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Top 10 Most Popular Names in the World

Name is any word or we can say a term that is specifically used for recognition or identification. Name can be use for recognition of any individual thing or whole class or category can be recognized by use of name.  There are limitless names in the world for limitless things but we are talking about names of humankind in this article. As far as human race is concerned there are countless names few of them are specific for male gender, few are used only for female gender and few of them can be used for both male and female. Among all these countless number of names few have gained much more popularity most of the parents prefer to give that popular name to their offspring. In this article top ten those names which are most popular in the entire world are discussed…Have a look!

International List of Most Popular Names:

Sr. Number Most Famous Names Ranking
1 Mohammed
2 Oliver
3 Jack
4 Harry
5 Alfie
6 Joshua
7 Thomas
8 Charlie
9 William
10 James

10. James:

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First names that comes under this list of top ten most popular names in the world is James and it is enlisted as tenth most trendy first name. James reached into English lingo from the discrepancy of old French and this name James comes from overdue Latin name “lacomus”. It was a vernacular modification of lacobus and this was from New Testament Greek “lakobos” and from Hebrew Jacob (Ya’aqov). Nick names most commonly for James are Jim, Jamie, Jimmy, Jimbo and so many others. As far as meaning of this popular name is concerned it is “supplanter”. It is a name which is specific for male gender.

9. William:

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Next name that comes in this list is William and it is considered as ninth most popular first name in the entire world and it is evidenced by so many surveys. We can trace origin of this word in old Germanic name Wilhelm. But it gained much popularity after Norman Conquest of England in about 1066 in English speech. It remained as it is throughout the Middle Ages and hooked in modern era. Occasionally it is abridged as “Wm”. The shortened version of this familiar name in English language is Bill, Billy or Will, Willie. It is for both gender and female form of it are Willemina, Wilhelmina and Wilma.

8. Charlie:

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Charlie is the next name that I would like to discuss here is and it is enlisted as eighth most popular name among top ten most popular names in the entire world. It is most of the time in English vocalization countries is used as a nickname for name Charles. In year 2007 this name was 339th well-liked name for boys in United States. It is used for girls as well infrequently as nickname for Charlene or Charlotte. It was in the list of top 100 names for female gender in 1999 & 2004 that were born in England and Wales. And meaning of this popular name is “free man”.

7. Thomas:

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So next name that I am going to discuss now is Thomas and it is ranked as seventh most popularity gained name of the entire world. Thomas is specifically a manly name and its basis are traced in Biblical Greek which itself is a copy of “Aramaic” which means twin. Thomas’s acronyms are Tom or Thom, another common alternative of it is Tommy and common abbreviation of Thomas in Scotland is Tam. When written forms of abbreviation come are Thos and Th. Womanly adaptation of Thomas name are Thomasina, Tasmina, Tamsyn, Thomais, Tammy and Tasmino.

6. Joshua:

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Joshua is next name that I am going to discuss now and it is enlisted as sixth most popular name among top ten most popular names in the world. Joshua is a Biblical forename which is consequential from Hebrew name Yehoshua. It is more apt Yehoshua “YHWH’s gift, along with the same second element as Malki-Shua, Batshua and Avishua. History about origin of name reveals that prior to 17th century most of the people with this name were Jewish. In 1970’s in the area of United States a modified and condensed form of the name Josh gained much more popularity.

5. Alfie:

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Next name that is of worth discussion and is much popular is Alfie and it is ranked as fifth most popular among top 10 most popular names in the entire world meaning of this name is Counselor. Alfie is resultant of ancient English AElfred; it is a combination of two words elf and counsel. Elves were believed as supernatural agencies at that time with so many unusual powers of foreseeing the things thus this word received meaning as “wise counsel”. Pronunciation of this extremely popular name is Al-fee.

4. Harry:

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Next name in my list of top ten most popular names in the world is Harry and in ranking it is fourth most popular name among babies. Harry was considered in 2012 as most well-liked name for offspring in area of England and Wales. This gained popularity to such an extent that every single parent from any origin tries to give this name to their first baby boy. This wraps North East, North West, Humber, Yorkshire, London, Wales, East Midlands, West Midlands, South East, South West and London. This is considered as one of the old and traditional name which is still cool. It is usually used as a pet form of Henry, Harrison and Harold etc.

3. Jack:

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Jack is next name that is most popular and is able to come in this list of top ten most popular names in the entire world and it is enlisted as third most admired given name. It is one of the most recognized manly first names but sometime it can also be given to girls as well as an abridged versioned of Jackie or Jacqueline and few times it is used as a family name. Whereas in English language Jack is used as a miniature form of another name John and unfortunately it is very rare that this is given as a proper name.  Jack is one of those names in English language that is much known because of its uniqueness. The unique aspect of this name that it is used as a verb and as a noun for common objects and action and sometime it is used in compound words and phrases as well. So it has variety of meanings and applications which makes it popular and unique.

2. Oliver:

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Oliver comes now which is believed as second most popular name in the world evidences say and it was entered into list of top 100 in the United States for the very first time and now it is on number 52 in England. This name is getting much more popularity day by day because Oliver is supposed as most bouncy, modish and genial and its meanings are tranquility and prosperity. Oliver works most of the time glowing with solitary syllable surnames; there are so any celebs that have chosen it as a given name. This name was very trendy in medieval times but because of Oliver Cromwell in England after 17th century but in 19th century it was invigorated.

1. Mohammed:

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Which one is the top most popular name in the world?

The Columbia Encyclopedia (2000) mentioned in its 6th edition that Mohammed is that one name which has become most popular for infant in the globe. It was on third number in last year but now it has attained first position. There are thousands of infants in the world to whom this name of Islamic Prophet Mohammed’s (P.B.U.H) was given with total 12 variations. These 12 variations mean difference in spellings; yes this name was given to infants but with changing spellings like Muhammad, Mohammad, Muhammed, Mohamed, Mohamad, Muhamed, Mohammod, Mahamed, Muhamad, Mahammed and Mohmmed. There are still possibilities of few more spellings of this name but they are not much noticeable. Regionally, for West Midlands very single spelling of this name which is (Mohammed) came top of the list.

Source is Daily Mail.


So, here comes the conclusion of this article and I am hopeful enough that all the necessary information and ranking on the basis of evidences is given in the article. All those names which have gained much popularity few of them are used as given name and few work well as a surname are discussed in it.

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