countries 1 in Taiwan, 3 in China and 1 in Germany and it produces 2.2 million bicycles per year and is known as inclusive actor in this field.

4. Cannondale:

best mountain bikes in Philippines

Cannondale Bicycle conglomerate also like GT brand is an American fraction of Canadian Corporation known as Dorel Industries which is expert in supplying variety of bicycles. Cannondale is fourth largest in list of best and largest bicycles manufacturing brands. Cannondale Company is headquartered in Bethel; Connecticut, United States but it has developing and assemblage facilities in China and Taichung; Taiwan. Cannondale Corporation was started in 1971 by collaborative efforts of Joe Montgomery, Ron Davis and Jim Catrambone for making of backpacks and bags for the sake of camping and later on bicycle previews for bicycle touring. Nowadays variety of high end bicycles are manufactured by Cannondale and few of them are totally handmade in USA using aluminum and carbon fiber frames.

3. Specialized:

top tanked mountain bikes brands

Now bicycles brand which I am going to discuss is called specialized and it is ranked as third largest brand of this category in Philippines. It is officially known as Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc and simply regarded as Specialized and it was initiated in 1974.  Mike Sinyard is known as the founder of this corporation and its foundation is in Morgan Hill; California. Specialized Company is much renowned for its bicycles and relevant products.   Mike Sinyard started this company by importing Italian bike components which were hardly available in America and then in 1976 company started production of its own bike parts with particular touring tires. And with every passing time company is giving much and much better products with amazing features. Specialized Corporation is growing by leaps and bounds.

2. Trek:

top ten mountain bike brands in Philippines

So here comes another very exciting bicycle brand which is believed as second largest brand specifically in this area. Trek Bicycle Company is one of the leading and major corporations in manufacturing of bicycles and cycling products and it supplies its products under different trade names which are Trek, Gary fisher, Villiger Bikes, Electra Bicycle Company, Bontrager, Diamant bikes and until 2008 two more trade names of this company came which were LeMond Racing Cycles & Klein. Trek was started in 1976 by John Burke and it is headquartered in Waterloo; Wisconsin. Trek household high end frames’ manufacturing is done in Waterloo; Wisconsin while assemblage is done in Whitewater; Wisconsin whereas many of the company’s bicycles are manufactured in Taiwan.

1. Giant:

which is best mountain bikes brand in Philippines

Among all the bicycle brands which one is the top ranked trade name in Philippines?

Giant is ranked as top one and highly desirable as well as demanding bicycle Corporation that caters you with classy bikes that are amazingly featured. Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd is based in Taiwanese and was initiated in 1972 by King Liu and his few friends. Giant’s has production facilities in Taiwan, China and Netherlands.  Giant bikes categorize its bikes into seven groups which are road, mountain, comfort, mode, indoor cycling, family cycling and specialty.


So this was all about best bicycle brands and top ten are discussed here. Although there is a huge number of mountain bikes brands and it is very difficult to find top ten out of them still I believe that you will definitely agree with this list. And if you are interested in buying a bicycle here you go…This article will really help out those who want to buy but have no idea about best brands.

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