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Top 10 most Visited National Parks in the World

A park that is uses for conservation purposes in known as national park. Most of the time national park is reserves for natural or developed land that is under control of state. National park is always open for tourists and used for so many healthy activities. This article deals with top most visited national parks of the world specifically dealing with top ten most visited national parks of the world. All the necessary information relevant to these most visited national parks is given.

Top ten most visited parks of the world:

Sr. No Name Country
1 Serengeti Tanzania
2 Grand Canyon United States
3 Machu Picchu Peru
4 Galapagos Ecuador
5 Yellowstone United States
6 Fiordland New Zealand
7 Canaima Venezuela
8 Kruger South Africa
9 Banff Canada
10 Yosemite United States

10. Yosemite:

yosemite parkFirst park that I would like to discuss is Yosemite National Park. It is considered as tenth most visited National Park among all the most visited national parks of the world. Yosemite Park one of the most visited national park is United States’ park and it is extended towards eastern part of Tuolumne, Mariposa and it is believed as one of the most awe-inspiring natural landscapes of California. The management responsibility of Yosemite goes to Park Service and total area covered by this park is 747,956 acres. And it is said that almost Yosemite is visited by 3.7 million people approximately every year. It is worldwide known because of its granite, streams which are clear like mirror, biological diversities, waterfalls and Giant Sequoia groves and in 1984 it was designated as World Heritage Site.

9. Banff:

best parks of the worldNow Park which I would like to discuss is Banff National Park and it is enlisted as ninth most visited park among top ten most visited national parks of the world. Banff National Park is of Canada’s one of the oldest national park and it was formed in about 1885 in Rocky Mountains. Banff National Park is present 110-180 km towards west of Calgary in Alberta province. It encircles 6641 km square of mountainous land with glaciers, ice fields, dense coniferous forests along with alpine landscapes. The Ice field parkway connects itself with Jasper National Park while extending from Lake Louise. The most central point or commercial area of the Banff Park is Banff town that is in Bow River Valley.

8. Kruger:

top national parks in the worldNext Park that comes in list of most visited parks of the world is Kruger National Park. It is ranked as eighth most visited among top ten most visited national parks of the world. This park of Africa is largest game reserve. Kruger national park covers approximately an area of 19,633 square km. And it is located in Limpopo provinces and Mpumalanga in northeastern side of South Africa. Kruger Park extends from north to south about 360 km and from east to west about 65 km and its headquarters relevant to administration are present in Skukuza. Kruger Park’s area was for the very first time protected in 1898 by government of South African Republic and in 1926 became first South African’s park.

7. Canaima:

10 best national parks listCanaima National Park is next in list of most visited parks of the world. It is ranked as seventh most visited park among top ten most visited parks of the world. Canaima Park is situated in southeastern Venezuela that serves as a border between Brazil and Guyana. It covers an area of about 30,000 square kilometer. It is present in Bolivar State and covers area almost same as covered by Gran Sabana region.  Canaima National Park was formed in June 12, 1962 and is country’s second largest park after Parima- Tapirapeco.

6. Fiordland:

national parks picsNext most visited parks of the world is Fiordland National Park and it is sixth most visited park among top ten most visited parks of the world. It is present on southwestern side of South Island; New Zealand. It is one of the largest parks among top fourteen parks of New Zealand and covers an area of 12, 500 square kilometer. Fiordland national park’s administration is in hand of Department of Conservation. So many people fallen in love with this landscape of New Zealand by “Lord of the Rings” trilogy which was written by Peter Jackson’s.

5. Yellowstone:

top 5 national parksSo, here comes another very exciting and beautiful landscape that is among most visited and it is Yellowstone.  It is enlisted as fifth most visited among top ten most visited parks of the world. Yellowstone Park is present in U.S state of Wyoming though it is extended towards Montana and Idaho. Its formation credit goes to U.S Congress and was signed into law in March 1st, 1872 by President Ulysses S. Grant. It is primarily known for wildlife and geothermal conditions more specifically because of Old Faithful Geyser.

4. Galapagos:

Galapagos national park picNext most visited park which I would like to discuss is Galapagos national park and it is enlisted as fourth most visited among top ten most visited parks of the world. Galapagos Islands are officially known as Archipielago de Colon and in Spanish it is known as Islas Galapagos. Galapagos Park was formed in 1959 and was completed and started its operations in 1968. This most visited park is of Ecuador’s first ever national park and is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ecuador’s government took step in converting 97% land of Galapagos Islands into first national park. And 3% of land which was left behind was distributed among Santa Cruz, Floreana, San Cristobal and Isabela.

3. Machu Picchu:

Machu Picchu national parkMachu Picchu is next in my list of most visited parks of the world and it is third most visited parks. Machu Picchu is a mountain that ends with sharp peaks and has a broad base. Machu Picchu is basically 15th century Inca location and it is present approximately 2430 meters above the sea level. Machu Picchu is situated in Cusco Region, province in which it lies is Urubamba whereas District of it is Machupicchu; Peru. According to so many Archaeologists claimed it was formed as a Pachacuti emperor’s estate. Though it got fame for local residents but it was not known worldwide. It became able to seek international fame in 1911 and credit of this goes to Hiram Bingham who was American historian. From that day till today it is among most visited landscapes. Machu Picchu was designated in 1981 as Peruvian Historical Sanctuary and after two years in 1983 it was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Machu Picchu was nominated as New Seven Wonders of the world in Internet polling in year 2007.

2. Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon national parkAnother most visited park which is in my list is Grand Canyon and it is considered as second most visited among top ten most visited parks of the world. Grand Canyon is 15th oldest United States national park and in 1979 it is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is present in Arizona and prominent feature of this park is Grand Canyon which is a narrow valley of Colorado River and is often believed as one among the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. It was declared officially in 1919 as a national park and covers an area of approximately 1,217,262 acres. About this beautiful landscape comment was passed by President Theodore Roosevelt he said: “The Grand Canyon is a landscape that can inspire you deadly and it is something beyond description and comparison. Let’s this beautiful landscape remains same as it is at this moment. Never spoil its grandness, loveliness and beauty. As its improvement is not in your hands but you can save it the way it is for your generations to come as a worth watching sight”.

1. Serengeti:

best national park of the world

What do you think which national park is top most visited among all others?

It is quite clear that top most among top ranked ten national parks as most visited is Serengeti National Park. It is considered as first most visited park of the world. This top most visited national park is of Tanzanian national park that lies in Serengeti ecosystem in Simiyu and Mara areas.  And the feature that makes it more fascinating is migration of some species on annual basis like 1.5 million of wild beasts migrate every year and 250,000 Zebra’s also migrate and is famous for its Nile crocodile.


Above mentioned are all top most visited national parks of the world and I am sure you will agree this ranking. These all beautiful landscapes because of their beauty and some special features are visited by large number of tourists every year. If you have been looking for something worth beautiful to visit then these are in actual beautiful landscapes to visit. You will enjoy your visit to these beautiful places.

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