Which is the Most Valuable Passport

Top 10 Most Valuable Passports in the World

Passport is we can say that travel document which serve as a proof for holder’s identity plus nationality and makes around the globe travel possible. This travel document contains all the necessary information of its holder like name, photograph, place, signature and date of birth etc. So if citizens of any country want to exit or re-enter in the country it is necessary for them to have valid passport and if they do not show this travel document at that time it is considered as illegal. So if you get a chance to obtain passport from other countries of the world you must pick the one which offers you more travel freedom among all others. So here we go with a list of top ten most valuable passports in the world that gives you visa free access to so many other countries. In this article these various passports are ranked according to number of countries you can visit by them. Here we go..!

10. Liechtenstein:

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Liechtenstein passport is first that I would like to discuss and it is considered as tenth most valuable passport in the world among all others. Liechtenstein’s residents are given these passports for the sake of worldwide travelling. Liechtensteiner citizenship can also be verified by this world’s tenth most valuable passport. Liechtenstein passport cover has coat of arms of Liechtenstein which has blue setting. Citizens holding this visa enjoy the equal treatment as Swiss citizens enjoy and have no restriction to take up dwelling in European Union plus EEA member states.

9. Malaysian:

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Next most valued that comes in this list is Malaysian passport and in ranking it is ranked as ninth most precious one in the world. So far this it is concerned, it is issued to Malaysian residents or citizens and it is issued by Malaysian immigration department. Formerly they were nominated as Passport Malaysia but in 1980’s spelling of it were altered to Passport. The main law related to passport production, travel of documents and all other matters relevant to passport issuing its Passport Act 1966. Malaysian travel document holder can enjoy many visa free travel to other countries of the world.

8. Icelandic:

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Here comes another most valuable visa free passport in the world which is Icelandic passport and it is in ranking eighth most valued one which is issued to Iceland citizens for worldwide traveling. The records page for Icelandic travel document is written in three languages which are Icelandic, French and English. Visa necessities for Icelandic citizens are managerial entrance limitations by other states’ authorities positioned on Iceland residents. In about 2013 Icelandic passport holders had visa free arrival access to about 165 states and regions.

7. South Korean:

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Next best and of course more valued passport that I would like to discuss is South Korean passport and it is seventh best in list. South Korean Passports are given to South Korean citizens to travel around the world. This world’s best passport, just like so many other passports serve as a proof for holder’s personal information. It also designated holder’s citizenship registration number. South Korean travel document issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and printing of them is one by Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation. South Korean residents had visa free access in 2014 to about 172 countries and regions.

6. Australian:

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So, here comes another world most valuable visa traveling document which is Australian passport and this one, of the most valued which is considered as sixth best visa-free passport. It is given to Australian citizens for international travel and is given by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade within Australia and overseas as well. Residents of Australia are not confined to this only passport, they can hold passports from other states but they are restricted to exercise this while entering and leaving Australia. English is the language in which this travel document is printed whereas French translation of it is established on surveillance, notice pages and distinctiveness information.

5. Austrian:

Top Five Passports in the World:

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Austrian Passport also comes in list of top ten most valued and best visa-free document and in this list it is ranked as fifth most valuable travel document. This best travel document is issued to Austrian citizens to make their international travel possible. Austrian citizens have few visa requirements by other states authorities which are administrative entry restrictions. Austrian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access in 2014 to about 171 countries and territories. When we talk about physical appearance of this country’s passport it is just same as European Passports and has Austrian coat of arms just in the middle of frontage cover.

4. Canadian:

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Canadian Passport is next which I would like to discuss and it is ranked as fourth most valuable and best visa-free passport in the world and citizens of Canada hold this travel document. This passport makes them unable for exit and re-entering in Canada. In previous times Canadians were allow to enter US by showing birth certificate plus any form for Photo identification such as driving license or any other. After 23rd Jan, 2007 when Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was taken in US, all Canadians who enter in US via air are required to show NEXUS or valid travel document. Since June 1st, 2009 Canadians who enter via land or water are also required to show valid passport or NEXUS. All Canadian passport holders can have 6 months visa free stay in United States.

3. Italian:

Top 3 Passport List:

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Here we reach up to world’s third best and most valuable visa-free travel document and it is none other than Italian passport and of course it is issued to citizens of Italy for the sake of worldwide traveling. Citizens of Italy can make a use of their Identity Cards for traveling inside EEA Countries plus European Union. Biometric Passports became available from 26 Oct, 2006 and since then they are in a use for 3, 5 or 10 years according to the age limit of the applicants. And data page for this travel document is published in three different languages which are Italian, French plus English. Along with this it’s translation in all the 23 official languages of European Union is present on page number 6. Italian citizens can enjoy visa-free or visa arrival access to round about 172 countries and territories.

2. British:

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Next in my list of top ten most valuable passports in the world is Britain Passport and it is ranked as second best visa free passport worldwide. It is given to those who have British nationality to make their around the globe travel possible. Those who have British travel document can enjoy visa-free access to lots of countries of the world and this travel document is always quoted as one of the most powerful among all others. They can have visa-free access to about 173 countries and territories. British Passport’s physical appearance is: it is reddish-purple in red and exactly in the middle of the frontage cover coat of arms of United Kingdom is inscribed.

1. United Stats:

Which is the Most Valuable Passport?

Which is the Most Valuable Passport

Which passport is ranked as number one in list of most valuable travel documents in the world? Of course without any doubt it is United States Passports and these are given to all which are either citizens or non-citizen nationals of this State. United States passports issuing is exclusively done by U.S Department of State. It is against the law of this state that citizens neither can enter nor leave the state without valid passport. And the reason why it is number one passport in the world because it’s holder can enjoy without visa or with visa access to about not less than 174 countries and territories. So this travel document can be ranked as top leading and of course best in conditions of travel liberty.


So this was all about valuable passports in the world and this ranking is on the basis of travel freedom worldwide. If you are interested in picking any visa you can easily decide by just having a look on this article. It will help you out in choosing because you must choose the one which offers you more travel freedom around the world.

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